Day One: Something to Behold!

OK, my fellow givers. At first this may feel very strange. Most of us in this

fast paced world can’t imagine having time to do anything extra, much less

something that is so-called ‘frivolous’ or ‘selfish’. But, if we really analyze life

can we afford to not partake in experiences every single day that enrich our

very souls? The following are suggestions; use one or many-it is entirely up

to you….

Enjoy the Moments Spent with Yourself.



10 Minute Morning Meditation-Mantra Malta-Youtube:

25 Minutes of Calming Exercise-Energizing Morning Sequence Yoga with Adrienne-Youtube

A Great Spiritual Read:

“How to Practice: The Meaningful Way of Life” By: His Holiness the Dalai Lama”

A Very Spiritually Hip, Awesome Artist-I had the opportunity to experience his live music

while his wife taught myself and hundreds of close, fellow yogi’s communal yoga at The Yoga

Bloom Conference. MC Yogi-Here is a link to a fabulous and inspired playlist:

A Journal Prompt: Taken from Spiritual Boosters-365 Journal Writing Ideas

“What is Your Idea of a Perfect Day”

A Creative Project for the Day-Learn to Draw Zentangle Doodles-Stamplistic-Youtube

Support Line-Call a friend that has always made you feel like your true self.

Life Enriching Activity: Clear out a small shelf and create a personal alter-with objects you

adore and that are close to your heart-add candles, incense or a small vase of flowers/plant.

Here are some tips from The Chopra Centre:

And, Finally…An Evening Meditation-This one, by Jason Stephenson is my personal favorite:

Namaste, Peace & Love


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