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Day Seventy-Five: Soul Connections Series Lesson Two: Twin Souls


Have you ever met someone and felt this incredible, undeniable

sensation and knowledge that you already know them or that

you have met somewhere before? Though the idea of past

lives cannot be 100% proven, isn’t it wonderful to imagine that

the people we love so unconditionally in this life could have

traveled with us in some way over lifetimes in carnations on earth?


For many years it has been thought that twin souls and soul mates

are interchangeable-they are different in one key way-one person

can have many soul mates throughout their lifetime, but there

is only one twin soul for each person. Soul mates do not have to

lovers or spouses-they can be friends or creative partners.

Information taken from the website below:

Twin souls are like two peas from one pod and are thought to

have been merged in existence before their human carnation

on earth. They are said to have been separated over thousands

of years and can re-emerge on earth or in the afterlife.

When together they have the characteristics of androgyny-

and when separate one takes on the more female characteristics

and the other takes on the male characteristics-much like the

yin and yang. This phenomena does not mean one soul is physically

male and one is female but it means that one takes on the more

female traits and the other more male traits.

It is thought that the urge to find the twin soul is more prevalent

when a person is going through a stage of heightened enlightenment

or connecting more strongly to their spiritual world. The need

to find their twin soul becomes more important and the desire

to fill their “missing half” or completing their spiritual puzzle

becomes a spiritual goal. We are still complete people separate

from our twin soul; but uniting with our twin soul can bring more

light and life to our existence here on earth.

Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Consider your connections with others. Have

any of your connections with others been felt by you from the

pit of your soul? Have any connections been so spiritual and

ethereal that it seems undeniable that there is a soul memory

of time you spent with that person in a previous life? Come

up with a spiritual family tree of sorts and bring your connections

with others into your conscious thought. Do you feel like you have

met your twin soul? How do you know?


Some reading material if your thirst for more knowledge

is insatiable:


Some Informational Videos for Your Education

Evening Meditation


Peace, Love & Namaste Em