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Day Thirty-Three: “Hug Me, Kiss Me, Love Me”-The Healing Power of Touch


Coming from a long genial line of huggers; I feel that incorporating

touch in our daily lives is a necessity. Even in the womb the fetus

is stroked by the mother, the father and loved ones. The fetus

receives the healing, energizing power of touch and becomes

dependent on it. When the newborn emerges from the mother

she/he is placed directly onto the mother to decrease the trauma

of the birthing process. A fluid directive for babies from all over

the globe is to hold them close to our skin, our hearts for a

majority of the day so they can bond with us. All of the touch a

baby receives is the blueprint for how the child will adjust to

life and relationships later on. There are miraculous stories of

babies who were not expected to live, but were given 24 hour

healing touch and ended up not only surviving but thriving.

Since childhood I followed in the footsteps of my mother and

am remembered as a “very loving child, always hugging everyone”;

I must have always has an innate sense that by hugging others,

in some sense I could help them. When I was blessed with children,

they would get hurt and I would hold my hands upon the ‘booboo’

and try to mentally pull the pain out of them and put it into me.

When people got hurt in front of me I would wince and feel the pain.

if someone was experiencing severe pain while in my vicinity I

would feel it and have to distance myself.

It wasn’t until about ten years ago that I was introduced to Healing

Touch or Reiki. I had been in a car accident when I was 16 weeks

pregnant with my daughter. After her birth I suddenly lost a majority

of the feeling in my right side. For one month I had trouble using

that side of my body and I had a battery of tests to try and

diagnose the problem. Nothing was found.

My friend suggested I go to a woman named Sister Leah-

a former nun who now performed Reiki free of charge in her

tiny downtown apartment. I went to her with reluctance.

I brought her an offering of brilliant purple lilies and placed

them in her very slim hands. She wore a navy scarf on her head

and a loose fitting long sleeved navy dress. She sat me down

on a wooden chair and began to ask general questions. As

I answered she leafed through a homemade binder with pages

of sketched bodies with scrawled hand-writing beside them.

She would look at the page and then ask me to relax while

she moved her hands over top of my body. She never made

contact but was close enough for me to feel her energy. I

wondered why I didn’t miraculously heal right there in the

apartment. I thanked her and left still in the same condition.

Tears rolled down my face as we drove away and my husband

and I sat silently. When we’d been home for several hours I

began to feel my strength come back in the right side of my body.

I returned almost immediately. That was the day I realized

that anything was possible when it came to healing.

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Journal Entry: Think of a time when you were feeling low,

or someone else was hurting mentally, emotionally or physically and you/they

either held them/you, held their/your hands or just put a hand on their/your

shoulder-what did you feel when this occurred?


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Much Love, Peace & Namaste