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Day Forty-Five: Lesson 1-Healing A Broken Spirit-Caring for Your Heart Chakra

A dear friend of mine who had risen like a phoenix from very challenging

personal circumstances invited me to join her in taking the Reiki Level

One course. It just so happened that it fell a mere two days after I

went on my medical leave. Coincidence? Divine Intervention? I

was really at my lowest point and sitting in a room healing and being

healed sounded very daunting to me. I had nothing but fumes left

and couldn’t imagine how I could get through eight hours of lessons

without crying frequently and crumbling up into shards in the corner

of the room. How could I muster up enough strength to share myself

with a room full of strangers.

I urged myself to go; without knowing what path I would take and

it was the perfect choice. The first level of Reiki focuses on balancing

your own spiritual energies and also how to protect yourself, emphatically

from negative energy.

It was obvious to my colleagues that I was depleted and I spoke not

why or how-they knew not to ask. I was unable to even share as I

knew I would break out in tears-baring my soul to all.

The reiki master and I worked as partners and when she was

done-she looked straight into my eyes after the treatment and

said-“Oh Em; your heart chakra is broken and weak.” I was not

surprised, not at all. This awareness allowed me to focus my reikie95d7508204f05308d370fa16b347eed

treatments on the heart chakra; and now it is months later and

I am still feeling I need to focus much of my energy there.

If all of your chakras are not balanced you will notice a feeling

of imbalance and intuitively you will have an awareness of where.

Today’s focus is on raising awareness and educating¬†

ourselves on the function of the heart chakra-for the next several

days we will become introduced to each of the chakras.

Morning Meditation:

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Journal Entry: Are you feeling any of these signs? Write about

what experiences in your life could have caused this imbalance.


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Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste