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Day Three: Better Late than Never!

Hi Everyone: I apologize for the delayed post.

Hopefully by now you’ve had some time to care for

yourself. It is the holiday season and my family has

been fighting the flu, performing in Christmas festivities,

decking the halls, shopping, wrapping…Even, through all

of this I am trying to remind myself to stop, assess the

situation…”am I dehydrated?-“O.K.-“have a drink of

water”…”when was the last time I ate?”-“O.K.-grab

something healthy, or stop to make a healthy meal for

me and the family.”…”there is that pain in the chest-uh oh!”-

“Slow down, do some Reiki…Breathe…”

“Keep the shades on while walking through the crowds.”

But the most common question I ask myself is-

“Is this something that has to be done right now?”

The answer is always the same. “Not really.”

Since it’s the Holiday Season, my Spiritual Ideas will be centered on
Getting into the Holiday Spirit.

Instead of jumping out of bed this morning-open your eyes and

breathe deeply…think of ten things that you are grateful for today.

Here is this morning’s meditation.

Meditation and Health-Youtube-“Morning Meditation with the Angels”


Journal Entry:

Stream of Conscious Writing Exercise: Free-write for 20 minutes

about the most memorable holiday moment in your life. Now 

try and imagine how you can re-create that moment this holiday


For your thirty minutes of physical activity-Go Toboganning…

and if you no longer have a toboggan-a piece of cardboard works

great too.

Holiday Recipe: My friend came over with her kids and we made

these gingerbread cookies-more got eaten than decorated… The

house smelt delicious and we listened to Christmas tunes as well.


Below is Nat King Cole’s Christmas Album-posted by Candy Full-Youtube


A phenomenal and moving holiday movie is “Love Actually”. Snuggle

up with a loved one, friend or pet, snarf down some of those cookies,

apple cider, hot chocolate and don’t forget the kleenex-it is a tear-jerker.

Here is a link to the trailer-it is available on Netflix:


An author who has inspired me through the darkness and the light

Maya Angelou. Here is an inspiring video of her reading her Christmas Poem

about Peace on The Today Show:


Finally, this evening allow yourself sometime to heal with this

beautiful meditation by renowned author, card creator and spiritual 

woman Doreen Virtue.

Here is our evening meditation: Angel Therapy for Healing by Doreen Virtue:


Much Love,

Peace & Love