Day Sixty-“Healing to the Beat of Your Own Drummer”-The Power of Music


Imagine if your entire life was set to music. The intensity of emotions is represented

even further by the film scores that are carefully selected to go along with great movies.

Songs can represent a myriad of human connections-a time; a place; a moment; a person;

an event…Imagine a world with no music…

You don’t need technology or even instruments to create beautiful music-we all

have the innate ability to sing, hum or rap out a beat-a gift we are all born with.

Nature composes millions of intricate soundscapes every single day. Babies beat

out a rhythm as soon as they develop their dexterity using pots, pans and wooden


Music can lift our spirits when we are broken; intensify moments of unadulterated

joy and happiness; move our souls to dance; cheer us on a rainy day; allow us to

grovel in our pain for a little while…

From premature babies, to the elderly, music therapy has been on the rise as its

effects are obvious and indisputable. There are documented cases of people

coming out of mental comas’, healing from illnesses, being set free all in the

name of music.

Cultures are defined by the music that is carried on over generations and

generations-this music bonds the community.

Personally I know that the days I have music guiding me through my day are

the best ones; I also know that when I pick up my guitar or sit at the piano

and create music my soul is comforted and proud. This weekend my husband

and I played music with our friend and for four hours we played until we

collapsed from exhaustion-the mojo was electric and the music was kinetic.


Today’s focus is on the healing power of music.


Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry/Activity: Make a timeline of significant events in your life

and then think of a song that compliments that event-Listen to each of the songs

while you reminisce.


The Healing Power of Music-Robin Spielberg

Modern Yoga Playlists-Chillout Music

Evening Meditation:

SHX2150.TIFPeace, Love & Namaste Emmusic02

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