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Day Twenty-Eight: Fly Me To The Moon-Lucid Dreaming As A Healing Tool


First, I will clear something up-I was confused and maybe

you have been too. I always thought that lucid dreaming

and astral projection were the same thing. Astral travels

are out of body experiences where you visit other dimensions

and other astral travelers can meet you in mystical places and

different planes of existence.

Lucid Dreaming is more scientific and observable. It is

even used therapeutically for people who have PTSD (Post

Traumatic Stress Syndrome) to help them take control of

their nightmares and improve their lives. It is more of

a system of being aware, keeping track, observing and

manipulating your dreams so you can adjust them to suit your needs.

Throughout my spiritual learning travels I have been tempted

to achieve sleep states where you can go visit people

on the other side or other dimensions (astral travels) when I

have deeply yearned for lost loved ones. Though I have

dreamt about them spontaneously, and even remember

a night where I truly remember flying in my dream. It

was accidental and felt more like it happened to me rather

than it happening as a result of a blueprint I crafted.

Maybe one day soon I will find the courage to create,

manipulate and understand my dreams.

I can imagine it opens up a whole new world.


Today’s focus will be on how lucid dreaming can

allow us to have more control over our dream state.

Morning Meditation: Positive Thinking-Linda Hall


Art Journal Activity: Create a Beautiful Dream Journal 

Record your dreams for this entire week. If you awaken from a dream

write down everything you remember.


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Evening Meditation: Jason Stephenson featured on Sleep Ezy Tonight

Sweet Dreams & Namaste