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Day Six: Life as a Seriously Sensitive Empath

Since childhood I have been a very sensitive and empathic soul.

When someone in my vicinity hurt I felt the sting of their pain within

myself. This sensitivity and ability to feel both the joy and pain

of others has been both an unbelievable gift and a wicked curse.

My work with high risk children and youth has been enhanced by this

part of myself, but it also makes this work very exhausting and hard

to release at the end of the day. I reach the point where I need to

isolate myself from the consistent buzz of others in order to recover

from the overwhelming intensity of these empathic energies that

constantly penetrate my soul. I rely on morning and evening

meditations to prepare me and release these experiences.

When I confide in friends about the challenge of living life as

an empath, they suggest blocking these energies and letting

go; I still have yet to learn how and wonder if this is the answer.

If this is the gift which I believe it to be, I need to continue to

embrace this gift, but in doing this, learn to navigate life with

it in a more balanced, less vulnerable direction.

How do you know you’re an empath?

Take this test to find out how empathic you are?


If you are very empathic there are resources on the test page that

you can utilize such as this grounding book:


There are also some recommended reading resources here:


When you wake up this morning think about the events of 

your day. Is there a point in your day where you can get out

in nature? If so make an effort to do this. Nature has a way of

rejuvenating any energies you may have lost throughout the day.

If you are able to be by a body of water, water is the most healing

tool for empaths.

California 2011 074

Morning Meditation: Youtube: Reiki Light: Guided Meditation-Psychic

Empath Empowerment Protection Boundaries


Another great daily morning mediation for Empaths: By Melanie Robinson is:


Inspirational, Informational Video: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep): How to Protect

Yourself as an Empath. He is a very charismatic, spiritual speaker and has many

insightful videos on Youtube.


30 Physical Activity: Play in the water:

Swim, float, canoe, kayak, walk along the beach, collect seashells,

sit and mediate, go to the river bank and skip rocks, ice skate, build

a sand sculpture…

California 2011 027

Journal Entry: Consider what ‘lifts your spirit’, make a list of activities, items,

events, people ect. that connect you to your true self. Try to do at least 5 today.

Create: A Spirit Board: 

You’ll Need: A Canvas, Modge Podge, a number of various sized paint brushes, several colours of paint-(pick colours your drawn to).

Find, save and print or clip out of magazines images of things that entice your spirit and authentic self. You can also find quotes. Pinterest is a great site to find inspiration.

layered collage

Here is a link to my Sensitive Souls Journal on Pinterest:


1. Paint an abstract image on your canvas using whatever colours peak

your interest.

2. Modge Podge on the quotes, phrases, images that uplift your spirit.

3. Do a final coat of modge podge over the entire surface-this will protect your artwork.


Today’s Musical Inspiration focuses on balancing the spirit, mind and body.

Play while at work to alleviate stress and keep you grounded.

Youtube: Colourful Moon: 1 Hour of Zen Music



Our Evening Meditation again, focuses on releasing any

pent up stress that we have mirrored or received from others.

Youtube: Nature and Yoga: Om Chanting Healing Energy Meditation



Peace, Love and Namaste