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Day Twenty-Three: Power to the Pen-The Healing Power of Writing

Butterfly Woman

The first three decades of my life were some of the darkest and most

fraught with tragedy. As I waded my way through the skeletons I

kept wondering why it was that I was given that specific path. Feeling

that maybe I was a horrific person in my past life and that karma was

biting me back in this one was my logical explanation for awhile, but it

never made me feel very settled. In helping others, younger than myself

in similar situations, I started to see that the life I led gave me a true

understanding and empathy for others; a vehicle in which I could help

them more effectively. I began to see the darkness as a gift. At all

stages I wrote my pain down and made sense of it. Hand to paper;

I went through a transformative, healing experience. When I wrote

down the experiences and then made sense of them I purged the toxins

connected to them from within me.

As a little girl I would look up into the sky when in the midst of my

darkest moments and tell myself that one day it would be O.K. and

that these experiences would mold me into something spectacular.

I decided at seven years old that I would write a book about my experiences;

the main goal being to share my story with others and help them

in the process. That book came into fruition in 2009. It was a lifelong

project; crafted from taking inspiration from tidbits of many journals

that I kept at different times throughout my life.

As I tapped in to the accesses of my brain and weaved the tales,

reincarnating them, I hoped that one day, when the book was

released that the experiences would move others to see that

those experiences they shared with me would elevate them to

a higher state of being, rather than keep them from evolving.

Whether I am hitting my most desperate points and my most

stunning I pick up my journal and write. That’s what this blog is

as well. This blog has helped me through this very challenging

time. I write when that is the last thing I feel like doing, but

afterwards I feel set free. Lighter, more solid, more balanced.


Today’s focus is about using writing as a healing

tool that can be the vehicle for connecting and aiding others.

Morning Meditation: Denise Deighan’s Writing to Heal Course

writing to heal

Journal Entry: Take out a page and make a line down the

middle of it. Create a list of experiences that have elevated

your life (put those in point form on the left of the page), now

write down experiences that were painful or traumatic (put those

on the right hand side of the page). Put stars beside the ones

you feel still need to be explored and then reduce that number to

one on each side. Write about those two polar opposite experiences

at some point in the next few days. Observe how you feel both

before and after that experience.


Inspired Reading:

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idea of Healing through Writing:

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Rosewood pen placed on leather journal

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Physical Activity: Chi Gong/Tai Chi-The Art of Unity


Evening Meditation: Deepak Chopra Soul of Healing:


Peace, Love, Namaste