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Day Eighty-Six: “Not Just Downward Dog”: The Commercialization of Yoga


There are so many people that buy into yoga because it is a trend.

Yoga has become one of the items on a long list of consumerized

“products”. It has always been there but many people don’t

truly know the delicately weaved history and the multi-faceted

nature of yoga. It’s Hindu Roots stress the importance of integrating

the many paths of Yoga into every facet of ones life and that until

one does that the physical postures are just that-physical postures.

HistoryOfYoga_EricShaw_02 HistoryOfYoga_EricShaw_01

Here is a link outlining the history of Yoga


There are four main paths of yoga which I will be describing in more

detail over the upcoming four posts. There are also many styles

of yoga: Here is a link to a list of styles with descriptions:


Integrating yoga into all facets of your life may have

already happened and can happen organically just through the

practice of physical yoga. Just doing the postures can incite

a connection to spirit and allow you to witness a side of yourself

you didn’t know existed. On the other hand if you just use it

as a method of working out and feel disconnected from yourself

even though you are doing the physical postures than you are

not practicing traditional yoga.

Decide what it is you are trying to gain from yoga and then

path the way for yourself by integrating the yogic perspective

into those parts of your life.

Shop around when it comes to instructors; if you have an

instructor that is disconnected from the spirit of yoga and

does not absorb the yogic way of life-that teacher may

not be the right one for you if your goal is to widen your

connection to the source within and outside of yourself.

If yoga did not become so commercialized and maintained

it’s traditional roots I believe there would be more spiritually

healthy and connected people in the community.

On the other hand-the upside of the commercialization of

yoga has brought it into the light and allowed people to

seek solace in it’s practice-bringing them closer to themselves

and to their spiritual side.


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: What is your connection with yoga? When

was the first time you were interested in it? Does your

practice connect you at a deeper spiritual level or are

you left wanting more? If you have never done yoga;

what do you wish to gain from practicing it?


The History of Yoga-A Sweet Little Film

The History of Yoga-A Full Documentary


A Beautiful Playlist for Your Day

Evening Yoga Practice and Meditation:


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Seventy-One: Navigating Manhood in A Confusing World-Balancing & Awakening the Divine Masculine


Yesterday we spoke about how women are confused in our society

and about what feminine concepts we can embrace whilst maintaining

our strength and personal power.

After being a teacher, counselor, child care worker and mother for

decades I have learned that boys and men are just as confused about

how much of their masculinity they are allowed to embrace without

looking scary or too hard. They are expected to be sensitive to other

fellow human beings (namely the women in their lives) all the

while maintaining a strong and impenetrable focused manly facade.

Women want their men to be strong and husky but they conversely

want their men to ravage them passionately.

Men are questioned and even ridiculed for assuming typically female

roles (nursing, caregiving, stay at home dad…) so they too are being

marginalized by our society and their dreams-no matter how honorable

can also be put under a microscope.

This causes a wildfire effect of a lack of pursuing their true selves and

embracing the roles they feel they are here to fill.

If a man is unbalanced he can end up being fanatical

and too aggressive-abusive and controlling. What has happened to these

men-to their core-where did things go wrong? Are they too subconsciously

affected by our societies image of what men are supposed to be? Are they

too detached from themselves too find their way back to their true essence?

The way a boy is raised can have so much to do with how much he is able

to express himself. I have put this into practice with my son. I have always

encouraged him to maintain his innate sensitive personality and have never

made him feel shame for showing his emotions.

There is so much beauty in the divine masculine and if men were encouraged

free to explore the best parts of masculinity the world would be a much more

welcome, balanced and harmonious place to live.


Morning Meditation:

TED Talk-The Demise of Men-Philip Zimbardo


Journal Entry: What messages have you been given throughout your

life that you feel have detached you from your true essence? Who 

had the most influence in your life when it came to embracing your

core self? Where your feminine qualities stifled or stripped away?

Do you feel balanced as a male in today’s society? Think of a time

when you felt very balanced as a man-what was your situation?

How can you move in the direction of that way of being now?


Yoga Flow Especially for Men


Videos that Enhance and Pu-ruse the Topic of Masculinity


Evening Meditation

Day Sixty-Five: How to Stay Humble Without Compromising Your Self Worth


My mother was a fan of humility. She was very religious and in her spiritual

teachings and in life she was trained to be seen and not heard. Lessons

she stressed to me were centered on giving to others and making them

feel special while sacrificing your own needs.

Innately I have always been very uncomfortable when I am complimented.

It is as though my biggest fear is to seem egotistical or appearing to think

I am better than anyone else. My husband recently shared with me that

I actually downgrade myself in front of others too often. This is a tool I

have always used to be accessible to others so that they know I will not

judge them.

The world has confused me; and maybe yourself as well-Buddhist teaching

and all of my spiritual teachings stress the value of maintaining ones ability

to remain humble and how this trait is revered and encouraged.

Admit it we all can’t stand the people who go around bragging about this

and that and how awesome they are. It also drives us crazy when people

around us keep one upping us-like you buy something and then they buy

the same thing but way nicer and more expensive; or multiple numbers

of the one that you got and then proceed to rub salt into your wounds.

Now the key to being a good person, someone who people can value;

is maintaining our value and appreciating compliments, but in a

way that is not aggressive or egotistical. Self deprecation is an extreme

form of humility-and it damages us. You can be humble, kind and loving

and still value your self worth.  How can we do this? By assessing the

way we speak to others about ourselves.


Homework: Do something kind for someone today without them knowing.

Pay attention to how not receiving acknowledgement feels?


Morning Meditation: Humility in the Mountains


Journal Entry: When you are with someone do you feel like you need

to compete or prove something to them? How much of your time are 

you living in an egotistical state? How much of your time are you living

in a humble state? How did you feel after doing your homework?


Humble Forbearance Yoga Routine


Evening Meditation:

Day Thirty-Six: The Power of Prayer-A Universal Language

Over a decade ago I was comatose for several weeks. My family desperately

tried to reconnect me to myself and remember some spark of who I was by talking

to me and wallpapering the clinical mint green walls with the loving artwork of my

nieces and nephews. Meanwhile on the opposite side of Canada, my mom-through

word of mouth-incited the most contagious game of broken telephone. In the span of

three days she had thousands of people praying for me to emerge from my

lost world. I had disconnected from the Christian faith at the time and was still

trying to find my way spiritually. After three weeks of a very unresponsive state,

I sat up in my bed and opened my eyes. When my mom told me what she had

done I had complete faith that that and my sisters diligence and patience had

helped me emerge that day. Anytime someone is enduring trauma, heartache, illness

or grief-I make one call-to mom’s prayer hotline and let the power of prayer send

its miraculous current across the airwaves. Prayer may be a ‘religious’ term but

people from all over the world ‘pray’ in some form to their delegated ‘source’.

Even atheists believe in Science and wish for assistance in events unfolding

in a certain direction. Believing in something is what makes life magical

and interesting. It is what connects us to something or each other. It is

what soothes us when we are lost. It is what we are thankful for when we

are immersed in joy. Whether you pray, meditate, worship, wish, attract,

focus on, create-it is all about faith in something outside yourself. It makes

life richer; gives us a deeper connection to the sequence of events on our

journey. Enjoy Your Path!


Today’s focus will be on the power of faith in something

more-our source and a belief that all of the events in our lives

unfold as they are meant to.

Earth Prayer-A Beautiful Song-Morning Meditation

Journal Entry: Be honest-if the world was about to end-would you pray? 

Bow down and pray? What would you pray for?

Tibetan Prayer Flags


The Prayer Flag Project: Oceanside California


Art Activity; Making Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Universal Prayer



Elephant Journal 


Buddhist nuns in prayer at the Sagaing Hills Nunnery

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Evening Meditation: Hawaiian Healing Prayer

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Thirty: Unleashing The Creative Being Within-Healing through Imagination

A Short Film by Carlos Lascano-Lila-Stunning & Imaginative

When we are bombarded and overwhelmed with life, it is

hard to feel much of anything, much less have the time

or motivation to create. The best part of life is when we

are balanced and fresh; full of imaginative ideas…when

both sides of our brain are working in unison to achieve

phenomenal ideas and opportunities. When we are not

passionate about what we are doing we are living in

our own silent black and white film, trapped in a

monotonous scene that loops around, repeating

itself over and over and over again…

tumblr_n1a49oubl61sq3gbzo1_500True fulfillment can be gauged by how open our

spirit is to creating and imagining. How do we attain

this in a world centered on the 9 to 5 daily grind?

It can be a vicious cycle because we stay away

from our passions because we claim to be too tired,

but these are the remedies to our imaginative blockages.

If we turned on that favorite song while we worked,

or we picked up that guitar when we felt the act of

it would enliven us and act more effectively than the

myriad of prescription drugs our society has become

dependent on to numb the anxiety.bb04fedff011022b9085b74d121c2fc7 (1)

We could literally used our imaginative life as a

gauge on how balanced and healthy we are.

So many people see my art and say “Oh I am

so not creative” and I respond by saying “Oh

yes you are!” People are creative in different ways;

with ideas, writing, building, selling, cooking, painting-

we all create art somehow in our lives. You are capable

of anything, you are innately imaginative so open up

your soul, grasp on to your instrument of choice and

release your inner artist…

A Sand Art Love Story

Today’s focus will be on unleashing the creativity and

imagination that may be laying dormant within.


Morning Meditation: To Ignite Creativity


Journal Entry: Consider what creativity lies within you and try to remember the last time you felt passionate about something and created something fantastic-a true reflection of who you truly are.

Self Care Activity: Purchase or pick up an art-form that  you feel passionate about. Spend some time every day for one week re-acquainting yourself with this craft.



Music to Inspire Creativity


Elizabeth Gilbert-Your Elusive Creative Genius-TED Talk


How Art Evolves Consiousness



Evening Meditation: Your Question Answered-Mystical Creative Visualization

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Twenty-One: Purging the Past & Embracing the Present


Much like our homes need to be de-cluttered when things pile

up and become a burden; so do our bodies, minds and spirits.

When we begin to feel overwhelmed we can feel an ethereal

heaviness weighing us down. Holding on to the past makes this

sense of being even more intense. If we keep flipping back to the

past, or continue on with past behaviors that keep us from

evolving to the next rung on the well-being ladder, we stay

at the bottom of the ladder rather than climbing up towards

the sun. Similarly, if we hold on to damaging past relationships

we continue to be scarred by them. Think of the past as a

walkway that you can leave behind, not like a merry-go round

that you need to keep spinning around on aimlessly until you

feel so nauseous you collapse. Stopping it may take some

effort, but once you place your feet firmly on the ground you

will be able to embrace the here and now and look toward

the future.

The past has a positive role; the challenging times can give us

the gift of empathy and compassion; when a shared experience

can connect us or teach us something that we can share with


Releasing the past can allow us to embrace the present and

the future. Continuing to look forward allows us to remove the

heavy bags and walk lightly along our new and promising



Today’s focus will be on the importance of releasing

the past in order for us to move in a positive forward



Morning Meditation: Releasing Resistance


Journal Entry: Create a list of past relationships, experiences,

habits etc. that you feel are holding you from embracing the present

and the future. Using your ‘miracle question’-imagining you awake 

tomorrow and you have magically let go of those past hindrances.

Write about what your life would look like without them.


Inspired Listening: Owen Fox-Releasing the Past and Pain 

Inspired Viewing:

Rise-a lantern release event where people write their stories from the

past on the lantern and their hopes for the future and release them into

the sky.


This moving video is of the Dalai Lama deeply moved to tears

by his past:

Eighteen Rules of Living-The Dalai Lama:


Inspired Reading & Learning: Positive Affirmations-Releasing

the Past:  http://affirmyourlife.blogspot.com/2009/08/releasing-affirmations.html

past4mangano calcite

Mangano Calcite: This is a soft stone of forgiveness that brings unconditional love.

Releases fear and grief from the past, helps with self-worth, lifts anxiety and

prevents nightmares.


Cedarwood Essential Oil: Can also be a natural remedy for releasing the past,

it is also good for anxiety and panic attacks, put a few drops on your clothing rather

than directly on the skin.

Evening Meditation: Letting Go of Yesterday-Lillian Eden


Enjoy Your Future

Peace, Love & Namaste