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Day Fifty-Five: “Releasing Yourself from Edible Slavery”-A Holistic Guide to Overcoming Food Addictions


Our state of mind really determines our self worth-which in hand seems to reflect

how much control we have over anything in our lives that can damage us. Is this the

key to overcoming addiction? Staying stable and having self worth? Maybe; how then

do we attain and maintain this in a world where we are constantly changing and battling

the opinions of others and life events that try to bring us down.


Throughout this week I will be exploring holistic ways to overcome different types of

addiction. I feel that it is important to overcome addictions without a battery of medications.

If medications are used; I feel that if you don’t change your lifestyle or your state of mind;

eventually the medications will cease to work and old patterns will undoubtedly re-emerge.

Some of us our born addicts-some of us are born able to control ourselves and live a

safe and healthy life of moderation. Personally I have always had a moderately addictive

personality. My early life was very chaotic and unpredictable which is likely why I notice

when something in my life is becoming addictive. How do we know when this happens?

The addictive ‘thing’ starts to control you rather than you controlling it! There is a

perception out there in the world that only negative behaviors can be addictive-but as

we explored yesterday-anything that is controlling you or overtaking you can be categorized

as an addiction.  One year ago my husband and I conquered our long term addiction to

cigarettes-we read a book and that is what allowed us to quit. In the book “The Easy Way

to Quit Smoking” by Allen Carr broke down the brainwashing that we received about what

exactly the cigarettes were doing for us. He called the addiction to cigarettes mental slavery-

after hearing that over and over in his book I told myself-“Hell No-I am not going to let this

dirty little stick hold me as it’s slave!”


My other creepy addiction is to Haagen Daaz ice cream-peanut butter chocolate when I am

hormonal and coffee when I’m not. I know I am doing well in life when I can fight the addiction

to scarf down the icy, creamy deliciousness. I do feel the need to replace it-so I eat yogurt with

some skor bits on it-but it works for me and I lose the extra pounds the addiction has caused.

I know I am not centred and balanced when I can’t stop myself from going repeatedly to the

freezer to get more and more Haagen Daaz until I have uncomfortable creamy burps and I

feel nauseous with the overwhelming sea of dairy that my body is fighting to digest.

Our state of mind really determines our self worth-which in hand seems to reflect how

much control we have over anything in our lives that can damage us.

Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Explore some foods that you feel control you; remember

a time in your life when you were free from these addictions-what did

you do differently then? Write about how you could integrate those

things back into your life.


Interview about Food Addiction with Kaye Sheppard




Teal Swan on Addiction


Food Addiction Cures

1. Drinking plenty of no-calorie beverages throughout the day will help knock the need to eat.

2. One or two glasses of cold water before any meal or snack helps the body feel full more quickly. That will create a weaning effect that will teach the brain to be happy with less food again.

3. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is ideal, but black coffee or unsweetened herbal tea are low calorie alternatives to sugar-filled soda pop or juice.

4. Eating protein with every meal or snack helps balance glucose levels to keep the chemicals in the brain balanced.

5. Combine that technique with only eating during an eight-hour period every day, and freedom from food addiction will come quickly.


Six Symptoms of Food Addiction and  8 Ways to Overcome it


Release Food Addiction with Meditation Video


Evening Meditation:

Peace Love & Namaste Em

Day Fifty-Three: The Plight of the Sensitive Souls-A Guidebook on Navigating this Chaotic World

Since childhood I have been overtly and keenly aware of my surroundings.


Any intense stimuli seemed to effect me dozens of times more extremely

than my fellow human beings. Now, people such as this have also been

labeled empaths, introverts and conversely, babies, dramatic, or silly.

Much of my life I have felt singled out or misunderstood; others would

say I was exaggerating my emotional reactions to certain things. All of

us have very specific and varied personalities and many moments I have

been embarrassed or ashamed of my intense emotions-of which I cannot

hide by the way. I wear my emotions like a beacon in the night; I can’t

deny the way I am feeling at any given moment.

Now the first time I was made aware of Highly Sensitive People-the

diagnosis (HSP), was my first appointment with a very effective psychologist.

After asking me a battery of questions in which all answers were yes,

and after each answer I felt a bit more relieved; she handed me this



I struggle with labels and I hesitate to label myself or others but when

this ‘personality type’ was revealed to me I finally felt like I understood

something more about who I was. Sometimes we need to have someone

to reveal the missing piece of the puzzle so we don’t remain lost in the

abyss of being misunderstood by not only ourselves but others as well.

I am over forty now and I still do not have a grasp on how to live in a

world that seems to be on steroids; but I know I need to learn to adjust

because hibernating in a cocoon does not serve me.

I am looking for the answers. Here is a list of great ideas that are logical

and easy to achieve and implement:




If you fit the bill as a HSP; there are so many positive attributes that we

need to embrace and remember. Please do not beat yourself up about this.

Here is a lovely article “It’s Good to be Sensitive”:




Morning Meditation: Bubble of Protection


Highly Sensitive-The Film


Highly Sensitive Person-Website-Very Informative



Highly Sensitive Souls-Self Test & Test for Children


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Grounding Meditation for Highly Sensitive People

Evening Meditation for Highly Sensitive People:

Peace, Love & Namaste to my Fellow Sensitive Souls-Em