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Day Thirty-Seven: Spiritual or Psychotic? Blurring the Lines in Modern Society

As we explored in the earlier blog entry depression or spiritual

awakening; our society defines experiences outside the realm

of ‘normal’ as dangerous or toxic to the mind. These experiences

are dealt with as a sickness; individuals are put in hospitals; a battery of

prescriptions to be taken ; a list of doctors to see. Our society does not

welcome or embrace individuals who make others uncomfortable

by their ‘crazy’ behavior. In other cultures; where the youth that

see visions are mentored by an elder; rather than shunned by their

community; learn to celebrate their ‘visions’ as something deeper and

more meaningful. They are the seers of their societies that are believed

to have been chosen by a higher source to have these gifts bestowed on

them. Even if seeing visions was revered in our society; how would

the individual exist in a modern world where one is expected to behave

in a specific manner and follow a highly choreographed routine of

responsibility based activities. Maybe our society is flawed in the sense

that there really is no place for the seers to fit in. In so many other

cultures the seer is nurtured and cared for and there is a faith in something

higher. Because there are only a small percentage of people that are seers

the balance of ‘normal individuals’ tips the scales. The ‘normal’ misinterpret

the seers and place them in a safe corner to minimize their discomfort. They

do this to ensure they do not upset the delicate balance. It would be careless to

tear away the bandaid solutions too though. There are seers that are dangerous

to our society and without treatment would be too high risk and would do damage

in our society. I truly believe though that if a seer is evil than even if they were not

a seer they would do damage. If though, they lived in a society that excepted their

visions would they have taken a different path? Are their evil behaviors and actions

a result of a society that labels and disenfranchises them? There are many avenues

to explore when it comes to this issue. It has been one that I have been fascinated

with all my life. I have lived with mental illness all around me and have been the

target of labels and judgement; I have craved a world where the unexplainable is

revered and embraced rather than stuffed under the proverbial mattress. I would

not encourage anyone to stop treatment for a mental illness as I believe in order

to live in our society there are certain symptoms of the illness that make it

very difficult to function-I also would never minimize those symptoms. But

I do believe our society needs to embrace and explore more of the unknown and

unseen intricacies of the mystical world.

Today’s exploration is focused on really exploring our world

and the spiritual experiences that exist and can enrich our lives.


Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry: Think of a time when you connected to something

outside the normal plane of existance. Did you feel comfortable sharing

that experience with others? If you did how did they react?

How did it change or effect you?


Therese Bourchard’s Article-Are you Spiritual or Psychotic?



Looking a the Whole Idea of Spiritual Emergency



Bipolar Experiences/Spiritual Awakening/Awakening Experience


Interesting Reading-The Stormy Search for Self


Evening Meditation: Pittaa-Deep Sleep


Peace, Love and Namaste


Day Five: Warding off Psychic Vampires & The Veil of Protection


When we gather with friends, family and co-workers for the holiday, the festivities

can lift us up and fill us with the joy of the season. But, the alternate situation can also

occur; these situations can also make us vulnerable to what I like to call “Psychic Vampires”.

These are people who literally ‘suck the life out of you’ with their toxic, negative energy.

We have all come in contact with these people and we leave them feeling deflated and empty.

Remember, you have the power to say no to situations and people that are toxic to you and

if they pull you into their vortex you can simply walk away. If you are forced into a situation

with someone and you can’t get away, how do you protect yourself from their toxicity?

Today’s focus will be on protection of our spiritual energy field. 

Being conscious of how others affect you is the first step in the protective process.

When you wake up think about the day ahead of you and try to be conscious of any situations that

may make you vulnerable to toxic, life-sucking energy. Then think about the parts of your day that

will balance that energy-the positive ones that you are looking forward to.

Morning Meditation: “Building a Bubble of Protection-Youtube-Imagine Spirit


Journal Entry: Today make chart with a line down the middle and on one side of the

page make a list of people who make you feel full-who there is an equal amount of

give and take-who you can be truly yourself without fear of judgement. On the other

side make a list of people who deplete your energy-focus on the negative-take without

giving and judge you. Take some time to really think about how you can alter who you

spend time with and what that new choice would do to enhance your life.

Nia Flag

Physical Activity: Do 30 minutes of NIA-I was first introduced to this activity

at an empowering women’s event and have loved it ever since. It is not only empowering

but fills you with positive energy. It is a mixture of martial arts, dance and yoga combined

with power vocalizations.

Here are a selection of videos that give you free access to the art of NIA:


While spending time with an uplifting friend I spoke to her of how

I was feeling unable to block out the negative energies of my clients and collegues

as a counselor. She suggested I find an image of a powerful animal and place the

picture somewhere in my office so that it could remind me daily of the strength I

hold within me. I came home that evening and told my family what my friend had said.

My son asked me to not come in the kitchen for several hours as he was working on

a special project. He then invited me in and handed me the most beautiful sketch of

a lion and the words-“Be Strong Mom” in bubble letters at the top. I wept and

placed in in a frame above my desk that very next day. It is in my office along with

the one below.

Create: Consider which animal you feel is the most powerful and strong.

Go online and find an image of that animal that you connect to. Print it

off and frame it. Put it somewhere you will see it regularly throughout your day.


Reading: A Life Cleanse-“Purge Yourself of a Toxic Mindset” Live and Bloom Blog.


Self Care Suggestion: Allow Yourself 30 minutes to bath in a detox bath of baking soda, epsom salts and lavender.  Make sure you replenish your fluids after by drinking several glasses water.


1. Abraham Hicks-A world-renowned Spiritual Guru-“Why it’s hard to let go”


2. Actualized.Org.-Healthy Relationships-“What you MUST know to sustain a great relationship.”


Evening Meditation: Relationship, Wellbeing, Meditation-Abraham Hicks


I truly hope that today’s insights will allow you to honor yourself by connecting

with people who offer you a healthy, balanced relationship. Also, to have the

strength to recognize those people in your life who are toxic and how to protect

yourself from their negative energy. Life may not allow us to be able to have

control of who we are surrounded by, but by being conscious of how others affect

us we can enable ourselves to stay strong and not allow ourselves to be dragged

down by others.


Peace, Love & Namaste