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Day Fifty-Seven: “Water is Life”:The Magical Power of Hydration


When I was working twelve hour days and trying to scrape together some excess energy

to also care for my young family; nurture friendships; clean and organize my home…Drinking

definitely fell to the wayside. Drinking the entire contents of my water bottle in a day was

a rare and pitiful attempt at trying to remember to stay hydrated. Another blatant sign that

my ability to conduct a self care ritual was pathetic at best.

Now, as I heal I recognize when I am starting to feel dehydrated and I go out of my way to

stop, fill and drink a nice big glass of water with a slice of lemon.

My friend Erin and I did a casual run to Starbucks the other day and I was feeling pretty

parched-she suggested a cool lime refresher and said how hydrated she felt when she

drank them. I gave it a try and I sipped up the liquid soul fluid-as I sipped the minty,

fluid with a hint of lime I felt like a wave of energy was surging through my body.

Erin’s suggestion would ignite a new self care ritual-making a pitcher of cool lime

refresher that I would make ahead and drink throughout the day until the pitcher

ran dry. This insurance would allow me to gauge the amount of fluid I took in

during the day-plus; I would get that body burst that the cool lime minty delight

would promise.

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Here is my recipe for homemade lime mint refresher-it is pretty darn close and slightly

more organic then the Starbucks version:

What you’ll need-several limes-(you can add lemons/mandarin too) fresh mint leaves

two tablespoons of cane sugar, water of course.

Here’s how you do it!

Boil a full teapot of water-pour in a heat resistant jug-stir in the sugar;

place jug in the fridge to cool completely (3 hours). Add the juice of 3 limes

(or any combination of your citrus), stir in 3 large mint sprigs-smash them

with a potato smasher to release the mint. Now it’s ready to drink-the longer

it sits in the fridge the stronger the flavor-Strain when you drink!!! Enjoy!


Morning Meditation:

s140203 Drinking more water and my blue tea cup

Journal Entry: Try and think about how you feel when you are dehydrated.

What do you feel like when you are lacking hydration? When you take a drink

what do you notice happens to you? This week make a real effort to drink at

least the full pitcher of water each day and then reflect on the changes you

see. (P.S. Drinking fluids also helps speed the metabolism!)


Healthy Body Bollywood Workout!

Evening Mediation


Peace, Love & Namaste-Stay Hydrated Em