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Day Fifteen: Climbing out of the Abyss: Dealing with a Depressed Soul


They say “What Goes Up, Must Come Down.” As it stands I am living proof

of this, as are many of my fellow human beings. I think we all have moments

that could qualify within the depressive range.

But, the thing we all strive for, all of us, universally, is Happiness.

That sometimes tangible emotion that we wish we could bottle up

and save to use again and again at will.

What if we were to embrace this darkness and use it as a vehicle for

evolution within ourselves.

Approaching my depression this time, the symptoms looked

familiar and they tried to pull me into their vortex. They still try, but I

have put on my armor and I am attacking them at the entrance to my

fragile soul. Could depression be our souls way of communicating that

we need to simplify, step back and cocoon ourselves in safety for awhile?

Since going on leave I have realized that I need to be in solitude in order

to recover myself. I am starting to see moments of brightness shine

through the dark gaps in my mind. I am able to find moments where

I truly connect with my family after so many years of just shutting

down and being an empty shell when I get home at the end of the day.

My body is softening, rather than seizing violently all day long. My soul

is receiving key messages that lay hidden from awareness for so long.

This time, I have the insight to realize I am in complete

control of my thoughts and how I deal with them.

In order to conquer depression I feel we need to pull from all sorts

of resources and offerings. Medication can be key but it cannot be

the solitary band-aid solution. It must be mixed with more holistic

therapies, self-care, excellent nourishment of the trifecta

(body, mind & soul), support from loved ones and a re-connection

to nature and spirit. If you know someone is depressed please

understand that telling them that “you’re lazy, why don’t you just

pull yourself out of it?, “aren’t the meds. working?” are detrimental

comments that just reinforce the individuals already self deprecating

sense of self worth. These lost souls need love, support , hope and

optimism as much as a cancer patient needs chemotherapy. Their

illness is as life threatening and as serious so please consider how

you make them feel.

“Only from extreme darkness can brilliant light emerge.”-E.Lutze

depression (1)

Our focus today will be on how to overcome depression at a spiritual level.


When you wake up this morning think of as many things as you can that

provide you with hope and light.


Morning Meditation:


Today’s journal entry is based on the philosophy behind Solution

Focused Therapy. This is a therapeutic technique that allows the

client to visualize a time in their life when they could achieve the

selected emotional state. They discover how they achieved it and

use those same techniques to achieve it once again.


Journal Entry: Write about what you think led to your feelings of

unease and depression. Are you able to let go of that situation,

person or the things that led you there? When was the last time

you felt happy? What was different then? What is the answer to

your miracle question?

Below is a video that outlines the main “miracle question” clients

answer in that form of therapy.


Another video by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep): 10 Reasons 

Your Depressed.


Music that makes you happy! Today we will combine physical activity with

this playlist. Dance, however you would like to some of these songs. If you are

not alone, dance with a loved one.


Inspired Reading:dalai happiness

Inspired Viewing and Listening: The Dalai Lama speaks about “The Art of Happiness”


ART THERAPY: http://www.cathymalchiodi.com/2012/11/15/the-six-degrees-of-positivity-art-therapy-happiness-project/


Quick Meditation: A Pick Me Up Meditation to Guide You Through the Dark.


Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love, Happiness & Namaste