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Day Twelve: Transformative Spirit & Totem Animal Guides


This morning my daughter’s Society finches had an egg, greatly cared for

since before Christmas, hatch. They have seven more babies to come.

What a wondrous moment for our family, to see the tiny pink miracle.

Animals have such a powerful way of bringing us back to earth; to our

true innate innocence. They want for nothing but to give and receive

love. Caring and learning about these birds has united our little family

in such a special way; watching them change, grow and nurture their

budding family has moved us at a deep, spiritual level.

When my stress was at it’s peek and I was lost in the depths of it

all I was driving to work, my chest seizing and my breath short and

shallow…all of a sudden I saw a sea of black above my car. It was

a murmuration of Starlings. This is where a massive group of starling

birds choreograph themselves in a highly sophisticated and rehearsed

massive dance routine. There is a video to follow. Watch and you will

understand the magic of this natural phenomena. When I witnessed

this my shoulders softened along with my breath. It was as though the

universe was comforting me, sending a message of hope that this

challenging time would work itself out.

Here is the murmuration video: 


Today’s focus is on the healing power of animals and how

connecting with them can bring us back to the source.

spirit animal2

Morning Meditation: Lillian Eden-Meet Your Power Animal: 


I met my spirit animal long ago, when my husband and I were not yet married.

We wandered off the trail and climbed the highest mountain in Montana. Along

the path we came into contact with many mountain goats. We kept our distance

and drank in the power of their beauty and grace. We then came upon one that

was in solitude, standing on a rock that was jutting out from the hillside. That

goat had something majestic about it that drew me in to the core of my being.

I knelt down and locked eyes with the beautiful and dignified being and we stayed

frozen staring in one another’s eyes as time stood still. My husband stood back,

silent, photographing the entire exchange. Later, when we processed the pictures,

we noticed a bright light shining down upon the mountain goat. As we flipped the

pictures we noticed that the light was consistent in every frame. That only confirmed

what I already knew. I had come face to face with my totem animal that day, high on

the mountain top. Back then I had a true connection to my surroundings, when you

achieve that you will begin to notice the spiritual messages that are all around you.


Journal Entry: Write about your animal totem (spirit guide).

What animal have you always felt a strong connection to?

Why do you feel connected to this animal? Do you share similar

traits? Does this animal have qualities you desire? Has this animal

changed or transformed over time?

spirit mandala

If you need a little extra help, here is a website that has a

great deal of information on how to tap into what animal spirit you

are connected to. There are quizzes and information to guide you

along in this process.



Inspired Artist Profile: Patricia Ariel: The Art Pieces shown on today’s

blog are art pieces created by Patricia. Here is a link to her website.

Find one that you connect with; print and place it in a significant place

as a form of comfort.



Inspired Listening: Native Music that Evokes the Animal Spirit:


Evening Meditation: 

Pita-Muse in the Forest: During this meditation

you will be introduced to your totem animal spirit.



Enjoy Your Process

Peace, Love & Namaste