This Is How We Do It Peeps!

One each day of our journey I will outline the following things:

A Morning Mediation/Affirmations

A Half Hour Session of Calming Exercise

A Good Read or Film Suggestion

An Inspirational Song or Artist

A Journal Prompt

A Creative Outlet Project Idea

A Support Line Suggestion

A Self Care Suggestion

An Idea on Enriching Your Life

An Evening Meditation

Depending on how busy your schedule is you may only have the opportunity to

pick one or two of the suggestions, but my hope is that you will learn what

I was almost too late to learn…

A: You are worth it!

B: You are better when you fill your bucket! (The wise words of my ten year old)

C: You always have time for yourself. (Yes-it will piss people off-that is something you

will soon learn to get used to-as a people pleaser, this was a tough one for me)

D: Life is about living, not racing around, multi-tasking and trying to be a superhero.

Here Goes Nothing My Fellow Human Beings…

Peace, Love & Namaste

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