Twenty-Nine: Terry’s Guide to The Galaxy-Falling in Love with the Universe


The Facebook Group-Collective Evolution released a video that

rocked my world and beyond. It was taken by NASA and showed

the largest image they had ever taken of The Andromeda Galaxy.

It was not only breathtaking but I couldn’t help but feel like a

minuscule speck in the cosmic world. There is so much out there that

we know so little about. I fell in love with my husband Terry for

many reasons, but one of them was his love of Astronomy. He had

a telescope that would travel with us on road trips like an old

campfire guitar. When driving along a desolate highway after a

day of hiking in the mountains he would pull over on some tiny

makeshift driveway-he would set up his scope and show me

the map of the sky. Calling out the constellations and focusing in

on the stars and galaxies. On a spectacularly special date on the

stellar calendar we would head out to a farmers field in the dark of the

night and lay down on the hood of his car and stargaze. Poetically

our love child was conceived under the harvest moon. We now

share these loves with our two children. It is a miraculous world out

there with so much majestic energy and mystery. Like a book that

has yet to reveal all of its stories.


Today’s focus is a celebration of the universe beyond.


Morning Meditation: The Honest Guys-Healing Power of the Universe


Journal Entry: What is your relationship with the universe?

What do you imagine is beyond our earth?


Gigapixels of Andromeda 4X-Largest Image Released by NASA


Nine Incredible Images of the Universe


Full Length Free History Channel Documentary 


Another Gorgeous Collection of Images on Pinterest:


COSMOS-A Televison Show based on The Universe


One of the best books for aquainting yourself with the Universe


Evening Meditation: You are the Universe-Kwan Yin

Embrace Your Universe

Peace, Love & Namaste


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