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Day Forty-One: Mending Buried Scars-Reconnecting with Your Inner Child


When I was fourteen I experienced my first psychoanalysis by

a very frail looking middle aged man. As I cheerily spoke to him

about all of the trauma I experienced in my childhood; he could

see through the ‘grocery list’ recitation of the events of my

childhood and tried to break through the formerly impenetrable

facade that I had carefully built up with the bricks and mortar of

escape. Along with a prescription for prozac he asked me to purchase

a journal and complete the following homework assignment (by the

way-this will be today’s entry ;)) Write whatever comes to your

mind using the hand that you typically do not write with. See 

what it is that comes out. As per usual I waited until mere hours

before my next appointment with said Dr. to complete my homework;

a task I avoided because I was afraid of catching a glimpse of my

deeply scarred little girl within. With hesitation I opened my journal

and placed the pen awkwardly in my passive left hand. The barely

legible scrawl that came out on the page was the scrawl of a deeply

troubled little girl. I sobbed as the violent words appeared on the

page-possessed by the darkness that consumed that unhealed

little one. After I wrote it I read what I wrote-the pain that had been

unleashed was palpable.

What came after that was years of necessary, intense and varied

therapy. That was the day I realized that my life would always be

segmented until I healed what was broken within.

How is a soul supposed to evolve unless the scars are treated

and heal. It may seem as though we are opening wounds to

get there, but really these wounds never did heal-they just

got buried by the debris of our fast-paced lives.

I have to be honest; I have neglected my inner child directly

and without meaning to for many years so I was trepidatious

about doing the inner child meditations below.

During the meditations I came face to face with myself as a

seven year old child. Seeing her again was painful but

necessary. I did’t know if I had enough to offer her; but

I realized that she needed me and I put my stresses aside and

just held her-saying nothing.

Doing these meditations verified one thing I have been

coming to terms with; we can attain happiness but there

will always be challenges to try and overcome. Life is about

ying/yang; dark/light; good/bad…


Through the darkness we conquer, the more visible and

satisfying the light that penetrates. 


Today’s focus is on reconnecting and nurturing your

inner child; in doing this you have the opportunity to

heal the wounds that keep you from moving forward.


Journal Entry-Accessing your Inner Child: 

Write whatever comes to your mind using the hand that you typically

do not write with. See what it is that comes out. 


Morning Meditation:


One Hour Physical Activity: Spend this time doing something

you loved as a child.

Inspiring Talk-TED Talk-Hold Onto Your Inner Child

Short Film that Is About Inner Child Dreaming


Healing Affirmations for your Inner Child

Inspired & Healing Reading-Reconciliation


Link to a Preview of the Book


Evening Meditation: Inner Child

May You Reconnect & Heal Your Inner Child

Much Love, Peace & Namaste Em