Day Sixty-One: “You Just Have To Try”-Letting the Fear Go for Your Greater Good

After fifteen years of wishin’, hoping, trying and using the law of attraction by

starting a collection of tiny versons, my 1973 VW Camper Van materialized on a for sale by

owner site. It was being held for a man that wanted to transform it into a

ice cream van; but eventually, with much persistence and many, many texts

proving my worthiness; the owner told me it was mine. That is what happens

when you have patience with your dreams. In the past several weeks; after

many months of fear-I began ripping out the fifty plus year old pieces from the van

to rejuvenate and revive them. Once the process began I couldn’t stop taking the

van apart and beautifying it one piece at a time. I have never even taken so

much as a seat belt out of a vehicle and now I am at least 3/4 of the way through

a complete interior restoration. It is the most exhilarating feeling I have ever

had-I feel so much pride as each piece becomes transformed from tired and

rough to beautiful and at it’s utmost potential.

People have come to my house and said-“you’re so creative, how do you know

how to do all these things?” My answer is always that they too can do it. All

you need to learn how to do anything is:

a. A library card  (or Google/Youtube)

b. to let go of the fear that you may fail (you can always try again)

c. the vision (it will guide you and inspire you).

F.Y.I.: Growing up with no television also led me to learning new things

as I had to fill my time with something to amuse myself as a child.

Inside of you there is a tiny creative voice that is just waiting to be

heard-listen carefully.

Don’t confuse art with creativity-you can be creative at anything;

speaking; communication; culinary skillls; planning a party; dressing…

the list goes on and on and on.

If  I was afraid of trying new things, about 90% of the things I have

accomplished in my life would not exist. If I really think about that

I can’t imagine my life without trying-I imagine it would be devoid of

both colour and passion…


Journal Entry: Think about your life and try to remember things you

passionately wanted to try but were to afraid to. What was something

you put off out of fear for a long time and then  jumped into feet first?

How did that make you feel? Was there a chain reaction afterwards?

Think about a time when you tried something and felt you failed (there

is no such thing as failure-just learning ;))-did that impact your ability

to try other things? Make a list of 20 things you’ve always wanted to

do and start checking them off!!!


Morning Meditation:


Tiny Buddha Article: Let go of Fear by Stopping the Stories in Your Head

download (1)

(My second time posting this ;)-The first 20 Hours-Trying New Things


Evening Meditation:


Peace, (Try) Love & Namaste Em 

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