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Day Forty-Eight: Lesson 4-Visuddha/The Throat Chakra-There’s Power in Speaking Your Truth


Have you ever felt like you are holding your tongue more often than

you are speaking your truth? Yes there is honor in silence as the

great sages tell us. We try to be humble and kind and there is a 

sense that by saying nothing we are taking the higher ground. But

if we are silent for the wrong reasons it can be a slow and torturous

way to exist in your world. The more you hold your tongue the more

the words build up and then they reach the peek of resentment and

come tumbling down the mountain of truth. There is strength in

speaking your truth-even if the listeners of your truth may disagree.

If you are in a healthy relationship you should be able to say absolutely

anything that is on your mind (other than those nasty little hormonal

thoughts or the daggers that creep out after a shitty day). An unhealthy

relationship is one where you are constantly screening your inner script

and only saying what your co-partner would like to hear.

The key in speaking your truth can be to ensure that what you are saying

comes from a place of sincerity and honor. The last thing you want is to

leave a collaboration with someone only to beat yourself up for not

releasing those little gems or ideas or for not saying something that

maybe didn’t compliment the other person’s discourse. 

If you feel silenced in a relationship you may want to consider letting

it go, or if it is one you will not let go of, redefine your role with that

person by coming right out and saying what is unbalanced in that



Morning Meditation:



Winter Trees at Sunset

Some information about the Throat Chakra:


Throat Chakra Music 


Journal Entry:- As you listen to the Throat Chakra Music create your

own journal page resembling the image above. Draw and make connections to 

your symptoms as well as what you can do to heal them. 


Create Seven Positive Affirmations relating to speaking your truth.


Yoga for the Throat Chakra

Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em