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Day Eleven: Embracing Tenderness in a Competitive, High Stress World


When I was a child I cried all the time; when I got hurt, when a loved one or

stranger was in pain…When I ask people that knew me as a child what I was

like the answer is always the same; “you were VERY sensitive, you cried all

the time.” I remember watching the filmstrip (yes I am that old) “The Incredible

Journey” at school and crying so hard I was kicked out of the classroom

because I was disturbing the other students. I went to see “Benji” in a

theatre and stood on my chair screaming for someone to help Benji when

he was lost in a shopping mall. I guess that is a clue as to why I have always

had an undeniable urge to help others, an itch I can’t avoid scratching, my

entire life. My tenderness and love for others has been a truly wonderful gift

and a horribly painful curse. Whenever I inevitably get hurt by someone my

husband always says, “It is because you are too nice, you need to be a bitch,

then you would not keep getting hurt.” But how, I ask you, can you be a bitch

if tenderness is the personality trait that runs most thickly through your veins.

I can’t change who I am, but in order to survive in the world outside my

safe little home, I need to learn to not let my tenderness be my Achilles heel.

Can tender people really win the race?

Today’s focus is retaining your integrity as a person after being

jaded by the challenges in life.

When you wake up this morning think about the person you are

today. Have you lost a part of yourself to survive in this fast paced,

competitive world? If so, how can you get that special part of yourself



Morning Meditation: “I Start My Day with Love” Robyn Nola



Musical Inspiration to Start Your Day: “Cheerful Songs

to Start Your Day With-Adrina Larisa Sufana-Youtube


Journal Entry: (From: Create Right Now-By Mari)



“What would I be accomplishing if I weren’t so busy standing in my own way, or so busy listening to my inner critics or so busy being overwhelmed by my fears?”

Inifinite waters

Inspired Listening: “How to Be Emotionally and Mentally Strong”-

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). Here he offers tips to remain kind and

vulnerable while being emotionally and mentally strong.


Inspired Literature: Here is a link to a very incredible website

that highlights the projects of people that live inspired, vulnerable

lives. It is called the Vulnerability Project.


kindness collage

Art Project: Tenderness Collage:

Collect, Print and Cut Out images of what you relate to your

tenderness. Modge Podge to a canvas and then paint or use sticker/

scrapbook letters to write words you relate to kindness/tenderness.


30 Minutes of Physical Activity: Go for a walk in the forest

or in a natural environment and pay attention to the most

delicate of nature’s creatures. Really connect with them.


Evening Meditation: Louise Hay-Youtube-Emily Stone Music


Much Love, Peace and Namaste