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Day Fourteen: Sacred Spaces for the Soul


Making your home your personal sanctuary can assist you in living an authentic

life and connecting you to your spiritual source. Life moves at a rapid speed, making it

difficult for us to find time to nurture ourselves. If, when we walk in the door,

we are greeted by spaces and items that are good for the spirit and a true

expression of who we are, our goal to live a rich life can be better realized.

On your way home, the knowledge that when you walk in the door, you are

walking into a womb of sorts, will help carry you through the day. Creating a

soulful home is about tapping into what YOU truly feel speaks to your soul.

This means not buying into the latest trends or what a Home Magazine or

a Showhome tells you is soothing. You are the only one who knows what

colours affect you, what personal items comfort you, what scents appeal

to your nature, what artwork inspires you…

Creating a personal oasis does not need to be costly. If you are inspired,

you will find exactly what you need right in front of you. I also suggest

visiting second hand stores for low cost items; the great thing about these

is that if they are not perfect you can always give them a face-lift.

Here is a picture of the piano I rescued from sudden death by the

dump-it was unsightly and my puppy ripped the wood off the side of it.

I sanded it down, re-stained and painted a tree and poppy fields on it

to give it a new soul. Now when I play it I feel like it is a living being.


When you wake up this morning, pick a room in your house that you

spend a majority of your time in. Delegate it as your sacred space.


Morning Meditation: Jabari Akhenamen-Guided Meditation-A Sacred Space in 

Your Heart:


Smudging, Cleansing the space with Dried Native American Herbs.

In Native American tradition; the herbs Sage or Sweet Grass were grown, dried,

blessed and wrapped in bundles. In order to cleanse your space with the smudge

stick; light the end over a small bowl-pottery is nice as it has earthy qualities.

Blow the flame out and let the smoke pour out-wave the smoke over the space,

yourself or whatever you need to cleanse. You can say a prayer or ask for a certain

type of protection of the space.

For more in depth information about smudging please go to the link below:


Here is a video that describes how to make your own smudge stick:

Art Journal Activity: Make a List of Items you would like to include

in your sacred space. What are the items you feel most connected to?

Sketch out a picture of your ideas and place the items on the page.

The Importance of Colour: Here is an article online from The

Universe of Symbolism that discussed the Spiritual Meaning of Colours:



Here is an incredible step-by-step article online that is

meant to assist you in creating a personal oasis-sacred space.



In this video-Veronica Krestow Shares her Knowledge on Creating a 

Sacred Space:


A List of Sacred Items:

Candles, Pottery, Precious Stones and Crystals, Inspiring Artwork,

Music Player, Cozy Pillows, Blankets, Plants, Flowers, Luxurious Fabrics,

Sage, Prayer Beads, A Statue, Spiritual Books, Inspiring Card Decks,

Tibetan Prayer Flags, Musical Instruments…


Create art on the walls of your space. If you are uncomfortable painting

designs you can buy pre-made designs that are easy to adhere.

bathroom mirror

Here is a playlist of sacred spaces inspired music that you can listen

to while creating your sacred space-Zenchantment:


Evening Meditation: Energyworks444: New Moon Deliberate Creation \

Meditation-Creating in You Sacred Space:


Enjoy Your Space. Please Post Pictures to Share

Peace, Love, Namaste.