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Day Ten: Clearing a Path to Zen


As I push my way through the debris of my past I see

a light in the distance. A clearing that is opening up new

possibilities, a new way of thinking, a new way of being.

A transformative place where I allow myself the room

to inhale and exhale, live and love, take time to feel

things again, create and give again.

Being conscious of what caused my life to spin wildly

out of control and my role in it are the first epiphanies

I raise my awareness of. Is it true that we teach people

how to treat us? I’ve always trusted that people are

innately good, but in reality I have been the target of

anger because I am a soft place to land. As I learn to

shield myself, the largest part of this process will be

treating myself with the respect I want others to

treat me with. If this does not happen I will continue

down the same path of self destructive behavior and

deprivation. Connecting with my higher self, my spiritual

self will allow me the armor I need to rejoin the world.

Today’s focus will be clearing a path to zen.

When you wake up this morning, think about past

behaviors and how others have treated you. Is there any

connection between how others treated you and how you

treated yourself? If so, think of how you can make positive

changes to reteach yourself and others about the treatment

you deserve and demand.

Zen waterfall

Morning Meditation: Zen Garden-Torrance Griffin-Youtube



Journal Entry: Today write about any debris you feel is in your path.

What can you clear away? What would your zen look like?

There are no limitations, dream big here!


Musical Inspiration: Mix-Zen Lounge-Hypnotic Room Records:


8 Hourse of Relaxing Zen Music: ColorfullMoon:



Inspired Reading:

Dr.Wayne Dyer wrote an incredible book called Change Your Life,

Change Your Thoughts.

It summarizes, explains and puts into practice the principles of the Tao. Reading it

changed the way I viewed life and living and I feel revisiting the teachings will

help me clear the path to zen.

Inspired Listening: Dr.Wayne Dyer on the Tao: Change your Life,

Change Your Thoughts-Live Discussion on PBS



20 Minutes of Physical Activity: 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga:

Chopra Centre:



Evening Meditation: Clearing the Fog-Jason Stephenson:


Enjoy Your Process

Peace, Love & Namaste