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Day Seventeen: Aromatherapy for Healing, Stress Relief and Self Care


The night I fell in love with my husband was the first night we met in person.

I’ll never forget the night we kissed one another goodnight. It was in this parking

garage beside the restaurant we met at. It was attached to a handmade, natural

soaps company called LUSH. The scents wafting up into the parking garage mixed

with the sweet spring air swirled around me and my love while we were locked

in our final embrace for the evening. Since then I have retired from using man-made,

chemical based scents and cleansers and use only natural, organic products

scented with pure essential oils.

The key in using them is finding out what each scent is meant to do for the

psyche, body, mind and soul. Nature has the most healing of elements there

for the offering; and I feel closest to the source when I am adorned with

scents from nature. Hey, let’s be honest, how many  people can walk through

the perfume section at a store and not leave with weepy eyes and a headache?


Today our focus will be on enriching your life with natural products

and scents that heal and induce well-being.

I love to light Nag Champa Incense on days where I truly need to connect

to my spirit. It brings me to a place of peace and tranquility and soothes me.

Certain scents can be tiny time machines, transporting us olfactorily to a

place and time that we felt grounded.


Here is some information about the History of Nag Champa:


Aromatherapy for Meditation: Use of Insence


My Favorite Store for Aromatherapy Oils etc. is Saje.

You can buy a diffuser that cleanses the air in your home and

when you put the oils in it contain natural healing properties.

I run my diffuser day and night and my plants are very healthy,

the air quality of the home is fresh and it smells incredible.

Let me tell you, when you are trapped inside in the frigid

winters here in Alberta you need some reminder of

spring and summer.


Delectable Reading & Learning: The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy

Oils and their Purposes: http://www.aromaweb.com/essentialoils/

Aromatherapy Course Online Video:

Aromatherapy Music to Soothe The Senses:

The Benefits of Peppermint: 

1. Relieves Muscular Pain, Headache Relief, Alertness

Here is a video on how to make your own, inexpensive Peppermint Oil:

You can also make your own Natural Soap from essential oils:

Aroma Oils

Evening Meditation: Put a blot of lavender on your pillow,

not the case-so you don’t feel irritated.

Enjoy Your Olfactory Journey

Peace, Love & Namaste