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Day Twenty: Creating A Spiritual Family Tree


The stress if life can push us into isolation; as discussed in my previous

entry about Parenting. Building positive ties in the community can

pull us out of our own personal vortex. An intense desire to believe in

something outside of ourselves can bond us to one another in a positive,

healing relationships. People in our lives play specific roles in our lives;

some move us closer to our true selves. We always seek to find others

that share our faith and belief systems. We are always trying to hang on

to things that make us feel closer to our inner spiritual selves. The idea

of creating a Spiritual Family Tree came to me when I was thinking of

topics to discuss. Throughout my research I have come to realize that

there are variations of The Spiritual Family Tree in faiths and cultures

throughout the world.


Creating your own Spiritual Family Tree will be a personal and 

self reflective process that will raise your awareness as to what

brings you closer to your core sense of being. 

For me trees have always symbolized strength, spirituality, connection,

growth…Even at the age of forty I still feel an intense connection to trees

and will climb or hug them at will. So I thought, what better symbol

to create a road map of positive living and connection for today’s

spiritual project.


Today we will focus on discovering the things, people and

beliefs that give your life meaning and make you unique.

Morning Meditation: Connecting with Your Root Chakra-Tree Meditation


Art Journal Activity: Creating Your Own Spiritual Family Tree:

1. Select and Print one of the Spiritual Family Tree Templates

one the attached PDF document. Or create your own original artwork.

Spiritual Family Tree Templates

2. Write in the names of all of the people, places, things, 

books, activities you feel connect you to your higher self.

3. Frame and place in a sacred location in your home.

Spiri Tree2

Physical Activity: Do the following Tree Yoga Poses with Adrienne

Walk amongst the trees in nature or even a lovely tree-lined street. Pay

attention to how connected you feel to them.

Spiritual family_tree

Inspiring Video: Infinite Waters-Diving Deep-Drawing Life:

Spirit Tree

Relaxation Music-Birds, Trees and the Forest:

(As I play this, my birds are calling back to the birds singing in the video)

Evening Meditation:

Enjoy Creating Your Spiritual Family Tree

Much Love, Peace & Namaste