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Day Nine: The Language of Letting Go

Now today is New Years Eve; a time where we think of resolutions

and have high hopes that this next year we will make the changes

necessary for us to be the ‘us’ we’ve always visualized being.

Remember to not be so hard on yourself because it is when we

fail that we learn the most about life and ourselves. If everyday

was a peach we would live a linear existence, which in and of

itself, may end up being very unsatisfying. Living life as a

perfectionist has made me very self abrasive; which resulted

in so much self defeating behavior and self talk. I would never

speak to anyone else in my life the way I spoke and continue to

speak to myself.

A wise woman-my student teaching mentor-told me something

so memorable after my worst day teaching. I was in tears and

exasperated and she was smiling. She said “let’s talk about your

lesson today.” I responded by saying, “It was horrible, the worst

one ever, they were so out of control.” She responded saying that

it was fabulous and we talked about how I could change things the

next day to overcome those problems. It was as though the world

just opened up and I started to see problems as challenges that were

set in place to help me grow and learn as a person. I think that has

helped me teach my young students to also embrace mistakes and

failure rather than seeing them as hopeless and insurmountable.

Today’s focus will be centered around Letting Go of the past and

embracing tomorrow.

This morning when you wake up, think about something 

significant in your life that has been weighing you down.

What would your life look like if you let that thing go?

Morning Meditation: Jason Stephenson-Youtube-Letting Go


Journal Entry: Write about a time when you let go of something

that was damaging to you. How did you find the strength to let go of it?

What changes occurred in your life afterwards?  Now what currently is

holding you back? How can you find the strength to let go of that and

what would your life look like after the change occurs?


Music to Inspire and Guide you in Letting Go:

Pandora Journey-Youtube: 2 Hours of Epic Music:


Create: Write a poem about what things you need to let

go of. Free write using a stream of conscious style: this is a 

style where you just write for 20 minutes without censoring


Here is a sample poem from Rebelle Society.Com


Self Care: Declutter Your Life-Cleanse your life of any activities

or obligations that are keeping you stagnant or holding you back.

Remember, you have the right to say NO! The more you practice

saying this tiny yet powerful word the more free you’ll become.

Consider each obligation and activity and ponder whether it

is necessary or is adding more weight to your already full life.

When you purge, you leave room for something new and exciting.


30 Minutes of Physical Activity: Renee’s 30 minute Pilates Class

Youtube: eFit30

Peace Let it Go

Inspired Listening:

Letting Go: Lama Choedak Rinpoche-Youtube-Dharma Teachings

Inifinite waters

How to Let Go and Move to the New: Youtube-Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)-He has

so many inspired and uplifting videos on his youtube channel! You will see more

here for sure.


Evening Meditation: Mindful Marin-Lori Granger LMFT-Youtube


Enjoy Your Process

Happy New Year

Peace, Love & Namaste





Day Eight: Making Time to Love Yourself


When I was listening to “The Art of Extreme Self Care” by Cheryl Richardson,

for me, it was a survival guide. Having lived at mock speed for years and

depriving myself of daily human needs; it was time for a drastic self

intervention. The part of the book that struck a cord most was when Cheryl

warned that others would not like your decision to initiate self care

rituals. She said that part of initiating this way of living would disappoint

others that have grown to depend on your usual selfless behavior. “How

dare you take time out of your day for you?” When you look at this question

it seems silly, but I was not alone. Many women who I spoke to that juggled

a full-time job and a family said, there is no way I would have time for__________.

It made me so sad to think I was not alone, that so many other people felt

this weight. Today’s focus is loving ourselves by taking the time to nurture

all of ourselves; body, mind and spirit.

You DO have time…You MUST have time…

When you wake up this morning think about all the amazing and unique

qualities you have. 


Journal Entry: Write a list of things you would do for yourself if you had

an endless amount of time. Now today, cross one or more off of that list.

Morning Meditation: Louise Hay-Loving Ourselves: Become Illuminate-Youtube

This is a long meditation so you could listen to it as you prepare for the day.

Woman Looking at Reflection

Self Care:

Mirror Work: One technique that Cheryl Richardson outlined in her book

was mirror work. This is where you look in the mirror at yourself, look directly in your

own eyes and say “I Love You (your name).” It will seem silly at first but will become

easier the more you do it.

Buy Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers.

Physical Activity: 30 minutes of Qi Gong: This is a beautiful, and very spiritual

Chi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing energy exercise.


Art Project: “Life on Hold”: by Youtube User: RachO113:

Simple Abundance

Literary Suggestion: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach:

This has always been my bible and a book I buy whenever I see it at a second hand

book store to give to others who I felt needed it. I has a daily inspirational reading

and something in your life to focus on to empower yourself. She has a collection

of books in this series and a journal.

Here is a link to her website:

Evening Meditation: Deepak Chopra: A Renowned Spiritual Author:

“The Secret of Healing: Meditations for Transformation and Higher Consciousness.”


Peace, Love & Namaste


P.S. You do have time for yourself!

Day Seven: Chakra Alignment and Balancing


I heard about the chakras when I was barely twenty and in my first years of University.

Though I pursued a spiritual path, I never really got to learn about what the Chakra’s were

really about. Speed forward twenty years…after doing yoga, reading countless spiritual

guides and doing morning and evening meditations, the chakras kept coming up.

Whenever I heard of the mysterious chakras I became very intrigued. When the stress was

severe I would even do a chakra cleansing meditation without truly knowing what they

were and what their spiritual role truly was. Four days after my medical leave I had a Reiki

Level One training session booked.

It was to last the full Sunday and my soul friend had asked me to go months prior. I

struggled with whether I had it in me to go. It was a full day and I had less than nothing left.

Something in me pushed me to go. It was there that I learned the true purpose of the

chakras and that the Reiki I was now attuned with would allow me to both heal my own and

others chakras with Rei Ki love energy. The reiki master did a training treatment on me and

said my heart chakra was very ill.

It was…With this training my world just opened up…


When you wake up in the morning think about what in your body, mind or spirit is out

of balance. What experiences have harmed you and how can you heal from them?


Morning Meditiation: Jason Stephenson-Australian Life Coach:

Youtube: 7 Chakras-Spoken Word Healing and Balancing


Journal Entry: Write yourself a love letter


Self Care Ritual: Reiki Healing Session from a Practitioner in your area.

Below is a link to the Canadian Reiki Association:


Reading & Learning: If you’d like to learn more about Chakra’s and their functions

here is a link to a printable PDF from the Big Book of Yoga:


Musical Inspiration: MC Yogi-Chakra Beatbox: This one is fun to chant with

or you can do an energizing yoga sequence like a sun salutation to it.

Music to listen to while going about your day-This is a playlist that can balance all of your

chakras. Listen while you cook, clean, relax, work, hang out…


Art Activity:

Print and colour with watercolour markers, then paint with water:

Here are some beautiful images that you can print, frame or clip and put on your fridge, if you don’t have the time to create:


Evening Meditation:

Chakra Realignment Therapy-Jason Stephenson-I love his soothing voice:

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the chakras and remember that you

can balance them anytime you like using these and the plentiful videos you can find for

free on the net.

Much Love, Peace and Namaste


Day Six: Life as a Seriously Sensitive Empath

Since childhood I have been a very sensitive and empathic soul.

When someone in my vicinity hurt I felt the sting of their pain within

myself. This sensitivity and ability to feel both the joy and pain

of others has been both an unbelievable gift and a wicked curse.

My work with high risk children and youth has been enhanced by this

part of myself, but it also makes this work very exhausting and hard

to release at the end of the day. I reach the point where I need to

isolate myself from the consistent buzz of others in order to recover

from the overwhelming intensity of these empathic energies that

constantly penetrate my soul. I rely on morning and evening

meditations to prepare me and release these experiences.

When I confide in friends about the challenge of living life as

an empath, they suggest blocking these energies and letting

go; I still have yet to learn how and wonder if this is the answer.

If this is the gift which I believe it to be, I need to continue to

embrace this gift, but in doing this, learn to navigate life with

it in a more balanced, less vulnerable direction.

How do you know you’re an empath?

Take this test to find out how empathic you are?

If you are very empathic there are resources on the test page that

you can utilize such as this grounding book:

There are also some recommended reading resources here:

When you wake up this morning think about the events of 

your day. Is there a point in your day where you can get out

in nature? If so make an effort to do this. Nature has a way of

rejuvenating any energies you may have lost throughout the day.

If you are able to be by a body of water, water is the most healing

tool for empaths.

California 2011 074

Morning Meditation: Youtube: Reiki Light: Guided Meditation-Psychic

Empath Empowerment Protection Boundaries

Another great daily morning mediation for Empaths: By Melanie Robinson is:

Inspirational, Informational Video: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep): How to Protect

Yourself as an Empath. He is a very charismatic, spiritual speaker and has many

insightful videos on Youtube.

30 Physical Activity: Play in the water:

Swim, float, canoe, kayak, walk along the beach, collect seashells,

sit and mediate, go to the river bank and skip rocks, ice skate, build

a sand sculpture…

California 2011 027

Journal Entry: Consider what ‘lifts your spirit’, make a list of activities, items,

events, people ect. that connect you to your true self. Try to do at least 5 today.

Create: A Spirit Board: 

You’ll Need: A Canvas, Modge Podge, a number of various sized paint brushes, several colours of paint-(pick colours your drawn to).

Find, save and print or clip out of magazines images of things that entice your spirit and authentic self. You can also find quotes. Pinterest is a great site to find inspiration.

layered collage

Here is a link to my Sensitive Souls Journal on Pinterest:

1. Paint an abstract image on your canvas using whatever colours peak

your interest.

2. Modge Podge on the quotes, phrases, images that uplift your spirit.

3. Do a final coat of modge podge over the entire surface-this will protect your artwork.


Today’s Musical Inspiration focuses on balancing the spirit, mind and body.

Play while at work to alleviate stress and keep you grounded.

Youtube: Colourful Moon: 1 Hour of Zen Music


Our Evening Meditation again, focuses on releasing any

pent up stress that we have mirrored or received from others.

Youtube: Nature and Yoga: Om Chanting Healing Energy Meditation


Peace, Love and Namaste


Day Five: Warding off Psychic Vampires & The Veil of Protection


When we gather with friends, family and co-workers for the holiday, the festivities

can lift us up and fill us with the joy of the season. But, the alternate situation can also

occur; these situations can also make us vulnerable to what I like to call “Psychic Vampires”.

These are people who literally ‘suck the life out of you’ with their toxic, negative energy.

We have all come in contact with these people and we leave them feeling deflated and empty.

Remember, you have the power to say no to situations and people that are toxic to you and

if they pull you into their vortex you can simply walk away. If you are forced into a situation

with someone and you can’t get away, how do you protect yourself from their toxicity?

Today’s focus will be on protection of our spiritual energy field. 

Being conscious of how others affect you is the first step in the protective process.

When you wake up think about the day ahead of you and try to be conscious of any situations that

may make you vulnerable to toxic, life-sucking energy. Then think about the parts of your day that

will balance that energy-the positive ones that you are looking forward to.

Morning Meditation: “Building a Bubble of Protection-Youtube-Imagine Spirit

Journal Entry: Today make chart with a line down the middle and on one side of the

page make a list of people who make you feel full-who there is an equal amount of

give and take-who you can be truly yourself without fear of judgement. On the other

side make a list of people who deplete your energy-focus on the negative-take without

giving and judge you. Take some time to really think about how you can alter who you

spend time with and what that new choice would do to enhance your life.

Nia Flag

Physical Activity: Do 30 minutes of NIA-I was first introduced to this activity

at an empowering women’s event and have loved it ever since. It is not only empowering

but fills you with positive energy. It is a mixture of martial arts, dance and yoga combined

with power vocalizations.

Here are a selection of videos that give you free access to the art of NIA:

While spending time with an uplifting friend I spoke to her of how

I was feeling unable to block out the negative energies of my clients and collegues

as a counselor. She suggested I find an image of a powerful animal and place the

picture somewhere in my office so that it could remind me daily of the strength I

hold within me. I came home that evening and told my family what my friend had said.

My son asked me to not come in the kitchen for several hours as he was working on

a special project. He then invited me in and handed me the most beautiful sketch of

a lion and the words-“Be Strong Mom” in bubble letters at the top. I wept and

placed in in a frame above my desk that very next day. It is in my office along with

the one below.

Create: Consider which animal you feel is the most powerful and strong.

Go online and find an image of that animal that you connect to. Print it

off and frame it. Put it somewhere you will see it regularly throughout your day.


Reading: A Life Cleanse-“Purge Yourself of a Toxic Mindset” Live and Bloom Blog.

Self Care Suggestion: Allow Yourself 30 minutes to bath in a detox bath of baking soda, epsom salts and lavender.  Make sure you replenish your fluids after by drinking several glasses water.


1. Abraham Hicks-A world-renowned Spiritual Guru-“Why it’s hard to let go”

2. Actualized.Org.-Healthy Relationships-“What you MUST know to sustain a great relationship.”

Evening Meditation: Relationship, Wellbeing, Meditation-Abraham Hicks

I truly hope that today’s insights will allow you to honor yourself by connecting

with people who offer you a healthy, balanced relationship. Also, to have the

strength to recognize those people in your life who are toxic and how to protect

yourself from their negative energy. Life may not allow us to be able to have

control of who we are surrounded by, but by being conscious of how others affect

us we can enable ourselves to stay strong and not allow ourselves to be dragged

down by others.


Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Four: Achieving Balance by Strengthening Bonds

Good Morning 

I awoke this morning ready and excited to write another post.

While I was working 12 hour days as a Counselor/Special Needs Teacher/

Mom and Wife I found that the most challenging thing to achieve was balance.

The thing I neglected most was my relationships with other women-my

dear friends knew that once the year began I would simply fade away

into the abyss and not return calls or emails. I was barely able to cope with

the responsibilities that lay directly in front of me.  I missed my girlfriends

and those heart to hearts where we would talk things through and vent and

praise and lift one another up. Where we would eat delicious indulgences, drink

overpriced fancy coffee and dry each others tears in the middle of a bustling

coffee house. Those moments balanced me and allowed me a chance to connect

deeply and intimately with women I held dear to my heart. I vowed to myself

consistently that I would make plans with those incredible women, but the guilt

would seep in after I calculated the diminished hours spent with y family after

a demanding work week. So those moments slipped into nothingness.

For Day Four we are going to focus on strengthening relationships.

Enjoy the journey…Stay Balanced…

When you awaken think about one person-outside your family-

that fills you up and makes you feel more balanced-now later in the day

call that person and plan to see them if they are close by.

Morning Meditation: Sound Fox Channel-Youtube: Abraham Hicks-A renowned spiritual

teacher-Relationships-Guided Meditation:

Journal Entry: Brainstorm about your circle of friends. Are there any friends

that are so negative they actually drain your energy (I call them psychic vampires)?

Now think about the friend that lifts you up each and every time you see them,

consider prioritizing that friendship. Write about what makes that friendship so


30 Minutes of Physical Activity: Call that ‘soul friend’ and invite them to go for

a walk in nature-if you have kids or animals take them too. See if you can make it

a regular date with that friend.

Art Project: Create a journal as a gift for that friend so that she can write her

thoughts hopes and dreams down.

Buy a plain covered journal, a paint brush and some Modge Podge (Craft Store).

Print off the text and some images that suit her/him.

Brush the Modge Podge on the back of the picture/text and then brush it

down on the front while ensuring it stays smooth. You can lay pictures on top of one another.

Write something inspiring in the front about what she/he means to you.

Adorn it with beads or buttons-using a hot glue gun.

Em's Phone 080

Inspirational Video: An Australian man-on his 30th birthday asks his friends to

not buy him gifts but to buy a gift and bring it to his house with some wrapping paper.

I won’t give it away-just watch.

Our Songlist for today comes from Grooveshark: A free tool on the web that

allows you to create your own playlists from a great library of songs:

It is a songlist of songs by beautiful female vocalists: Enjoy:!/playlist/Beautiful+Ladies/70002286

Evening Meditations: Open to Love-Let Go of the Pain of Past Relationships-By Scott Mills


Enjoy the Journey

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Three: Better Late than Never!

Hi Everyone: I apologize for the delayed post.

Hopefully by now you’ve had some time to care for

yourself. It is the holiday season and my family has

been fighting the flu, performing in Christmas festivities,

decking the halls, shopping, wrapping…Even, through all

of this I am trying to remind myself to stop, assess the

situation…”am I dehydrated?-“O.K.-“have a drink of

water”…”when was the last time I ate?”-“O.K.-grab

something healthy, or stop to make a healthy meal for

me and the family.”…”there is that pain in the chest-uh oh!”-

“Slow down, do some Reiki…Breathe…”

“Keep the shades on while walking through the crowds.”

But the most common question I ask myself is-

“Is this something that has to be done right now?”

The answer is always the same. “Not really.”

Since it’s the Holiday Season, my Spiritual Ideas will be centered on
Getting into the Holiday Spirit.

Instead of jumping out of bed this morning-open your eyes and

breathe deeply…think of ten things that you are grateful for today.

Here is this morning’s meditation.

Meditation and Health-Youtube-“Morning Meditation with the Angels”

Journal Entry:

Stream of Conscious Writing Exercise: Free-write for 20 minutes

about the most memorable holiday moment in your life. Now 

try and imagine how you can re-create that moment this holiday


For your thirty minutes of physical activity-Go Toboganning…

and if you no longer have a toboggan-a piece of cardboard works

great too.

Holiday Recipe: My friend came over with her kids and we made

these gingerbread cookies-more got eaten than decorated… The

house smelt delicious and we listened to Christmas tunes as well.

Below is Nat King Cole’s Christmas Album-posted by Candy Full-Youtube

A phenomenal and moving holiday movie is “Love Actually”. Snuggle

up with a loved one, friend or pet, snarf down some of those cookies,

apple cider, hot chocolate and don’t forget the kleenex-it is a tear-jerker.

Here is a link to the trailer-it is available on Netflix:

An author who has inspired me through the darkness and the light

Maya Angelou. Here is an inspiring video of her reading her Christmas Poem

about Peace on The Today Show:

Finally, this evening allow yourself sometime to heal with this

beautiful meditation by renowned author, card creator and spiritual 

woman Doreen Virtue.

Here is our evening meditation: Angel Therapy for Healing by Doreen Virtue:

Much Love,

Peace & Love 



Day Two: “I Could Get Used to This…”

Now, I hope that you had time to try one or more of the soul enriching activities yesterday.

For your journal entry today I would like you to answer this question:

“How did you feel after completing your first activity that was soulfully for you?”

The morning meditation for today is: “Guided Morning Meditation-By Wayne Dyer”

Posted by: Youtube-Mels Inspiration.

Wayne Dyer was one of the first prolific self help authors that I was introduced

to when I was attending University. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of

changing my thoughts to improve my life. He believes in living our lives in a

state of conscious awareness. Nothing is an accident. All events in our lives

have meaning, we just need to learn to decipher what that meaning is.

Part of this whole way of living and being has to do with the negative thought

patterns that lead us into the darkness. We have the power to change those thoughts.

An amazing book by renowned author: Louise Hay called “I Can Do It!”

was the book that awakened my soul to the practice of positive affirmations.

Here is a link to the audiobook:

Her incredible nurturing voice and teachings enriched my life.

Our Soulful Art Project today is a free art project from Lucy Engelman from Indiefixx.

Our half hour of mindful physical activity is: Tai Chi with Chris Pei

Quote of the Day: “The Best and Most Beautiful Things in the World Cannot Be Seen or Even Touched-They Must Be Felt with the Heart.”-Helen Keller

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf and learned from her teacher, Anne Sullivan how to

communicate with others and live an inspired life.

Our Musical Inspiration today is a Playlist from Songza-“Today’s Female Singer-Songwriters”

Finally, we will end off the day with an evening meditation for Deep Sleep by Pittaa Sarayana-Youtube:

Good Night, Peace & Namaste


Day One: Something to Behold!

OK, my fellow givers. At first this may feel very strange. Most of us in this

fast paced world can’t imagine having time to do anything extra, much less

something that is so-called ‘frivolous’ or ‘selfish’. But, if we really analyze life

can we afford to not partake in experiences every single day that enrich our

very souls? The following are suggestions; use one or many-it is entirely up

to you….

Enjoy the Moments Spent with Yourself.



10 Minute Morning Meditation-Mantra Malta-Youtube:

25 Minutes of Calming Exercise-Energizing Morning Sequence Yoga with Adrienne-Youtube

A Great Spiritual Read:

“How to Practice: The Meaningful Way of Life” By: His Holiness the Dalai Lama”

A Very Spiritually Hip, Awesome Artist-I had the opportunity to experience his live music

while his wife taught myself and hundreds of close, fellow yogi’s communal yoga at The Yoga

Bloom Conference. MC Yogi-Here is a link to a fabulous and inspired playlist:

A Journal Prompt: Taken from Spiritual Boosters-365 Journal Writing Ideas

“What is Your Idea of a Perfect Day”

A Creative Project for the Day-Learn to Draw Zentangle Doodles-Stamplistic-Youtube

Support Line-Call a friend that has always made you feel like your true self.

Life Enriching Activity: Clear out a small shelf and create a personal alter-with objects you

adore and that are close to your heart-add candles, incense or a small vase of flowers/plant.

Here are some tips from The Chopra Centre:

And, Finally…An Evening Meditation-This one, by Jason Stephenson is my personal favorite:

Namaste, Peace & Love