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Day Two: “I Could Get Used to This…”

Now, I hope that you had time to try one or more of the soul enriching activities yesterday.

For your journal entry today I would like you to answer this question:

“How did you feel after completing your first activity that was soulfully for you?”

The morning meditation for today is: “Guided Morning Meditation-By Wayne Dyer”

Posted by: Youtube-Mels Inspiration.


Wayne Dyer was one of the first prolific self help authors that I was introduced

to when I was attending University. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of

changing my thoughts to improve my life. He believes in living our lives in a

state of conscious awareness. Nothing is an accident. All events in our lives

have meaning, we just need to learn to decipher what that meaning is.

Part of this whole way of living and being has to do with the negative thought

patterns that lead us into the darkness. We have the power to change those thoughts.

An amazing book by renowned author: Louise Hay called “I Can Do It!”

was the book that awakened my soul to the practice of positive affirmations.

Here is a link to the audiobook:


Her incredible nurturing voice and teachings enriched my life.

Our Soulful Art Project today is a free art project from Lucy Engelman from Indiefixx.


Our half hour of mindful physical activity is: Tai Chi with Chris Pei


Quote of the Day: “The Best and Most Beautiful Things in the World Cannot Be Seen or Even Touched-They Must Be Felt with the Heart.”-Helen Keller

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf and learned from her teacher, Anne Sullivan how to

communicate with others and live an inspired life.

Our Musical Inspiration today is a Playlist from Songza-“Today’s Female Singer-Songwriters”


Finally, we will end off the day with an evening meditation for Deep Sleep by Pittaa Sarayana-Youtube:


Good Night, Peace & Namaste