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Day Forty-Do You Have the Force?-Star Wars as a Spiritual Playbook of the Universe and Beyond


After introducing ourselves to one another in my Reiki Level II class;

our lovely, soft spoken Reiki Master shared that we would be learning to

give distance healing to others and have the ability to use Reiki to heal

past and future experiences. In the Art of Japanese Usui Reiki Healing

Rei means-Universal/Spiritual Wisdom and Ki-means-The Life Energy.

Now Reiki is not a religious art it is a universal healing and scientific

art where the chakras become cleansed and can be aligned by therapeutic

touch. The healing “love” energy is pure and can be passed from the

practitioner to the patient even when the hands are not directly

on the body.

After learning of the new distant healing techniques our classroom

was a buzz with excitement and I said-“Wow, we really do have the

force.” A discussion in-sued and a former student now fellow student

of Reiki said he believed that Star Wars was a very Spiritual Saga

and that the undertones contained very strong and universal messages.

Of course; as coincidence or the source would have it my family had

been watching all of the films in the series over the past months-in

order and I had perceived the films from a more grounded and

spiritually connected place. I made the decision to research and

explore these connections for the this epic day 40; so while we were

watching Star Wars III yesterday I fervently scrawled down all of the

connections I witnessed throughout the film. Did George Lucas have

some connection spiritually to the story he weaved; one of the most

memorable film series that moulded people of all ages around the

globe. What was it about the series that sparked all people-from atheists

to the most devout Christians (there is a following of Christians online).

Was it the sizably epic battle between good and evil? The mystical nature

of The Force (both dark and light)? Was it the personal journey of the

characters that appealed to people? How trauma could cause someone to

become innately evil (Anni-Darth) or impenetrably heroic (Luke/Yoda/Obi Wan).

In some of the interviews that follow, George Lucas confirms the idea of

a universally spiritual undertone and message. Since he called this “The Force”

and did not make references to “God” or “Allah” or “Buddha”-he initiated

a meaningful viewing experience that focused on a desire for the innately good

(the Light Side of the Force) to prevail. Now any religion could interpret Star

Wars and make it fit their religious terminology. That was the point-George

Lucas wanted to be able to have audiences all over the globe-receive and

connect to the humanity within the films. He says in the interview below

that he left the films open to interpretation but embedded messages and

experiences that could move and connect all people no matter what their

religious affiliation or cultural norm. When Luke went to the forest to learn

from his master he was experiencing a vision quest-which is a shamanic

journey that Native Americans have gone on for centuries to connect with

their spiritual side.


If I compare “The Force” to living life as a very empathic and connected

person I can see the connections to both the light and dark side. I am

able to sense the innate goodness and light in people and can also

feel the darkness and penetrative negativity that oozes out of

psychic vampires (evil people). I try so very hard to not let the

darkness consume me but this is a skill I am still learning to deflect.

The gift of Reiki (my Force) has begun to give me the tools to protect

and heal my energy so that it is not hunted by others or if they do

penetrate the veil I can reconstruct myself and balance my energy

once again.

It is wonderful to have my eyes opened once again-the debris is

beginning to clear and I hope that I may keep the force with me.

“May the Force be With You Brothers and Sisters!”