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Day Thirty-Two: The Upside of Depression-Meloncholy As Spiritual Awakening

My darkest hours typically followed a traumatic or heartbreaking

incident that occurred in my life; a death, a loss of job or relationship,

high amounts of stress…But there were some times where the darkness

threw it’s suffocating cloak over my head for no tangible reason. My

life was seemingly smooth and the darkness would invade the confines

of my mind leaving me confused and trying not to submit to the

detrimental thoughts that consumed me. I could not understand why

I was so unhappy when there was nothing I could see in my path that

was a blockage. Maybe my internal soul sensed it and whispered unconsciously

for me to pay attention and analyze what I was receiving from my surroundings.

Fortunately I always have faith that the cloak of darkness will lead me

to a more enlightened and brighter path. I finally searched and found others

that share this philosophy (see the speakers below). In order to embrace

a new and more well suited path, we must dredge through the life

threatening swamp full of thorns and quicksand. Linda Miller said it best

in her TED Talk (below) about how there are two sides to the door

of depression and one of them is a Spiritual Awakening. Like life’s

Ying and Yang, I have always believed that unless one experiences

pure pain and darkness one cannot appreciate ecstasy and

intense unadulterated joy. Could then, depressions purpose be

to slow us down so that we can see the intricacies of what led us down

the changing path more clearly? Could it be a time for us to get back

or transform into our true self? Could it be an awakening to allow

us to embrace and appreciate the happiness unconditionally and without

blockages when we emerge from our trans-formative cocoon?

The days I believe that this feeling will lead me in the right direction

I can move forward, the days I can’t see the possibilities I feel consumed

by sadness and despair. So even if the idea that I am experiencing a

spiritual awakening is a placebo ; it assists me in getting through this

time in my life with a more hopeful and anticipatory attitude.


Today’s focus is the realization that life is meaningful and

so are the steps along our journey. We need to trust and embrace

them with the knowledge that the universe will take care of us.

Morning Meditation-Kundalini Awakening


Journal Entry; Write about a traumatic or depressing time in 

your life; what led you there? Did you come out the other side 

more enlightened? What changes occurred as a result?


Two Sides of One Door: Lisa Miller

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening

Depression is a Disease of Civilization


Evening Meditation-A Spiritual Treasure Chest

Much Love, Peace & Namaste