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Day Forty-Six: Lesson 2-Sahasrara-Introducing the Crown Chakra


Ever since childhood I have felt the pain of others and any living being. Luckily

and sometimes unluckily I have a son who experiences the world the same way.

My connection with Buddhism stems from this powerful empathy and compassion

for others, not matter how small or seemingly insignificant. The sense that radiates

from an open crown chakra is this feeling of connection with others. It can be a

tremendous gift but can also cause challenges; there is a large element of sacrifice

that goes along with deeply loving others. My son wept in the park beside our home

when he was five when some other children tore branches off the tree. The depth

of his love for nature caused this innate reaction of pain for the tree.

This chakra also is connected physically to the head, brain and nervous system.

Have you ever felt that you are connected to everything around you? That

there are cosmic connections and beautiful coincidences that aren’t necessarily

coincidences but messages that are laid out for you to witness and experience?

If you are awake to the spiritual goings on in your world and the universe your

connection to this chakra is strong. If you feel disconnected from it; maybe

this is a sign that you need to slow down the pace of your life so you can

feel more balanced.

The crown chakra is also connected to your relationship with your biological

father and your ‘source’. If you have a disconnected relationship with your

father you may notice that the crown has an imbalance and is in need of



Today’s focus will be on learning and healing the crown chakra.


Journal Entry: How compassionate and empathetic are you? 

How does this serve you in your world? What could you do to

balance or intensify this skill.

Fun & Upbeat Morning Meditation-Love This!-Full Chakra Chanting



More incredible music by Sheila Chandra-Her Album Nada Brahma


Information about the Crown Chakra



Crown Chakra Healing


35 Minutes of Kundalini Yoga-Intense and Connects us to the Source

Evening Mediation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em