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Day Thirty-Four: “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child”: Online Resources that are Strengthening the World Community

Many months ago I ‘liked’ a group called “Collective Evolution” which

I introduced when I discussed the universe in an earlier post. I love

the highly though provoking a relevant news and philosophical information

they share with their community. Many people talk about Facebook as

though it is a succubus that steals your soul; I feel absolutely the opposite.

There are amazing groups on there and spreading around the net where

people with a positive, ethical, peaceful attitude about how the world

is presently and how we can strengthen it together. I have always used

the internet as a place to inspire me and my purpose in utilizing it is

always to spread that inspiration on. I am sure there are people that

shhhh me thinking “Aw Gawd, here she goes again spreading her hippie

mumbo jumbo,” I say to those people take it or leave it honey; maybe

just maybe a tiny seed will sprout and flourish. I am not saying the

world is all unicorns and rainbows; I have experienced first hand the

darkness and evils of the world; and due to my sensitivities am

vulnerable to both the colour and the colourless. When the hurt

runs too deep I need to hibernate and learn to trust again. In

the end I trust the innate goodness in others; and am wrong

some of the time. There are so many amazing tools to improve

life and our time here on earth. There are recipes to live with

conscious awareness in an environmental tango, leaving this

world a better place for our next generation. There are

provocative speakers, writers, artists, healers, all offering us

their wisdom at the tap of a finger stroke.

Today’s focus will be on sharing some of the amazing

people that have so much to offer us and building

a positive on and offline community.

Morning Meditation-a Prayer for Peace on Earth

Facebook Communities


Collective Evolution-Facebook



Peace, Love Science-Facebook



The Soulful Woman-Facebook



Youtube Channels & Feature Films

Jason Stephenson-Online Spiritual Meditations-Youtube



The Chopra Centre


Youtube; The Miniature Earth

Earth From Space-Nasa

Babies-A Film about Babies all over the Earth

Life in a Day-24 Hours A Day from All over the World

Websites That Inspire


Playing For Change





Evening Mediation

Peace, Love & Namaste