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Day Thirteen: Are Angels Among Us? Angel Healing and Angel Guides.

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Yesterday I was very focused on my angels. My sister, who was the most

important person that was constant throughout my life, passed tragically

several years ago. Since her passing I have had faith that she still has

a presence in my life. It was that belief that kept me from slipping into

a deeper depression than the mourning depression that I

experienced for the first year.

I have heard from multiple places that if you find a feather it is a message

from a loved one who has passed. Yesterday, I asked my sister Lori to

send feathers if she was still around me. Since yesterday I have found

four separate feathers of differing sizes and several strangely placed coins

(another item believed to be a sign from the angels).

I know there are people that believe that once their loved one passes

they are gone completely. If I felt that way about my sister I could

not have managed her death. A belief in angels and that our loved ones

surround us and protect us is such a comforting way to feel and

we should have the right to embrace it in order to move forward.

Several months ago, when I was really struggling with my mental

and physical health I had a strong desire to connect with the healing

power of my angel guides. I was in Banff, with a co-worker and

kindred spirit, and we stumbled upon a tiny shop filled with

spiritual items. I walked directly to a round table in the centre of

the shop and my eye was drawn to a small blue box with the

picture of an angel on it. It was a deck of angel cards by

Doreen Virtue. I trusted that it was there for me to see and

claim as my own. Upon my return home I called upon my angel

guides in the evenings when my mind would wander into the

depths of stress and unrest.


Today’s focus will be on Angel Healing and Angel Guides.


When you wake up this morning ask your angel guides to 

assist you and guide you through your day. 

Morning Meditation:


Journal Prompt: Write about a time when you felt there was an

angel in your presence. Was it during a tragedy and you felt there was someone

guiding you through it? Was it when you were in the depths of despair and you felt

the angels lift you out of the darkness?


Inspired Listening: Angel Messages by Lillian Eden:

Inspired Online Reading: Three Types of Angels are with You-Doreen Virtue

Angel Healer.



Inspired Angel Books to Read:


Angel Music to Guide You through Your Day:


Angel Inspired Art Project: Link on Pinterest:


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Bedtime Meditation: Guardian Angels with Jason Stephenson:


Peace, Love & Namaste