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Day Twenty-Seven: “The Art of Sleep”: Natural Ways to Reduce Insomnia

From the time I was a small child I remember being in my dimly lit

bedroom, the house silent, faint snores coming from the hallway

unable to feel tired let alone sleep. When I did sleep it was like a

miracle happened and I had no recollection of how and when this

blissful sleep overtook me. I tried everything-all the old housewife

remedies-honey on toast, chamomile tea, a warm mug of milk,

a hot bath, lavender oil but still my brain just wanted to be alert

constantly. Thoughts racing around like rats in a scientific maze.

Some nights the frustration caused so much anxiety that I would

beg God to just take me so I could rest my mind and thoughts.

My mother was the same way. I remember specifically one night

when I was five years old. When I fell asleep (it was the one of the

rare nights I did) my room was green with white and red checkers.

The next morning the  light shone in through my naked window frame

as I strained to open my eyes. My mom was tapping me on the shoulder, singing

her wake up song-which I so adored…”Rise and Shine and Give God

Your Glory Glory!!!” She held a large pink bundle in her hand and said,

“you have to wake up-I want to put your new sheets on the bed.”

As I blinked my eyelids fully open and they adjusted to the bright

sun I noticed that my mom was covered head to toe in Pepto Bismo

coloured paint; the fumes assaulted my senses.  My bed was no longer on

the far left wall but in the centre of the room.

My bedroom was now baby pink and there was plastic covering all the furniture.

In shock and speechless I sat up as my mom chirped “What do you think honey?

Do you like it?” I asked her how in the hell she managed to completely repaint

my room as I slept during the night, she even painted the inside of the closet.

I unfortunately had the trait of insomnia passed down to me.

In my Counselling office and in discussion with friends and people in

general I notice that one of the biggest issues and causes of mental

illness is long standing sleep deprivation. It can slowly decline your

quality of life and ability to cope with the stress of daily living.

Ten years ago I escaped from the insomnia trap and I did that

by learning and utilizing guided meditations/visualizations every

single night (as well as sleeping beside the man I love surrounded

by at least five cozy pillows!

Have fun with the variety of sleep remedies, ideas, exercises.


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Peace, Love & Namaste