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Day Thirty-Six: The Power of Prayer-A Universal Language

Over a decade ago I was comatose for several weeks. My family desperately

tried to reconnect me to myself and remember some spark of who I was by talking

to me and wallpapering the clinical mint green walls with the loving artwork of my

nieces and nephews. Meanwhile on the opposite side of Canada, my mom-through

word of mouth-incited the most contagious game of broken telephone. In the span of

three days she had thousands of people praying for me to emerge from my

lost world. I had disconnected from the Christian faith at the time and was still

trying to find my way spiritually. After three weeks of a very unresponsive state,

I sat up in my bed and opened my eyes. When my mom told me what she had

done I had complete faith that that and my sisters diligence and patience had

helped me emerge that day. Anytime someone is enduring trauma, heartache, illness

or grief-I make one call-to mom’s prayer hotline and let the power of prayer send

its miraculous current across the airwaves. Prayer may be a ‘religious’ term but

people from all over the world ‘pray’ in some form to their delegated ‘source’.

Even atheists believe in Science and wish for assistance in events unfolding

in a certain direction. Believing in something is what makes life magical

and interesting. It is what connects us to something or each other. It is

what soothes us when we are lost. It is what we are thankful for when we

are immersed in joy. Whether you pray, meditate, worship, wish, attract,

focus on, create-it is all about faith in something outside yourself. It makes

life richer; gives us a deeper connection to the sequence of events on our

journey. Enjoy Your Path!


Today’s focus will be on the power of faith in something

more-our source and a belief that all of the events in our lives

unfold as they are meant to.

Earth Prayer-A Beautiful Song-Morning Meditation

Journal Entry: Be honest-if the world was about to end-would you pray? 

Bow down and pray? What would you pray for?

Tibetan Prayer Flags


The Prayer Flag Project: Oceanside California


Art Activity; Making Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Universal Prayer



Elephant Journal 


Buddhist nuns in prayer at the Sagaing Hills Nunnery

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Evening Meditation: Hawaiian Healing Prayer

Peace, Love & Namaste Em