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Day Sixty-Six: Vibrational Resonance-Surrounding Yourself with Complimentary People & Environments


Last night I was invited to a potluck dinner by a friend who has stuck by

me through thick and thin since high school. She was asked to bring a

friend who inspires her-it was exactly what I needed-to feel as though

I had value-what an uplifting invitation. It was at the home of another

friend from high school who is one of the most positive people I know

and offers so much to building positive communities in my city.

I spotted the house from a block away-the small circular patio lanterns

whispering my name in the night…The closer I got to the house the more

I could feel the vibrational pull-one of pure unadulterated loving energy.

Just as our feet landed on the front step we heard a sea of clapping and

cheering and the spiritual vibration was raised to the next level…

We walked into the house and were greeted with smiles and openness-

the floor was covered with people, in each others embrace, side by side,

all at different levels and not one of the faces in the crowd was devoid

of a genuine and heartfelt smile…Each person that brought a ‘plus one’

was introducing their plus one to the rest of the community. The 

introductions were so intense, pure, honest and heartfelt-poignant

celebrations of what the core of the people being presented really

were about and how they enhanced our world just by their presence

and offerings. I felt like I was home-surrounded by like-minded souls

ignighted by their passions…looking for meaning in every facet of their

lives. The pretenses were stripped away as each individual approached

the house. The vibrational energy inviting them to let go the masks and shine

through. I so appreciated every conversation; every interaction that I 

was gifted with last night-I had begun to believe I would never truly find

a community that complimented my energy-but there it was; there it is.

The door to my kindred community has finally opened and I have so much

hope for the future…


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Write down the names of people you spend a majority

of your time with. Now also write down the places you spend your time.

Beside each name or place rate your vibrational match number to assess

how much of your life is complimenting your energy-

SCALE: 1 (lowest match)-10 (most complimentary match)

Now consider what you could do to increase your vibrational energy.

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Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em