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Day Twenty-Six: “Sweet Sunday”-Embracing the Simple Things & Quieting the Mind


Life is growing so complex with all of the technology and bombardment

of information. We are constantly in a state of engagement of some kind;

whether it be the television, handheld devices, running here and there…

It can be so all consuming and we get lost in it all. What happens when

you are forced into silence with yourself? Like the moments before you

drift off to sleep. What is happening for you? Is your mind racing with

what you need to do the next day? Are you going over and correcting

an interaction you had with someone, re-scripting the conversation over

and over in your mind? Are you uncomfortable or bored when you are

forced into solitude or silence with ‘nothing to do’, scrambling to go

seek out the next thing that will entertain or inform you? There are

times when I just stop…look out, in silence, content with the simplicity

of it. If someone else is around, I get this quizzical response, like-

“are you OK? Is something wrong? You seem sad? Want to join me?”

But to be honest, sometimes I just want the world to stop, I crave it

actually. I cling on, barely breathing and hold still, just for a slice

of time, I want to stay there and just be. That is why I have always

been drawn to meditation. Even with meditation though I need

a source to guide me through it, a video, an audio narration to

keep me focused. I can’t trust myself to do it, no way, I am too

detached from solid ground. When we shut down and embrace the

simple things I think we open up new possibilities to see more of

the beauty that surrounds our lives. When I was working at my

highly emotional, stressful job as a Counsellor and Educator I

never felt like I was in the moment. I was constantly trying to

multi-task, figure out what I needed to say or do next. I felt

like, with so much to do, I was unable to feel or experience anything

in the moment. I shut off and shut down so much on the weekend

when I was with my husband and my kids-the moments that were

most precious to me-that I don’t recall truly experiencing any of the

dear moments I had with them. I was in a constant dark, robotic state of

actively conquering the massive to do list of responsibility. It wasn’t

until one month into my medical leave that I truly felt a moment with

my children-a moment where I was truly present and emotionally engaged.

My daughter was holding a song sheet of Christmas carols that she was

rehearsing for her Christmas choir. Her thin legs dangling over the armrest

of the chair, an instrumental piano recording playing in the background and

her sweet, precious voice singing passionately about snowmen and Santa Claus.

I felt the moment fully. I was just sitting, with no other distractions, my mind

was completely clear, she was the only focus. It was such a poignant moment.

It was as though the dark veil that had clouded me lifted and the light finally

shone through. I began to weep, mourning the loss of so many of the moments

spent with my children and husband-present but emotionally, mentally and

spiritually vacant. In order to fully experience our lives, we must simplify

or else we will never have time to see the simple things, they will just be

melded together with the mass amounts of stuff we do and bombard

ourselves with day and night.


Today’s focus will be about embracing the simple moments

in our lives. 

Morning Meditation-Morning Flute Meditation


Physical Activity-Go for a walk, alone in nature. Pay attention

to your surroundings and the silence of the act.


Self Care Ritual: Soak in a hot bath with lavender oil and espom

salts. Light candles and lay in the hot water fully immersed except

your face. Embrace the silence. 


Simplicity Activity: Turn everything off and just sit and reflect

as you gaze out the window-or better yet in your outside space.

Write about the experiences in your journal.

Inifinite waters

Inspired Listening & Viewing-Infinite Waters-How to Be Yourself

Go with the Flow


Inspired Listening & Viewing: Eckhart Tolle Reveals How to Silence the 

Voices in Your Head-with Oprah Winfrey.


Evening Meditation: Quieting the Mind & Verbal Chatter:

Peace, Love & Namaste