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Day Ninety!!!-Where Do We Go From Here? My 90 Day Healing Journey

I cannot believe this ninety-day journey has come to an end. I have some ideas for where to go from here but would adore some input from anyone that has been following this blog. As a bonus I will be continuing the last two madras of Yoga and discussing some other topics that I would like to share with all of you beautiful souls. About the blog; having this blog to guide me through the treacherous waters that have been my life in the 90 plus days since my first entry; has literally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually saved my life. It has given me a direction; a sense of purpose; a way to continue to serve others in a way that is within my grasp. The topics covered are topics I have learned along my path for decades; lessons that left me hungry for more; lessons I felt I couldn’t covet and embrace all by myself; lessons I wanted to scream from the cliffs of the highest mountains. I’ve never been a seeker of faith in the traditional sense but I, like all of us, am on a constant search for more..for answers to life’s most challenging riddles…for ways to be more satisfied-happier with the gifts of life…does faith in a source; mother earth; God, Buddha, Universe help us navigate life’s challenges with more ease? For me the answer is yes. Has the 90 Days of immersion into the search for answers to the roadblocks in life cured me? I would not say that-but it has helped me to realize that life will never be perfect. Humans are imperfect in so many ways and maybe, just maybe achieving perfection or spiritual enlightenment is something we aren’t able to do while earthbound…but is perfection nothing more than a facade-aren’t the imperfections we wear stunning and beautiful vulnerabilities that define us as human souls? Could Spiritual Enlightenment be achieved more easily if we were housed in a monastery carved into the hillside of the Himalayas and able to commit our lives to the cause?…Or would we even be challenged there too? Modern day life is full of twists and turns that we are continually having to navigate and relationships are fragile and make us vulnerable to rejection and pain-but also great intimacy and beauty while they are serving us. What Will I Do Now? I am going to go back to Day One and complete all the tasks and journal entries-Live the Blog-and report on that here on this platform… continue to share inspirational findings with you all and hopefully give you a place to share as well. I’ve also been transforming the blog into a book-or maybe a journal-an app? Please Comment on what you would like to see in the post-90 days. Our Final Journal Entry: What has this blog taught you? What lessons or topics will you continue to practice or explore? How will you share your lessons with the world or pay it forward.  Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Eighty-Nine: A Path of Love & Devotion: Bhatki Yoga-The 2nd Yoga Mandra


“Love-Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

The statement above-the final words spoken by Jason Stephenson’s grandfather as

he left the physical body to rejoin his spiritual source mirrors the underlying message

embedded in all of the spiritual lessons we’ve explored together on this path

to spiritual enlightenment.

Living the Bhakti Yogic way means that you connect to a spiritual source that is

beyond the ego…beyond the physical world-and though we can’t see it or know

for sure that it is there our faith that it is there is what infuses our lives

with meaning.

A world with devotion to a higher source allows us to see each experience as

a reason to learn, grow and evolve…not as a incident that is out of our control

or “happening” to us.

When I am connecting to our source we are an active participant and

we recognize the miraculous happenings that are set in front of us from

a place of wonderment as though we are children seeing a segment of our

world for the first time.

In our world today it is hard to mirror the pure loving nature of our

source in the way we act and interact with our world but if we come

from a pure place of love in anything and everything we do then we

are living as our source would if alive in this moment.

Historically and today yogi’s would give up material possessions and

release ego based thinking and connections to the material world

in order to more effectively connect to their source. So does that

mean that in order to achieve the goals modern Bhakti Yoga we must

give away all our belongings and deconstruct our lives? The modern

way of integrating Bhakti Yogic thought is just to be conscious of

your intentions? Do they come from a place of honesty, purity and

love? Then don’t question yourself. As Jason’s grandfather said so

beautifully on his way out if we come from a place of love we are

always coming from the right place.

P.S. Coming from a place of love shows our vulnerability and can leave us

susceptible to attack, but it also leaves us without the bitter taste of


Live in Love, Live in Faith, Live in the Moment…Love Em 


Morning Meditation Open to Receive and Give Love: 


Journal Entry: Think of a situation that you were in, where you came

from a place of selfishness or ego…What was the final result of that

situation? Now alternately, think of a time when you responded to

a situation from a place of love and devotion…How was the result

different? In your life, how possible is it to integrate love into

your daily interactions?


Here is an excellent article on Bhakti Yoga and how it fits into

our modern world.


One Hour of Bhatki Yoga

Bhatki Yoga Talk by Swami Satchidananda

A Quick Reference Guide to Bhatki Yoga


Evening Mantra Mediation:


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Eighty-Eight-An Interview with Jason Stephenson-Youtube Meditation Guru

On Monday evening Western Canada time I had the absolute gift of speaking with

Jason Stephenson in Australia-it was 10am on Tuesday his time.

Jason is my favorite Meditation expert whose videos on Youtube and

RelaxMeOnline are entirely effective and of the utmost caliber and


After speaking to Jason I can see the lengths he goes to in order to create

the most beautiful experience for his viewers.

Speaking to him was like reuniting with a long lost kindred spirit brother;

it was wonderful to see where his journey began and how all of his

gifts came to grace our world.

I am filled with the utmost gratitude to have been given the gift of

One Hour of conversation with Jason-please enjoy the audio below:



Peace, Love & Namaste Emily

Day Eighty-Seven:The Path to Self Realization -Jnana Yoga-Lesson One-The Four Margas of Yoga

Quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (29)

Do you ever feel like life is just happening to you  and that you are

entirely out of control of your path and the outcome?

I think we all do at some point-what would life be like if

we came to the realization that life is set up to teach is lessons

that will allow us to evolve in a forward continuous flow as

a river towards the sea? That is the goal of Jnana Yoga; to

come to understand that each experience, no matter how

challenging or breathtaking is there to solidify our sense of

self and mold our divine and glorious selves. If we view life

from a philosophical stand point it will be easier to navigate

through it armed with the knowledge that the intricate web

of experiences hold the keys that allow us to thrive life rather

than survive it!

Letting go of ego based thinking is the goal of Jnana Yoga. When a yoga

student can listen with intent and begins to embrace the knowledge

shared with them by their instructor or their spiritual teachings, they

are pursuing the Jnana path. In order to release ego based thinking

one must become introspective and contemplative and trust that

the key to becoming self aware lies within each and every one of us.

An individual that is pursuing the yogic way of life will not be

satisfied with practicing the physical postures solely but will delve

into the philosophies and nature of yogic spirituality.


Read More at this Incredibly Resourceful Site


Morning Meditation-Louise Hay: 


Journal Entry: Do you feel like life is ‘happening to you’ or do you feel that

you are an active participant? Think of a time when you were an active

and willing participant in your life. What was different then? What brought

you away from that way of thinking? What could you do to get back to that

way of thinking.


Some Great Insightful Videos about Self Realization and Jnana Yoga


Evening Meditation:


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

An Exciting Update!!!! Upcoming Interview with Jason Stephenson-Mediation Expert & Life Coach

As you all know-Jason Stephenson has been a constant on my blog.

His meditations are by far the best and most consistent online.

I have integrated them into many of my blog entries as he has

a huge library of meditation videos that focus on any issues that

you need addressed.

I will be interviewing Jason on Tuesday morning all the way

from Australia-I will provide the interview online on Tuesday’s

blog entry so I look so forward to sharing this with all of you!

Peace, Love & Namaste

Day Eighty-Six: “Not Just Downward Dog”: The Commercialization of Yoga


There are so many people that buy into yoga because it is a trend.

Yoga has become one of the items on a long list of consumerized

“products”. It has always been there but many people don’t

truly know the delicately weaved history and the multi-faceted

nature of yoga. It’s Hindu Roots stress the importance of integrating

the many paths of Yoga into every facet of ones life and that until

one does that the physical postures are just that-physical postures.

HistoryOfYoga_EricShaw_02 HistoryOfYoga_EricShaw_01

Here is a link outlining the history of Yoga

There are four main paths of yoga which I will be describing in more

detail over the upcoming four posts. There are also many styles

of yoga: Here is a link to a list of styles with descriptions:

Integrating yoga into all facets of your life may have

already happened and can happen organically just through the

practice of physical yoga. Just doing the postures can incite

a connection to spirit and allow you to witness a side of yourself

you didn’t know existed. On the other hand if you just use it

as a method of working out and feel disconnected from yourself

even though you are doing the physical postures than you are

not practicing traditional yoga.

Decide what it is you are trying to gain from yoga and then

path the way for yourself by integrating the yogic perspective

into those parts of your life.

Shop around when it comes to instructors; if you have an

instructor that is disconnected from the spirit of yoga and

does not absorb the yogic way of life-that teacher may

not be the right one for you if your goal is to widen your

connection to the source within and outside of yourself.

If yoga did not become so commercialized and maintained

it’s traditional roots I believe there would be more spiritually

healthy and connected people in the community.

On the other hand-the upside of the commercialization of

yoga has brought it into the light and allowed people to

seek solace in it’s practice-bringing them closer to themselves

and to their spiritual side.


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: What is your connection with yoga? When

was the first time you were interested in it? Does your

practice connect you at a deeper spiritual level or are

you left wanting more? If you have never done yoga;

what do you wish to gain from practicing it?


The History of Yoga-A Sweet Little Film

The History of Yoga-A Full Documentary


A Beautiful Playlist for Your Day

Evening Yoga Practice and Meditation:


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Eighty-Five: “What Do You Mean Your Spiritual?”-The Difference between Spirituality & Religion

Feature Artist-All of His Paintings are on Today’s Blog

Nikhel Big


When people ask me if I am religious and I retort with the answer

“No, but I am a spiritual woman”. I get the same responses every-time:

a glazed and confused look-as if the individual is too polite to say “What

is that supposed to mean?”; or maybe a “well what religion do you

most relate to?”; or even a quick change of subject to avoid delving

into the conversation altogether.

Being spiritual does not mean that you commit to a specific religion

or way of thinking; it means that you believe in something more than

ego based thinking…that you connect to a higher source be it outside

or inside oneself…that you seek peace and enlightenment and reach

for ways to connect more fully with life and it’s magic.

I am not saying that if you fall under the “spiritual” category that

you shut the door to religion-you may actually connect to aspects of

many, many religions but feel that if you submit to just one that you

will be closed off to learning and appreciating all of the other religions

and what they have to offer.

There are many things in life that make you feel closer to your source

and for us “spiritual folk” that could be something like sitting in a tree

and feeling it rock gently with the wind; a quiet moment of meditation

where you feel so at ease and comfortable with yourself that you are

afraid to stop; digging in the earth as you watch the seeds you spread

grow into vegetables; connecting with the essence of your body during

yoga; listening to your child laugh with wild abandon…

Does this mean that we are all spiritual? I think we all live our lives

seeking the “spiritual experience” and that connecting with one another

regardless of our belief system can also enhance our feeling of contentedness

to our source.

My spiritual path during this very difficult time in my life is what has

allowed me to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes and desperately seek

out meaningful moments all throughout my day as a way of healing

myself. When I reconnect with my “spirituality and practices” I

am either so lost and disconnected and I need it to rescue me, or

I am at my best and it allows me to be even better!


Morning Meditation: A Spiritual Treasure Chest


Journal Entry: Map out your spiritual or religious path and take notes

on when you felt the most healthy and connected in your life-was spirituality

present at the time? What are your goals when it comes to spirit? What are

some ways you can connect to spiritual experiences that you love?


Isha-What is Spirituality

The No Bullshit Guide to Spirituality


Deepak Chopra’s Perception of Spirituality

Healing Spirit-Guided Meditation for Sleep

Peace, Love & Namaste Em


Day Eighty-Four: “Her Vision was In the Cards”-The Tarot & Spiritual Card Decks-Lesson Three-Spiritual Trinkets

images download (2)

The day after our first date, the man that would end up being my life

partner sent me the most exotic bouquet of brilliant violet orchids.

Hidden inside was The Empress tarot card from his Aleister Crowley

deck. That one card remained with me for years to come. It

sparked my curiosity and left me wanting to know more about

these mysterious cards. I was under the impression that you had to

have a psychic personality-interacting with the spiritual realm in

order to decode the messages of these tarot cards.

One faithful day, I found that Empress card and went to find

the deck it originated from. Along with the deck I found an owner’s

guide. It was so fascinating I read it from cover to cover in one,

very long sitting. The Aleister Crowley cards were so artistic and

at closer observation I saw how many symbolic images were embedded

in each and every card.

I was a born observer of people and could read someones story or emotions

upon meeting them. I guessed at that moment that I was spiritually intuitive

and that my sensitivities and experiences could make reading tarot an

attainable prospect.

After studying and familiarizing myself with the cards I began doing readings

for my friends and acquaintances. My readings became epic, lasting over

three hours and so much information would organically flow out me, from

a source I never knew existed, that I had to stop for many years. I guess

it was the fear of the unknown that made me fear what came out those many

times. I did a reading about a month ago, and again I was back at it.

I have since then found a deck that I adore. It is a love filled deck devoid of

dark and foreboding images-It is the Doreen Virtue Angels and contains cards

that have stunning images. She explains her reasons for creating this deck in the

video below. If and when you decide to purchase a tarot deck for yourself

ensure that you are moved by it in some way. Follow your intuition when

selecting the right deck for you.


AngelTarotVirtue Angel_Deck_Tarot_Card_Meanings_2

There are also other decks that you can find for inspiration; like

Louise Hay’s I Can Do It-deck of cards containing inspiring images

with Positive Affirmations.


There are even cards for Chakra Balancing and Affirmations


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: What is your experience with spiritual card decks;

tarot or otherwise? Have you ever had a reading or been curious about

having one? Below there is a video of Doreen Virtue performing a reading.

View the video if you feel compelled and respond.

Here is a Link for Positive Affirmation Cards that are Available

Three Principles to finding the Tarot Deck of your Dreams

An Article from Llewellyn Worldwide-New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit


Some things to Consider when looking for your Deck:

1. What is my goal in obtaining a deck?

2. What images and colours am I drawn to?

3. Does it have a good reputation?

4. What store can I go to to purchase it?

5. Find the person in that store that you sense has knowledge and

expertise as this is a decision you don’t want to rush into.

6. Smudge and clean your cards energies and do not allow anyone

else to touch them-if you do make sure you cleanse the entire

deck after use.

7. Display your cards in your sacred space and in a place where they

will not be dishonored.

Annual Angel Messages and Card Reading by Doreen Virtue

If You Are Highly Motivated You Can Make Your Own Tarot Deck!

My Favorite Phone App of Readings is The Goddess Tarot:


Evening Meditation-Hay House Morning Mediations:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em