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Day Eighty-One: Mother Natures Gems-Lesson Three-Holistic Therapy Series-Crystal Healing

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Free Printable Chart Outlining Healing Properties of Stones and Crystals


My personal connection with stones has been a positive one. I have

actively sourced stones to assist me with balance or healing at certain

times in my life. When my sister passed I wore a grey agate necklace

and continue to wear it on days where I need extra strength or to

help me ease my worries. Just having it against my skin soothes


Much like all of the other therapeutic techniques we’ve been discussing over

the 90 day journey; crystal healing is meant to compliment and enhance other

therapeutic remedies. Crystals have been around since the dawn of time and

have been used by cultures all over the world before ‘modern’ forms of

treatment were used. They continue to be used by those who have a

deep knowledge and understanding of the miraculous nature of

their powerful healing qualities.

There is a stereotype that only gypsies or free loving hippies believe in the

‘voodoo’ of crystal therapy-but there are scientific reasons why crystals,

along with stones, herbs, oils, foods and many other miraculous bounties

sourced from the earth have incredible healing qualities.

Crystal Healing is still fairly new to me; but something I am anxious and

excited to explore further as a Reiki practitioner. In the future my hope is

to integrate crystals that activate and balance the chakras to enhance

my reiki sessions with clients.

Crystals can be used to aid in the healing of a wide array of ailments

such as; insomnia, mental health imbalances, headaches, lack of

libido etc…


This Link has an Incredible Amount of Information

on the subject of Crystal Healing if you want to delve deeper:



Morning Meditation: 

Journal Entry: Review how you have been feeling and record any

imbalances that you have been noticing. Now refer to the crystal

healing website above and record any of the crystals that you feel

may be useful to you now. Seek out a New Age store or the online

resources for crystals below and add them to your therapeutic

toolkit. Record the effectiveness of the crystals.


 Crystal Age TV of Youtube has Informative Videos 


Crystal Bowls Meditation

How to Sense Crystal Energy?



Tibetan Crystal Chakra Meditation-Evening

Peace, Love and Namaste Em

Day Seventy-Two: I Pick Purple! Trashing Gender Roles by Balancing the Divine Masculine & Feminine Within


Just a side-note before I start: Everyday so may titles run through my brain

and I cannot usually purge one so as you can see my titles are epic-ally long!

I was driving home from the city this afternoon and it was finally warm enough

to crank open my windows and let the fresh air in. While driving my sporty little

red Mazda, shifting gears and taking names I turned my radio dial onto a heavy

rock station. I slipped on my rockin’ roll shades and steered the car with one

arm outstretched as I blared Ozzy Osbourne as loud as my car sanctioned stereo

would go without sounding muffled. I was basking in my divine masculine and loving

the power of it. During the trip I pulled over-cracked the hood and poured windsheild

washer fluid-full stream no funnel needed- ready to pounce on any man that tried to

“assist” this feminine looking woman. I felt the power of embracing my inner masculine

energy as I tore all of the seats, flooring and cabinetry out of my 1973 VW Van and

restored it all by myself; and I get that same rush when I sing a Led Zeppelin song with

the guys I jam with.

Women have power and strength-we love to embrace the gritty and raw side of life.

Men have sensitivities and grace and love to soften and embrace the gentle beauty of life.

Our society is becoming more open and receptive to the idea that androgynous thinking-

by that I mean embracing both the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves-will allow

us to achieve more balance and happiness.

The times where little girls were odd if they rocked a short haircut and wore slacks

are improving in Western countries and others as well-though we still have a long

way to go.

Similarly the times where boys were restricted from taking on careers that are

in the nurturing fields is lessening. The more evolved human beings see these

traits as empowering rather than odd and that is progress.

Restrictive thought patterns in general seem to be at least

argued against rather than accepted and conformed to-that too is progress.

If someone chooses to judge anyone that walks outside the lines are they not

the one we should feel sorry for? How terrible would it be to live a life full of

hatred and judgement?

My point is that as human beings we are more balanced when we allow the

gender roles to fall to the wayside and just embrace our ability to just live

and be-be who we chose-wear what we chose-spend our time doing what

we chose whether it is “pink”, “blue” or “purple”.


Morning Meditation for Balancing the Masculine and Feminine


Journal Entry: Think of a time when you were doing something that

allowed you to break through the gender role assigned to you at birth.

How did you feel? Was it uncomfortable-or was it empowering and

liberating. What rules where you brought up making to feel plunged

you deeper into the gender role of assignment? What could you do today,

tomorrow and the next day to rebel against your gender role? Now go

do it! What are you waiting for?


Videos that Explore the Topic Further

Morning Yoga Session for Couples

Evening Meditation


Peace, Love & Namaste-Em

Day Sixty-Nine: “Dream It, Write It, Do It”-Crossing Off Items From Your Bucket List


Have you ever heard of a bucket list? Well if you have yet to hear of

it you are surely in for a pleasant surprise. A bucket list is a list of

experiences you want to have before you die.

While researching the coining of this term I realized that it came

from the term “kicked the bucket’ (a.k.a.-died, croaked etc.)

There are many restrictions in life that make us feel like crossing

items off this list is unrealistic, but is it?

I would view a bucket list as a necessity for truly living one’s

life. What is the point of going through life never feeling the

rush of an intensely thrilling adventure that we have dreamed

of all our lives. Just Do It! as Nike says. What have you to lose?

You have more to lose if you never try.

live-your-list-webMorning Meditation:


Virtual Journal Entry:

Here is a kick ass website that allows you to create a

virtual bucket list with images and ideas to inspire.


img-thing images (2)

A great article on Bucket Lists by my fellow blogger Short Story Long


Evening Meditation


Peace Love & Namaste Em

Day Sixty-Five: How to Stay Humble Without Compromising Your Self Worth


My mother was a fan of humility. She was very religious and in her spiritual

teachings and in life she was trained to be seen and not heard. Lessons

she stressed to me were centered on giving to others and making them

feel special while sacrificing your own needs.

Innately I have always been very uncomfortable when I am complimented.

It is as though my biggest fear is to seem egotistical or appearing to think

I am better than anyone else. My husband recently shared with me that

I actually downgrade myself in front of others too often. This is a tool I

have always used to be accessible to others so that they know I will not

judge them.

The world has confused me; and maybe yourself as well-Buddhist teaching

and all of my spiritual teachings stress the value of maintaining ones ability

to remain humble and how this trait is revered and encouraged.

Admit it we all can’t stand the people who go around bragging about this

and that and how awesome they are. It also drives us crazy when people

around us keep one upping us-like you buy something and then they buy

the same thing but way nicer and more expensive; or multiple numbers

of the one that you got and then proceed to rub salt into your wounds.

Now the key to being a good person, someone who people can value;

is maintaining our value and appreciating compliments, but in a

way that is not aggressive or egotistical. Self deprecation is an extreme

form of humility-and it damages us. You can be humble, kind and loving

and still value your self worth.  How can we do this? By assessing the

way we speak to others about ourselves.


Homework: Do something kind for someone today without them knowing.

Pay attention to how not receiving acknowledgement feels?


Morning Meditation: Humility in the Mountains


Journal Entry: When you are with someone do you feel like you need

to compete or prove something to them? How much of your time are 

you living in an egotistical state? How much of your time are you living

in a humble state? How did you feel after doing your homework?


Humble Forbearance Yoga Routine


Evening Meditation:

Day Sixty-Four: Universal Poetry Within’-The Ancient Poetry of Rumi

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Have you ever felt such an intense connection to something or

someone that you can’t help but feeling a sense of familiarity

when standing in front of that thing or person?

When I first read the Sufi poetry of Rumi I fell in love with

his words and was astounded when I realized these words

came to him organically in 1244. His poems are so

universal and can pass for intense modern poetry because

of their innate and pure simplicity and wisdom.

(Back story time people) My husband and I were in a band

about thirteen years ago; we disbanded after our first child was

born. We had been writing our own songs and the creativity

was kinetic in that group.

In the past six months my husband ran into two of the members

of our band and I heard from the third through Facebook.

Our guitar player has been coming to play ‘our’ music and some

renditions of covers as well-every weekend.

In the weeks leading up to the weekend-mostly in the car-when

I am alone and the radio is not on-songs are coming to me

organically. I have to keep  my smartphone handy so I can

record the songs as they come. When Terry-my hubby-drives

I scrawl the words that are coming out into several notebooks.

In the past few months I have written over 25 complete songs.

They all tell stories-some tragic; some non-sensical-some

intense-some chill. I have been through other difficult times

in my life, but never have I had so much creativity come

flowing out.

In later research I learned that Rumi met his mentor, a dervish,

Shams-E-Tabrizi on Nov.15th, 1244 and became a changed man.

Rumi was so inspired by Shams that when he went missing after

answering the door-Rumi’s bereavement sent him into a state of

such intense grief that he began reciting his lyrical poems


This is when he came upon this belief:

Why should I seek? I am the same as he.

His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for myself.


In retrospect I feel that so many of the most creative people

have come from a place of darkness and that place has

allowed them to see the light more intensely-therefore

allowing them to create such emotionally poignant pieces

of art.


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: read some of Rumi’s poetry and respond in your journal.

Why are you connected to that specific poem? What did you learn about

yourself through the poetry?

Rumi (1)

A Selection of Poetry by Rumi


images (2)

Rumi-The Full Documentary

rumi-rumination-6-seema-sayyidah rumi-rumination-5-seema-sayyidah rumination-of-rumi-3-seema-sayyidah

Playlist of Poetry by Rumi-with Visual Inspiration/Music


If You Feel Compelled to Whirl like a Dirvish here is a video:

Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em