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Day Seventy-Three: How Understanding Past Lives Helps Us Make Sense of Experiences of Today


I walked up to the door of the rickety house from a century past and

grasped the rusted brass door knocker and tapped gently on the 

paint peeled wooden door-once beautiful, now clinging onto life.

A typical looking older woman, dressed in the conservative attire of

an older woman-polyester pants and short, brittle grey hair opened

the door…out wafted the smell of stewed cabbage…The house

was dimly lit as she led me through the top floor and down to

an even duskier basement level. She opened the door to a room

that, in it’s past life had been a home-based beauty salon. The 

shelves were still lined with vintage beauty products from ages

past, covered in a thick film of dust…She said to me with a distinctive

Ukrainian accent: “Oh dear Emily, Jill told me you were coming for

a session today, please have a seat in the chair behind you.”

I boosted myself slightly up so I could comfortably get established

on the squeaky leather salon chair with it’s hairdryer still intact and

hanging loosely behind my head. She asked me how long I had been

wearing my only piece of jewelry-my mom and dad’s understated 

solitary diamond ring-I responded with a few years.She said

that that was long enough to obtain the information she required. 

She asked that I remove it and pass it to her, which I did.

She held the ring in her right palm and closed her eyes as she grasped

my left hand. After some moments her body started to gently jerk. 

She proceeded to tell me that I had lived numerous

lives and that this life was my last earthbound life and that I will

learn all of the lessons I am required to learn before returning to 

the other side to stay. She then described all of the roles that I played in

the delicate play of life: An aboriginal medicine woman, a chef in China,

a child soldier in Africa, a nanny in France, a young Buddhist monk…

All of the passions and deep loves of my life started to become clearer

to me after hearing her offerings. I always had deep connections to these

cultures. For example-my pull to Buddhism when I rediscovered it was 

unfounded and so deep-it felt like I had found a long lost friend…Similarly

when I hear African music I feel like I am home. The half an hour I spent

in that wise woman’s basement transformed my thinking. It was as though

she put all the pieces of my deepest longings and skills together-

allowing me to see that the lives I previously lived continued to resonate today.

I also feel that since that time 20 years ago in her basement the 

experiences I have had in this life have been easier to navigate- and

more purposeful-especially the most challenging and tragic ones-

having been armed with the knowledge that in this last life I have

earthbound I need to learn all that I must as a person in order to

become established on the other side when I am done here.

There are a couple more awesome things that I have enjoyed

contemplating when pondering the idea of past lives and that

is that you can meet up with people in this life again that

you have known from other lives-like past loves and family.

Have you ever met someone and felt such a deep connection to

them that you know you have loved them before?

Another is skills that you are amazing at so quickly that it 

can’t possibly be that you haven’t come into this life already

armed with those innate skills. I could go on and on about the

magic of past lives and the endless possibilities on how believing in

them can enrich your life-but I will spare you an entry that babbles

on too long. Below you’ll find some other perspectives that give

you something to think about.



Journal Entry: What connections do you have today that run so deep

you feel they couldn’t be solely from this life? How can you integrate

those things more into your life today? What people in your life have you

met and felt such a deep connection to that you feel you must have known

them before? Are you comfortable having a conversation with them to 

see if they feel the same?


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Evening Meditation

Peace, Love & Namaste Em