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Day Eighty-Eight-An Interview with Jason Stephenson-Youtube Meditation Guru

On Monday evening Western Canada time I had the absolute gift of speaking with

Jason Stephenson in Australia-it was 10am on Tuesday his time.

Jason is my favorite Meditation expert whose videos on Youtube and

RelaxMeOnline are entirely effective and of the utmost caliber and


After speaking to Jason I can see the lengths he goes to in order to create

the most beautiful experience for his viewers.

Speaking to him was like reuniting with a long lost kindred spirit brother;

it was wonderful to see where his journey began and how all of his

gifts came to grace our world.

I am filled with the utmost gratitude to have been given the gift of

One Hour of conversation with Jason-please enjoy the audio below:



Peace, Love & Namaste Emily

An Exciting Update!!!! Upcoming Interview with Jason Stephenson-Mediation Expert & Life Coach

As you all know-Jason Stephenson has been a constant on my blog.

His meditations are by far the best and most consistent online.

I have integrated them into many of my blog entries as he has

a huge library of meditation videos that focus on any issues that

you need addressed.

I will be interviewing Jason on Tuesday morning all the way

from Australia-I will provide the interview online on Tuesday’s

blog entry so I look so forward to sharing this with all of you!

Peace, Love & Namaste

Day Seventy-Nine: Moving On-Holistic Mental Health Technique Series-Lesson One-EMDR


How can we ever achieve true happiness and peace within ourselves if

we continue to be haunted by old memories of trauma, abuse or pain.

These past memories transform into fear and make it impossible for

us to break unhealthy cycles, form positive and healthy relationships,

truly care for ourselves…

If you have a diagnosed mental illness, or any illness for that matter,

than balance is the key to keeping your symptoms at bay, and in our

society medication may be a key to your ability to live a functioning life,

but medication is only a bandaid.

Pain will always be painful but the way that we process it determines

how easily and healthfully we overcome it.

In the next few posts I will be discussing holistic therapies that can

enhance your healing journey. As lifelong counsellor of high needs

children, youth and adults I have been introduced to all of these

techniques, have used them and feel they are the most effective

and valuable to share.

EMDR-1 black-blackandwhite-fun-grey-memories-favim-co

The first therapy we will discuss is prominent and widely used

worldwide. It is a process called EMDR-where the therapist

explores with the patient what their most painful memories

are and then they are rated from 1-10 (as you’ll witness in

the video below). While accessing the specific memory that

causes the most pain the therapist leads the patient through

a series of eye movements or tapping and sometimes sound

and this allows the memory to come to the surface and

reprocessed. It is said that this type of therapy is more

effective than traditional talk therapy and can heal the

patient in fewer sessions due to the effectiveness of it.


EMDR-as defined in the most prominent source document:

American Psychiatric Association (2000), Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition, Washington DC. Shapiro, F. (2001). Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, 2nd edition, N.Y.: The Guilford Press.

1.0B. Definition – EMDR is an evidence-based psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition, successful outcomes are well-documented in the literature for EMDR treatment of other psychiatric disorders, mental health problems, and somatic symptoms. The model on which EMDR is based, Adaptive Information Processing (AIP), posits that much of psychopathology is due to the maladaptive encoding of and/or incomplete processing of traumatic or disturbing adverse life experiences. This impairs the client’s ability to integrate these experiences in an adaptive manner. The eightphase, three-pronged process of EMDR facilitates the resumption of normal information processing and integration. This treatment approach, which targets past experience, current triggers, and future potential challenges, results in the alleviation of presenting symptoms, a decrease or elimination of distress from the disturbing memory, improved view of the self, relief from bodily disturbance, and resolution of present and future anticipated triggers.

This definition was written by Creator Francine Shapiro-who is the creator and top

practitioner of EMDR. Below is a link to her book on Amazon.



Here is the link to EMDR Canada: on this site there is a large amount

of information as well as the rest of the paper from above.


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Consider which memory in your life has caused

you the most pain. Have you taken the time to heal from that

trauma? Do you feel the memory is embedded and ingrained in

you? Write down that memory and think about it while you

watch the video below. Record the intensity of the memory

before the self administration of EMDR and then the intensity

after. What there a difference?


Video of A Discussion with Francine Shapiro-Creator of EMDA

Here is an actual EMDR Session

EMDR Music Playlist

Healing Yoga for Trauma Relief


Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

images (1)

Day Forty-One: Mending Buried Scars-Reconnecting with Your Inner Child


When I was fourteen I experienced my first psychoanalysis by

a very frail looking middle aged man. As I cheerily spoke to him

about all of the trauma I experienced in my childhood; he could

see through the ‘grocery list’ recitation of the events of my

childhood and tried to break through the formerly impenetrable

facade that I had carefully built up with the bricks and mortar of

escape. Along with a prescription for prozac he asked me to purchase

a journal and complete the following homework assignment (by the

way-this will be today’s entry ;)) Write whatever comes to your

mind using the hand that you typically do not write with. See 

what it is that comes out. As per usual I waited until mere hours

before my next appointment with said Dr. to complete my homework;

a task I avoided because I was afraid of catching a glimpse of my

deeply scarred little girl within. With hesitation I opened my journal

and placed the pen awkwardly in my passive left hand. The barely

legible scrawl that came out on the page was the scrawl of a deeply

troubled little girl. I sobbed as the violent words appeared on the

page-possessed by the darkness that consumed that unhealed

little one. After I wrote it I read what I wrote-the pain that had been

unleashed was palpable.

What came after that was years of necessary, intense and varied

therapy. That was the day I realized that my life would always be

segmented until I healed what was broken within.

How is a soul supposed to evolve unless the scars are treated

and heal. It may seem as though we are opening wounds to

get there, but really these wounds never did heal-they just

got buried by the debris of our fast-paced lives.

I have to be honest; I have neglected my inner child directly

and without meaning to for many years so I was trepidatious

about doing the inner child meditations below.

During the meditations I came face to face with myself as a

seven year old child. Seeing her again was painful but

necessary. I did’t know if I had enough to offer her; but

I realized that she needed me and I put my stresses aside and

just held her-saying nothing.

Doing these meditations verified one thing I have been

coming to terms with; we can attain happiness but there

will always be challenges to try and overcome. Life is about

ying/yang; dark/light; good/bad…


Through the darkness we conquer, the more visible and

satisfying the light that penetrates. 


Today’s focus is on reconnecting and nurturing your

inner child; in doing this you have the opportunity to

heal the wounds that keep you from moving forward.


Journal Entry-Accessing your Inner Child: 

Write whatever comes to your mind using the hand that you typically

do not write with. See what it is that comes out. 


Morning Meditation:


One Hour Physical Activity: Spend this time doing something

you loved as a child.

Inspiring Talk-TED Talk-Hold Onto Your Inner Child

Short Film that Is About Inner Child Dreaming


Healing Affirmations for your Inner Child

Inspired & Healing Reading-Reconciliation


Link to a Preview of the Book


Evening Meditation: Inner Child

May You Reconnect & Heal Your Inner Child

Much Love, Peace & Namaste Em

Day Thirty-Six: The Power of Prayer-A Universal Language

Over a decade ago I was comatose for several weeks. My family desperately

tried to reconnect me to myself and remember some spark of who I was by talking

to me and wallpapering the clinical mint green walls with the loving artwork of my

nieces and nephews. Meanwhile on the opposite side of Canada, my mom-through

word of mouth-incited the most contagious game of broken telephone. In the span of

three days she had thousands of people praying for me to emerge from my

lost world. I had disconnected from the Christian faith at the time and was still

trying to find my way spiritually. After three weeks of a very unresponsive state,

I sat up in my bed and opened my eyes. When my mom told me what she had

done I had complete faith that that and my sisters diligence and patience had

helped me emerge that day. Anytime someone is enduring trauma, heartache, illness

or grief-I make one call-to mom’s prayer hotline and let the power of prayer send

its miraculous current across the airwaves. Prayer may be a ‘religious’ term but

people from all over the world ‘pray’ in some form to their delegated ‘source’.

Even atheists believe in Science and wish for assistance in events unfolding

in a certain direction. Believing in something is what makes life magical

and interesting. It is what connects us to something or each other. It is

what soothes us when we are lost. It is what we are thankful for when we

are immersed in joy. Whether you pray, meditate, worship, wish, attract,

focus on, create-it is all about faith in something outside yourself. It makes

life richer; gives us a deeper connection to the sequence of events on our

journey. Enjoy Your Path!


Today’s focus will be on the power of faith in something

more-our source and a belief that all of the events in our lives

unfold as they are meant to.

Earth Prayer-A Beautiful Song-Morning Meditation

Journal Entry: Be honest-if the world was about to end-would you pray? 

Bow down and pray? What would you pray for?

Tibetan Prayer Flags


The Prayer Flag Project: Oceanside California


Art Activity; Making Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Universal Prayer



Elephant Journal 


Buddhist nuns in prayer at the Sagaing Hills Nunnery

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Evening Meditation: Hawaiian Healing Prayer

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Thirty-Four: “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child”: Online Resources that are Strengthening the World Community

Many months ago I ‘liked’ a group called “Collective Evolution” which

I introduced when I discussed the universe in an earlier post. I love

the highly though provoking a relevant news and philosophical information

they share with their community. Many people talk about Facebook as

though it is a succubus that steals your soul; I feel absolutely the opposite.

There are amazing groups on there and spreading around the net where

people with a positive, ethical, peaceful attitude about how the world

is presently and how we can strengthen it together. I have always used

the internet as a place to inspire me and my purpose in utilizing it is

always to spread that inspiration on. I am sure there are people that

shhhh me thinking “Aw Gawd, here she goes again spreading her hippie

mumbo jumbo,” I say to those people take it or leave it honey; maybe

just maybe a tiny seed will sprout and flourish. I am not saying the

world is all unicorns and rainbows; I have experienced first hand the

darkness and evils of the world; and due to my sensitivities am

vulnerable to both the colour and the colourless. When the hurt

runs too deep I need to hibernate and learn to trust again. In

the end I trust the innate goodness in others; and am wrong

some of the time. There are so many amazing tools to improve

life and our time here on earth. There are recipes to live with

conscious awareness in an environmental tango, leaving this

world a better place for our next generation. There are

provocative speakers, writers, artists, healers, all offering us

their wisdom at the tap of a finger stroke.

Today’s focus will be on sharing some of the amazing

people that have so much to offer us and building

a positive on and offline community.

Morning Meditation-a Prayer for Peace on Earth

Facebook Communities


Collective Evolution-Facebook



Peace, Love Science-Facebook



The Soulful Woman-Facebook



Youtube Channels & Feature Films

Jason Stephenson-Online Spiritual Meditations-Youtube



The Chopra Centre


Youtube; The Miniature Earth

Earth From Space-Nasa

Babies-A Film about Babies all over the Earth

Life in a Day-24 Hours A Day from All over the World

Websites That Inspire


Playing For Change





Evening Mediation

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Thirty-Two: The Upside of Depression-Meloncholy As Spiritual Awakening

My darkest hours typically followed a traumatic or heartbreaking

incident that occurred in my life; a death, a loss of job or relationship,

high amounts of stress…But there were some times where the darkness

threw it’s suffocating cloak over my head for no tangible reason. My

life was seemingly smooth and the darkness would invade the confines

of my mind leaving me confused and trying not to submit to the

detrimental thoughts that consumed me. I could not understand why

I was so unhappy when there was nothing I could see in my path that

was a blockage. Maybe my internal soul sensed it and whispered unconsciously

for me to pay attention and analyze what I was receiving from my surroundings.

Fortunately I always have faith that the cloak of darkness will lead me

to a more enlightened and brighter path. I finally searched and found others

that share this philosophy (see the speakers below). In order to embrace

a new and more well suited path, we must dredge through the life

threatening swamp full of thorns and quicksand. Linda Miller said it best

in her TED Talk (below) about how there are two sides to the door

of depression and one of them is a Spiritual Awakening. Like life’s

Ying and Yang, I have always believed that unless one experiences

pure pain and darkness one cannot appreciate ecstasy and

intense unadulterated joy. Could then, depressions purpose be

to slow us down so that we can see the intricacies of what led us down

the changing path more clearly? Could it be a time for us to get back

or transform into our true self? Could it be an awakening to allow

us to embrace and appreciate the happiness unconditionally and without

blockages when we emerge from our trans-formative cocoon?

The days I believe that this feeling will lead me in the right direction

I can move forward, the days I can’t see the possibilities I feel consumed

by sadness and despair. So even if the idea that I am experiencing a

spiritual awakening is a placebo ; it assists me in getting through this

time in my life with a more hopeful and anticipatory attitude.


Today’s focus is the realization that life is meaningful and

so are the steps along our journey. We need to trust and embrace

them with the knowledge that the universe will take care of us.

Morning Meditation-Kundalini Awakening


Journal Entry; Write about a traumatic or depressing time in 

your life; what led you there? Did you come out the other side 

more enlightened? What changes occurred as a result?


Two Sides of One Door: Lisa Miller

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening

Depression is a Disease of Civilization


Evening Meditation-A Spiritual Treasure Chest

Much Love, Peace & Namaste



Day Thirty: Unleashing The Creative Being Within-Healing through Imagination

A Short Film by Carlos Lascano-Lila-Stunning & Imaginative

When we are bombarded and overwhelmed with life, it is

hard to feel much of anything, much less have the time

or motivation to create. The best part of life is when we

are balanced and fresh; full of imaginative ideas…when

both sides of our brain are working in unison to achieve

phenomenal ideas and opportunities. When we are not

passionate about what we are doing we are living in

our own silent black and white film, trapped in a

monotonous scene that loops around, repeating

itself over and over and over again…

tumblr_n1a49oubl61sq3gbzo1_500True fulfillment can be gauged by how open our

spirit is to creating and imagining. How do we attain

this in a world centered on the 9 to 5 daily grind?

It can be a vicious cycle because we stay away

from our passions because we claim to be too tired,

but these are the remedies to our imaginative blockages.

If we turned on that favorite song while we worked,

or we picked up that guitar when we felt the act of

it would enliven us and act more effectively than the

myriad of prescription drugs our society has become

dependent on to numb the anxiety.bb04fedff011022b9085b74d121c2fc7 (1)

We could literally used our imaginative life as a

gauge on how balanced and healthy we are.

So many people see my art and say “Oh I am

so not creative” and I respond by saying “Oh

yes you are!” People are creative in different ways;

with ideas, writing, building, selling, cooking, painting-

we all create art somehow in our lives. You are capable

of anything, you are innately imaginative so open up

your soul, grasp on to your instrument of choice and

release your inner artist…

A Sand Art Love Story

Today’s focus will be on unleashing the creativity and

imagination that may be laying dormant within.


Morning Meditation: To Ignite Creativity


Journal Entry: Consider what creativity lies within you and try to remember the last time you felt passionate about something and created something fantastic-a true reflection of who you truly are.

Self Care Activity: Purchase or pick up an art-form that  you feel passionate about. Spend some time every day for one week re-acquainting yourself with this craft.



Music to Inspire Creativity


Elizabeth Gilbert-Your Elusive Creative Genius-TED Talk


How Art Evolves Consiousness



Evening Meditation: Your Question Answered-Mystical Creative Visualization

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Twenty Four: Wishes Really Do Come True: The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction came fully out of the closet when Rhonda Byrne

released her world renowned book and film; The Secret. The philosophical

idea behind the Law of Attraction was not her original idea, it was

the thought child of a Californian man named Prentice Mulford in his essays

“Some Laws of Health and Beauty” and “Good And Ill Effects of Thought,”

written in 1891 (Wikipedia).

When I was nineteen I discovered the idea that what you thought about

was what you attracted to your life, while taking a philosophy course at

the University of Alberta. Did this mean that because I had such self

deprecating thoughts, I was the culprit-I drew all of those negative things

towards myself with my obscured electromagnetic current.

I had felt like such a target my whole life and had no faith in

myself; so how was it that, with this damaging thought pattern,

I would ever pull myself out of the dank corridors of my thought

patterns and begin to attract and have faith that any form of

abundance could come to my life?

What is The Law of Attraction you ask? Well, it is the idea

that what you think about and wish for you attract to your life.

There is a positive connotation behind the philosophy but think

about it, when you are cloaked in your own personal darkness

do you attract tiny birds and butterflies to yourself? So the

philosophy goes both ways. This means that even in the private

confines of your brain, you should try and think positive thoughts

so you can reap the bounty of great personal abundance.

Many years ago my sister and I had a spiritual book club and

The Law of Attraction reintroduced itself back into my life.

This time I was truly balanced, happy, connected to my source

and open to new ideas. I wrote down a list of things I wanted for

myself in the upcoming year; the list was not unrealistic or

far-fetched; it contained simply things like; learn to make

pottery, work on my book, learn to play guitar…I placed

the list in the back of the book selection for that month-

The Secret-and forgot about it for the next year. Travel

forward two years, my sister had passed away, I was

missing her and I picked that book off the bookshelf.

Out fell the list, as if by divine intervention, and I re-read

it. I had accomplished all of the things on that list without

complete conscious awareness. It was such an amazing

feeling. I rushed to pick up the phone to call my sister and

then realized she was gone-so I celebrated silently and

that was the moment I believed that anything was possible.


Today’s focus will be on the power of your thoughts

and how you have the power to create the life you wish for 


Morning Meditation-The Secret-A Gift to You


Journal Activity-The Law of Attraction List

Make a list of all of the things you would like to learn and attract to

your life. Imagine you have a little magic genie whom can grant

you wishes. Don’t limit yourself. Review the list and think about

how you can make some of these things a reality. Remember

the Law of Attraction is a tool but you make the wishes come

true by believing you deserve them and working towards making

them part of your life.

law of attraction

Inspired Reading and Listening: Abraham Hicks Full Audiobook

The Law of Attraction. Abraham was a respected, world renowned

Spiritual Speaker and Author.


Inspired Viewing: The Secret-Full Movie Online:




Inspired Physical Activity: Law of Attraction Yoga Series


Evening Meditation: IMAGINE-Manifesting Your Dreams Jason Stephenson


Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Thirteen: Are Angels Among Us? Angel Healing and Angel Guides.

angel quote1

Yesterday I was very focused on my angels. My sister, who was the most

important person that was constant throughout my life, passed tragically

several years ago. Since her passing I have had faith that she still has

a presence in my life. It was that belief that kept me from slipping into

a deeper depression than the mourning depression that I

experienced for the first year.

I have heard from multiple places that if you find a feather it is a message

from a loved one who has passed. Yesterday, I asked my sister Lori to

send feathers if she was still around me. Since yesterday I have found

four separate feathers of differing sizes and several strangely placed coins

(another item believed to be a sign from the angels).

I know there are people that believe that once their loved one passes

they are gone completely. If I felt that way about my sister I could

not have managed her death. A belief in angels and that our loved ones

surround us and protect us is such a comforting way to feel and

we should have the right to embrace it in order to move forward.

Several months ago, when I was really struggling with my mental

and physical health I had a strong desire to connect with the healing

power of my angel guides. I was in Banff, with a co-worker and

kindred spirit, and we stumbled upon a tiny shop filled with

spiritual items. I walked directly to a round table in the centre of

the shop and my eye was drawn to a small blue box with the

picture of an angel on it. It was a deck of angel cards by

Doreen Virtue. I trusted that it was there for me to see and

claim as my own. Upon my return home I called upon my angel

guides in the evenings when my mind would wander into the

depths of stress and unrest.


Today’s focus will be on Angel Healing and Angel Guides.


When you wake up this morning ask your angel guides to 

assist you and guide you through your day. 

Morning Meditation:


Journal Prompt: Write about a time when you felt there was an

angel in your presence. Was it during a tragedy and you felt there was someone

guiding you through it? Was it when you were in the depths of despair and you felt

the angels lift you out of the darkness?


Inspired Listening: Angel Messages by Lillian Eden:

Inspired Online Reading: Three Types of Angels are with You-Doreen Virtue

Angel Healer.



Inspired Angel Books to Read:


Angel Music to Guide You through Your Day:


Angel Inspired Art Project: Link on Pinterest:


art angel

Bedtime Meditation: Guardian Angels with Jason Stephenson:


Peace, Love & Namaste