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Day Thirty-Six: The Power of Prayer-A Universal Language

Over a decade ago I was comatose for several weeks. My family desperately

tried to reconnect me to myself and remember some spark of who I was by talking

to me and wallpapering the clinical mint green walls with the loving artwork of my

nieces and nephews. Meanwhile on the opposite side of Canada, my mom-through

word of mouth-incited the most contagious game of broken telephone. In the span of

three days she had thousands of people praying for me to emerge from my

lost world. I had disconnected from the Christian faith at the time and was still

trying to find my way spiritually. After three weeks of a very unresponsive state,

I sat up in my bed and opened my eyes. When my mom told me what she had

done I had complete faith that that and my sisters diligence and patience had

helped me emerge that day. Anytime someone is enduring trauma, heartache, illness

or grief-I make one call-to mom’s prayer hotline and let the power of prayer send

its miraculous current across the airwaves. Prayer may be a ‘religious’ term but

people from all over the world ‘pray’ in some form to their delegated ‘source’.

Even atheists believe in Science and wish for assistance in events unfolding

in a certain direction. Believing in something is what makes life magical

and interesting. It is what connects us to something or each other. It is

what soothes us when we are lost. It is what we are thankful for when we

are immersed in joy. Whether you pray, meditate, worship, wish, attract,

focus on, create-it is all about faith in something outside yourself. It makes

life richer; gives us a deeper connection to the sequence of events on our

journey. Enjoy Your Path!


Today’s focus will be on the power of faith in something

more-our source and a belief that all of the events in our lives

unfold as they are meant to.

Earth Prayer-A Beautiful Song-Morning Meditation

Journal Entry: Be honest-if the world was about to end-would you pray? 

Bow down and pray? What would you pray for?

Tibetan Prayer Flags


The Prayer Flag Project: Oceanside California

Art Activity; Making Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Universal Prayer



Elephant Journal

Buddhist nuns in prayer at the Sagaing Hills Nunnery

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Evening Meditation: Hawaiian Healing Prayer

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Thirty-Five: Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

When I was a child and in my youth I had a phobia of being alone.

In the darkness I had been violated and betrayed so loneliness was a

fearful ‘dark passenger’ in my life. I depended on others to fill me up

or distract me I suppose in reality. One day a friend of mine said through

gritted teeth “Gawd Emily, don’t you ever have an original opinion? I

swear you are just a product of everyone else!” The truth hit me like a

metal wrecking ball and I came to the realization that I did depend on

others to define me in goodness and in negativity. I was lonely then.

Now I crave moments I spend alone; I am almost giddy when I have

the luxurious slices of solitude where I get to confidently make a

blueprint of what I will create, do or imagine. Learning to embrace

my solace has come and gone depending on my personal strength

and how my self confidence gauge is doing. The benefits of being

alone; there is no one to put on an act in front of, things crawl

along at your own pace, you are draining none of your energy,

it is self directed, I can fill you up, you can build a solid foundation

with yourself-hey! remember, you are the one that will stick by you

no matter what whether you like it or not.

If you’re searching for someone to constantly make you feel whole

you are Being Lonely. If you are content and purposeful about ensuring you

have time in your schedule for yourself-you are Being Alone.


Today’s focus will be on learning to embrace your time

alone and paying attention to what you have to offer


Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry:

If you had one day completely alone; what types of things would

you do with yourself-please focus on only the things that will uplift your spirit.


Blog Entry’s on Being Alone


A beautiful blog entry on Being Alone-Nanette Thomas


Bringing Back Awesome


Physical Activity: Go for a walk in nature completely alone.

Abraham Hicks-Embrace Yourself

Playlist for Solitude


Evening Meditation-Louise Hay

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Thirty-Four: “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child”: Online Resources that are Strengthening the World Community

Many months ago I ‘liked’ a group called “Collective Evolution” which

I introduced when I discussed the universe in an earlier post. I love

the highly though provoking a relevant news and philosophical information

they share with their community. Many people talk about Facebook as

though it is a succubus that steals your soul; I feel absolutely the opposite.

There are amazing groups on there and spreading around the net where

people with a positive, ethical, peaceful attitude about how the world

is presently and how we can strengthen it together. I have always used

the internet as a place to inspire me and my purpose in utilizing it is

always to spread that inspiration on. I am sure there are people that

shhhh me thinking “Aw Gawd, here she goes again spreading her hippie

mumbo jumbo,” I say to those people take it or leave it honey; maybe

just maybe a tiny seed will sprout and flourish. I am not saying the

world is all unicorns and rainbows; I have experienced first hand the

darkness and evils of the world; and due to my sensitivities am

vulnerable to both the colour and the colourless. When the hurt

runs too deep I need to hibernate and learn to trust again. In

the end I trust the innate goodness in others; and am wrong

some of the time. There are so many amazing tools to improve

life and our time here on earth. There are recipes to live with

conscious awareness in an environmental tango, leaving this

world a better place for our next generation. There are

provocative speakers, writers, artists, healers, all offering us

their wisdom at the tap of a finger stroke.

Today’s focus will be on sharing some of the amazing

people that have so much to offer us and building

a positive on and offline community.

Morning Meditation-a Prayer for Peace on Earth

Facebook Communities


Collective Evolution-Facebook


Peace, Love Science-Facebook


The Soulful Woman-Facebook


Youtube Channels & Feature Films

Jason Stephenson-Online Spiritual Meditations-Youtube


The Chopra Centre

Youtube; The Miniature Earth

Earth From Space-Nasa

Babies-A Film about Babies all over the Earth

Life in a Day-24 Hours A Day from All over the World

Websites That Inspire


Playing For Change



Evening Mediation

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Thirty-Three: “Hug Me, Kiss Me, Love Me”-The Healing Power of Touch


Coming from a long genial line of huggers; I feel that incorporating

touch in our daily lives is a necessity. Even in the womb the fetus

is stroked by the mother, the father and loved ones. The fetus

receives the healing, energizing power of touch and becomes

dependent on it. When the newborn emerges from the mother

she/he is placed directly onto the mother to decrease the trauma

of the birthing process. A fluid directive for babies from all over

the globe is to hold them close to our skin, our hearts for a

majority of the day so they can bond with us. All of the touch a

baby receives is the blueprint for how the child will adjust to

life and relationships later on. There are miraculous stories of

babies who were not expected to live, but were given 24 hour

healing touch and ended up not only surviving but thriving.

Since childhood I followed in the footsteps of my mother and

am remembered as a “very loving child, always hugging everyone”;

I must have always has an innate sense that by hugging others,

in some sense I could help them. When I was blessed with children,

they would get hurt and I would hold my hands upon the ‘booboo’

and try to mentally pull the pain out of them and put it into me.

When people got hurt in front of me I would wince and feel the pain.

if someone was experiencing severe pain while in my vicinity I

would feel it and have to distance myself.

It wasn’t until about ten years ago that I was introduced to Healing

Touch or Reiki. I had been in a car accident when I was 16 weeks

pregnant with my daughter. After her birth I suddenly lost a majority

of the feeling in my right side. For one month I had trouble using

that side of my body and I had a battery of tests to try and

diagnose the problem. Nothing was found.

My friend suggested I go to a woman named Sister Leah-

a former nun who now performed Reiki free of charge in her

tiny downtown apartment. I went to her with reluctance.

I brought her an offering of brilliant purple lilies and placed

them in her very slim hands. She wore a navy scarf on her head

and a loose fitting long sleeved navy dress. She sat me down

on a wooden chair and began to ask general questions. As

I answered she leafed through a homemade binder with pages

of sketched bodies with scrawled hand-writing beside them.

She would look at the page and then ask me to relax while

she moved her hands over top of my body. She never made

contact but was close enough for me to feel her energy. I

wondered why I didn’t miraculously heal right there in the

apartment. I thanked her and left still in the same condition.

Tears rolled down my face as we drove away and my husband

and I sat silently. When we’d been home for several hours I

began to feel my strength come back in the right side of my body.

I returned almost immediately. That was the day I realized

that anything was possible when it came to healing.

7 Minutes to Morning Bliss-Morning Meditation


Article & Review of “Energy Healing”-Crafty Garden Mama Blog


Journal Entry: Think of a time when you were feeling low,

or someone else was hurting mentally, emotionally or physically and you/they

either held them/you, held their/your hands or just put a hand on their/your

shoulder-what did you feel when this occurred?


The Curative Touch of a Magic Rainbow Hug-Janet Courtney-TED Talk


The Proven Healing Power of Touch-Body Ecology


Evening Meditation-Chakra Realignment Therapy-Jason Stephenson

Much Love, Peace & Namaste


Day Thirty-Two: The Upside of Depression-Meloncholy As Spiritual Awakening

My darkest hours typically followed a traumatic or heartbreaking

incident that occurred in my life; a death, a loss of job or relationship,

high amounts of stress…But there were some times where the darkness

threw it’s suffocating cloak over my head for no tangible reason. My

life was seemingly smooth and the darkness would invade the confines

of my mind leaving me confused and trying not to submit to the

detrimental thoughts that consumed me. I could not understand why

I was so unhappy when there was nothing I could see in my path that

was a blockage. Maybe my internal soul sensed it and whispered unconsciously

for me to pay attention and analyze what I was receiving from my surroundings.

Fortunately I always have faith that the cloak of darkness will lead me

to a more enlightened and brighter path. I finally searched and found others

that share this philosophy (see the speakers below). In order to embrace

a new and more well suited path, we must dredge through the life

threatening swamp full of thorns and quicksand. Linda Miller said it best

in her TED Talk (below) about how there are two sides to the door

of depression and one of them is a Spiritual Awakening. Like life’s

Ying and Yang, I have always believed that unless one experiences

pure pain and darkness one cannot appreciate ecstasy and

intense unadulterated joy. Could then, depressions purpose be

to slow us down so that we can see the intricacies of what led us down

the changing path more clearly? Could it be a time for us to get back

or transform into our true self? Could it be an awakening to allow

us to embrace and appreciate the happiness unconditionally and without

blockages when we emerge from our trans-formative cocoon?

The days I believe that this feeling will lead me in the right direction

I can move forward, the days I can’t see the possibilities I feel consumed

by sadness and despair. So even if the idea that I am experiencing a

spiritual awakening is a placebo ; it assists me in getting through this

time in my life with a more hopeful and anticipatory attitude.


Today’s focus is the realization that life is meaningful and

so are the steps along our journey. We need to trust and embrace

them with the knowledge that the universe will take care of us.

Morning Meditation-Kundalini Awakening


Journal Entry; Write about a traumatic or depressing time in 

your life; what led you there? Did you come out the other side 

more enlightened? What changes occurred as a result?


Two Sides of One Door: Lisa Miller

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening

Depression is a Disease of Civilization


Evening Meditation-A Spiritual Treasure Chest

Much Love, Peace & Namaste



Day Thirty-One: Siestas in Spain: The Importance of Breaks to Health & Well Being


Madrid & Siestas-Don’t Stop-You Had it Right!

We need to track down whoever it was that created the

40 hour work week and ask “why in the hell did you

do this to us?”. I heard a talk about this very routine

and in other (more balanced) parts of the world people

work less hours and are allowed to take more frequent

breaks. Madrid has has siestas (several hours per day

in the afternoon where everyone has a nap). Now because

of a decline in economy and increase in tourism, theRemnev_A_Dream‘s-Girl 001

government is trying to take away the siesta. Even

businesses would close down for several hours every

afternoon. I remember watching an international

real estate relocation show and the couple was walking

down the street during siesta. The street and the

square were desolate, like a ghost town. I fantasized

about living in a place like this where during the least

productive time of day one was encouraged to sleep.

I loved the philosophy and more and more scientists

are testing this theory and proving that a break or nap

in the late afternoon results in more productive and

content employees who burn out less in the long term.

My work ethic has always made me a hot commodity

in the workforce. Unfortunately, my expertise is in

caring for others and I did it so well that I left my

own needs in the dust. I would rush through my lunch

if eating it at all. I would hold it until I literally needed

to pee my pants. Dehydrated and stressed I was too nice

to make myself unavailable.

What if someone needed me right away, I had to be there

didn’t I?


I had a boss that said we were to be available at all times;

we were never to leave the building, ever! I felt like I

was trapped. Once I saw the sun streaming in the window

and opened the door to just feel some fresh air on my face.

I would come home flustered and spent and my husband

said, “do you realize that prisoners get breaks?” He called

and emailed several times a day to check up on me after that

conversation. It worked for about 2 days and then I fell back

into old habits when people started getting annoyed with me

for leaving my post when they needed me. I realized I need

me too. But, unfortunately I didn’t fight for me. It all went too


Today’s focus will be on the importance of taking mental

 and physical breaks throughout the day to ensure optimum

health and well being.

Morning Meditation: Chakra Clearing, Cleansing, Energizing



Journal Entry; Today’s journal activity is to document

your day. Write down anytime you take for yourself and what

are you doing? Figure out, in black and white, just how

much of your day entails you working. Now how much

of the day are you caring for yourself or relaxing? You’ll

be surprised by the results.

The Scientific Power of Naps


When students came into my office, panicking about an incident

or an upcoming exam I calmed them down and did this meditation with them.

It was quick and easy but very effective for both the student and I.


Informative Reading & Learning-The Science of Power Naps

Here is Cheryl Richardson’s trans-formative video about her incredible

book The Art of Extreme Self Care.

Evening Meditation:

Take Care of You

Much Love, Peace & Namaste



Day Thirty: Unleashing The Creative Being Within-Healing through Imagination

A Short Film by Carlos Lascano-Lila-Stunning & Imaginative

When we are bombarded and overwhelmed with life, it is

hard to feel much of anything, much less have the time

or motivation to create. The best part of life is when we

are balanced and fresh; full of imaginative ideas…when

both sides of our brain are working in unison to achieve

phenomenal ideas and opportunities. When we are not

passionate about what we are doing we are living in

our own silent black and white film, trapped in a

monotonous scene that loops around, repeating

itself over and over and over again…

tumblr_n1a49oubl61sq3gbzo1_500True fulfillment can be gauged by how open our

spirit is to creating and imagining. How do we attain

this in a world centered on the 9 to 5 daily grind?

It can be a vicious cycle because we stay away

from our passions because we claim to be too tired,

but these are the remedies to our imaginative blockages.

If we turned on that favorite song while we worked,

or we picked up that guitar when we felt the act of

it would enliven us and act more effectively than the

myriad of prescription drugs our society has become

dependent on to numb the anxiety.bb04fedff011022b9085b74d121c2fc7 (1)

We could literally used our imaginative life as a

gauge on how balanced and healthy we are.

So many people see my art and say “Oh I am

so not creative” and I respond by saying “Oh

yes you are!” People are creative in different ways;

with ideas, writing, building, selling, cooking, painting-

we all create art somehow in our lives. You are capable

of anything, you are innately imaginative so open up

your soul, grasp on to your instrument of choice and

release your inner artist…

A Sand Art Love Story

Today’s focus will be on unleashing the creativity and

imagination that may be laying dormant within.


Morning Meditation: To Ignite Creativity


Journal Entry: Consider what creativity lies within you and try to remember the last time you felt passionate about something and created something fantastic-a true reflection of who you truly are.

Self Care Activity: Purchase or pick up an art-form that  you feel passionate about. Spend some time every day for one week re-acquainting yourself with this craft.



Music to Inspire Creativity


Elizabeth Gilbert-Your Elusive Creative Genius-TED Talk


How Art Evolves Consiousness



Evening Meditation: Your Question Answered-Mystical Creative Visualization

Peace, Love & Namaste


Twenty-Nine: Terry’s Guide to The Galaxy-Falling in Love with the Universe


The Facebook Group-Collective Evolution released a video that

rocked my world and beyond. It was taken by NASA and showed

the largest image they had ever taken of The Andromeda Galaxy.

It was not only breathtaking but I couldn’t help but feel like a

minuscule speck in the cosmic world. There is so much out there that

we know so little about. I fell in love with my husband Terry for

many reasons, but one of them was his love of Astronomy. He had

a telescope that would travel with us on road trips like an old

campfire guitar. When driving along a desolate highway after a

day of hiking in the mountains he would pull over on some tiny

makeshift driveway-he would set up his scope and show me

the map of the sky. Calling out the constellations and focusing in

on the stars and galaxies. On a spectacularly special date on the

stellar calendar we would head out to a farmers field in the dark of the

night and lay down on the hood of his car and stargaze. Poetically

our love child was conceived under the harvest moon. We now

share these loves with our two children. It is a miraculous world out

there with so much majestic energy and mystery. Like a book that

has yet to reveal all of its stories.


Today’s focus is a celebration of the universe beyond.


Morning Meditation: The Honest Guys-Healing Power of the Universe


Journal Entry: What is your relationship with the universe?

What do you imagine is beyond our earth?


Gigapixels of Andromeda 4X-Largest Image Released by NASA


Nine Incredible Images of the Universe


Full Length Free History Channel Documentary 


Another Gorgeous Collection of Images on Pinterest:


COSMOS-A Televison Show based on The Universe


One of the best books for aquainting yourself with the Universe


Evening Meditation: You are the Universe-Kwan Yin

Embrace Your Universe

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Twenty-Eight: Fly Me To The Moon-Lucid Dreaming As A Healing Tool


First, I will clear something up-I was confused and maybe

you have been too. I always thought that lucid dreaming

and astral projection were the same thing. Astral travels

are out of body experiences where you visit other dimensions

and other astral travelers can meet you in mystical places and

different planes of existence.

Lucid Dreaming is more scientific and observable. It is

even used therapeutically for people who have PTSD (Post

Traumatic Stress Syndrome) to help them take control of

their nightmares and improve their lives. It is more of

a system of being aware, keeping track, observing and

manipulating your dreams so you can adjust them to suit your needs.

Throughout my spiritual learning travels I have been tempted

to achieve sleep states where you can go visit people

on the other side or other dimensions (astral travels) when I

have deeply yearned for lost loved ones. Though I have

dreamt about them spontaneously, and even remember

a night where I truly remember flying in my dream. It

was accidental and felt more like it happened to me rather

than it happening as a result of a blueprint I crafted.

Maybe one day soon I will find the courage to create,

manipulate and understand my dreams.

I can imagine it opens up a whole new world.


Today’s focus will be on how lucid dreaming can

allow us to have more control over our dream state.

Morning Meditation: Positive Thinking-Linda Hall


Art Journal Activity: Create a Beautiful Dream Journal 

Record your dreams for this entire week. If you awaken from a dream

write down everything you remember.


Free People’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming (They have

great clothes and accessories too-Boho Style!)


A Wicked Cool and Informative Poster on Lucid Dreaming-



Parade’s Community Table-Article about the Book



Informed Viewing: Lucid Dreaming TED Talks-Tim Post


Lucid Dreaming TED Talks-Chongtul Rinpoche-Buddhist View 


Evening Meditation: Jason Stephenson featured on Sleep Ezy Tonight

Sweet Dreams & Namaste


Day Twenty-Seven: “The Art of Sleep”: Natural Ways to Reduce Insomnia

From the time I was a small child I remember being in my dimly lit

bedroom, the house silent, faint snores coming from the hallway

unable to feel tired let alone sleep. When I did sleep it was like a

miracle happened and I had no recollection of how and when this

blissful sleep overtook me. I tried everything-all the old housewife

remedies-honey on toast, chamomile tea, a warm mug of milk,

a hot bath, lavender oil but still my brain just wanted to be alert

constantly. Thoughts racing around like rats in a scientific maze.

Some nights the frustration caused so much anxiety that I would

beg God to just take me so I could rest my mind and thoughts.

My mother was the same way. I remember specifically one night

when I was five years old. When I fell asleep (it was the one of the

rare nights I did) my room was green with white and red checkers.

The next morning the  light shone in through my naked window frame

as I strained to open my eyes. My mom was tapping me on the shoulder, singing

her wake up song-which I so adored…”Rise and Shine and Give God

Your Glory Glory!!!” She held a large pink bundle in her hand and said,

“you have to wake up-I want to put your new sheets on the bed.”

As I blinked my eyelids fully open and they adjusted to the bright

sun I noticed that my mom was covered head to toe in Pepto Bismo

coloured paint; the fumes assaulted my senses.  My bed was no longer on

the far left wall but in the centre of the room.

My bedroom was now baby pink and there was plastic covering all the furniture.

In shock and speechless I sat up as my mom chirped “What do you think honey?

Do you like it?” I asked her how in the hell she managed to completely repaint

my room as I slept during the night, she even painted the inside of the closet.

I unfortunately had the trait of insomnia passed down to me.

In my Counselling office and in discussion with friends and people in

general I notice that one of the biggest issues and causes of mental

illness is long standing sleep deprivation. It can slowly decline your

quality of life and ability to cope with the stress of daily living.

Ten years ago I escaped from the insomnia trap and I did that

by learning and utilizing guided meditations/visualizations every

single night (as well as sleeping beside the man I love surrounded

by at least five cozy pillows!

Have fun with the variety of sleep remedies, ideas, exercises.


Morning Meditation: Louise Hay-Morning Meditation


32 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep


Informed Viewing: TED Talks-A Playlist on Insomnia Talks


Music To Cure Insomnia


Natural Sleep Dust-A Fun Little Project


Whipped Sleepy time Rub-Another Fun Recipe


Herbal Sleep Tea Recipe



Laughter is the Best Medicine: The 25 Most Awkward Cat

Sleeping Positions:



Top Ten Yoga Positions to Cure Insomnia

Reading Material:

images (1)


Evening Meditation for Insomnia; Jason Stephenson

Peace, Love & Namaste