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Day Nine: The Language of Letting Go

Now today is New Years Eve; a time where we think of resolutions

and have high hopes that this next year we will make the changes

necessary for us to be the ‘us’ we’ve always visualized being.

Remember to not be so hard on yourself because it is when we

fail that we learn the most about life and ourselves. If everyday

was a peach we would live a linear existence, which in and of

itself, may end up being very unsatisfying. Living life as a

perfectionist has made me very self abrasive; which resulted

in so much self defeating behavior and self talk. I would never

speak to anyone else in my life the way I spoke and continue to

speak to myself.

A wise woman-my student teaching mentor-told me something

so memorable after my worst day teaching. I was in tears and

exasperated and she was smiling. She said “let’s talk about your

lesson today.” I responded by saying, “It was horrible, the worst

one ever, they were so out of control.” She responded saying that

it was fabulous and we talked about how I could change things the

next day to overcome those problems. It was as though the world

just opened up and I started to see problems as challenges that were

set in place to help me grow and learn as a person. I think that has

helped me teach my young students to also embrace mistakes and

failure rather than seeing them as hopeless and insurmountable.

Today’s focus will be centered around Letting Go of the past and

embracing tomorrow.

This morning when you wake up, think about something 

significant in your life that has been weighing you down.

What would your life look like if you let that thing go?

Morning Meditation: Jason Stephenson-Youtube-Letting Go



Journal Entry: Write about a time when you let go of something

that was damaging to you. How did you find the strength to let go of it?

What changes occurred in your life afterwards?  Now what currently is

holding you back? How can you find the strength to let go of that and

what would your life look like after the change occurs?


Music to Inspire and Guide you in Letting Go:

Pandora Journey-Youtube: 2 Hours of Epic Music:



Create: Write a poem about what things you need to let

go of. Free write using a stream of conscious style: this is a 

style where you just write for 20 minutes without censoring


Here is a sample poem from Rebelle Society.Com



Self Care: Declutter Your Life-Cleanse your life of any activities

or obligations that are keeping you stagnant or holding you back.

Remember, you have the right to say NO! The more you practice

saying this tiny yet powerful word the more free you’ll become.

Consider each obligation and activity and ponder whether it

is necessary or is adding more weight to your already full life.

When you purge, you leave room for something new and exciting.


30 Minutes of Physical Activity: Renee’s 30 minute Pilates Class

Youtube: eFit30


Peace Let it Go

Inspired Listening:

Letting Go: Lama Choedak Rinpoche-Youtube-Dharma Teachings


Inifinite waters

How to Let Go and Move to the New: Youtube-Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)-He has

so many inspired and uplifting videos on his youtube channel! You will see more

here for sure.



Evening Meditation: Mindful Marin-Lori Granger LMFT-Youtube



Enjoy Your Process

Happy New Year

Peace, Love & Namaste