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Day Twenty-Two:The Uplifting (& Sometimes Dysfunctional) Bond Between Women.


Today I must write about a topic that has been the center of many

conversations with my fellow female human beings. It needs to

be the topic today because I have been at my lowest and questioning

my place in the world. Today as I shared this with a friend, she looked

me straight in the eye and listed all the things I have accomplished and

survived and how very proud she was of the woman I am and have been.

She moved me to tears and we hugged in the middle of the forest.

Later as I still felt defeated she helped me rise up out of the ashes again;

a practice we take turns doing for one another. That is true sisterhood.

That is what our relationships with one another should ideally do; we

should lift one another up as high as we can reach.

Women can be one another’s most cherished allies: they can also pave a

path of destruction for one another-but why? Is it fear, jealousy, our innate

competitive nature that drives our decision to tear a member of the

sisterhood down? What is it we’re gaining when we abuse a women in

our circle? If you gossip or judge another without knowing her intricately

woven story don’t you feel dirty and hollow afterwards? When you’re doing it

you may get a false sense of instant gratification, but who is winning? Who

loses? If you participate in these behaviors there are consequences and

long terms symptoms, they are as follows; a loss of self respect, a drastic

drop in social allies (positive ones anyway), a replay of the negative incident

when you are trying to fall asleep at night…Dare I continue?

The world of feminism has come a long way, but from my meager

observances, it is typically women who destroy one another in the path to the

top of the corporate ladder.

Why are we submitting one another to more pain than we already submit

ourselves to? Women already end up taking on more than they can

handle and are fearful of saying no in their jobs and life-God forbid someone thinks

a working mother is being distracted by her small children.

Can you feel the sadness behind my words.

We have enough that challenges on a daily basis. My goodness, can’t we

just support one another?

The world is a hard enough place without having to watch your back all day

long and wonder what the gals are saying behind the water cooler.

Ladies, this is something I see over and over again and it is the reason

I ended up close to work related death. My soul died because of the

mistreatment of it-and in the privacy of my office I saw that I was not

the only one feeling so isolated in a building full of ‘sisters’.

Who would you rather be? Cinderella or her ugly stepsisters?

Think next time you feel the need to downgrade another woman.

Remember she has her own story and you do not know what it is.

Let’s share with one another and with that security and sisterhood

we will naturally rise to the top, where we deserve and are meant

to be.

Today’s focus will be on strengthening our ties with the 

uplifting women in our lives and observing those with women

who may be doing more damage than good.

Morning Meditation: Healing and Strength to the Feminine


Journal Entry: Consider which women in your life you have

an equal and fulfilling relationship with. What makes those relationships

healthy and balanced. Now who do you feel is harming you and doing

more damage than good? Do you feel strong enough to release them?

Consider writing them a letter. Send it or don’t. It will heal you regardless.


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Evening Meditation:

Much Love to You My Sister

Much Love, Peace & Namaste