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Day Thirty-Five: Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

When I was a child and in my youth I had a phobia of being alone.

In the darkness I had been violated and betrayed so loneliness was a

fearful ‘dark passenger’ in my life. I depended on others to fill me up

or distract me I suppose in reality. One day a friend of mine said through

gritted teeth “Gawd Emily, don’t you ever have an original opinion? I

swear you are just a product of everyone else!” The truth hit me like a

metal wrecking ball and I came to the realization that I did depend on

others to define me in goodness and in negativity. I was lonely then.

Now I crave moments I spend alone; I am almost giddy when I have

the luxurious slices of solitude where I get to confidently make a

blueprint of what I will create, do or imagine. Learning to embrace

my solace has come and gone depending on my personal strength

and how my self confidence gauge is doing. The benefits of being

alone; there is no one to put on an act in front of, things crawl

along at your own pace, you are draining none of your energy,

it is self directed, I can fill you up, you can build a solid foundation

with yourself-hey! remember, you are the one that will stick by you

no matter what whether you like it or not.

If you’re searching for someone to constantly make you feel whole

you are Being Lonely. If you are content and purposeful about ensuring you

have time in your schedule for yourself-you are Being Alone.


Today’s focus will be on learning to embrace your time

alone and paying attention to what you have to offer


Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry:

If you had one day completely alone; what types of things would

you do with yourself-please focus on only the things that will uplift your spirit.


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Physical Activity: Go for a walk in nature completely alone.

Abraham Hicks-Embrace Yourself

Playlist for Solitude


Evening Meditation-Louise Hay

Peace, Love & Namaste Em