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Day Seven: Chakra Alignment and Balancing


I heard about the chakras when I was barely twenty and in my first years of University.

Though I pursued a spiritual path, I never really got to learn about what the Chakra’s were

really about. Speed forward twenty years…after doing yoga, reading countless spiritual

guides and doing morning and evening meditations, the chakras kept coming up.

Whenever I heard of the mysterious chakras I became very intrigued. When the stress was

severe I would even do a chakra cleansing meditation without truly knowing what they

were and what their spiritual role truly was. Four days after my medical leave I had a Reiki

Level One training session booked.

It was to last the full Sunday and my soul friend had asked me to go months prior. I

struggled with whether I had it in me to go. It was a full day and I had less than nothing left.

Something in me pushed me to go. It was there that I learned the true purpose of the

chakras and that the Reiki I was now attuned with would allow me to both heal my own and

others chakras with Rei Ki love energy. The reiki master did a training treatment on me and

said my heart chakra was very ill.

It was…With this training my world just opened up…


When you wake up in the morning think about what in your body, mind or spirit is out

of balance. What experiences have harmed you and how can you heal from them?


Morning Meditiation: Jason Stephenson-Australian Life Coach:

Youtube: 7 Chakras-Spoken Word Healing and Balancing



Journal Entry: Write yourself a love letter


Self Care Ritual: Reiki Healing Session from a Practitioner in your area.

Below is a link to the Canadian Reiki Association:



Reading & Learning: If you’d like to learn more about Chakra’s and their functions

here is a link to a printable PDF from the Big Book of Yoga:



Musical Inspiration: MC Yogi-Chakra Beatbox: This one is fun to chant with

or you can do an energizing yoga sequence like a sun salutation to it.


Music to listen to while going about your day-This is a playlist that can balance all of your

chakras. Listen while you cook, clean, relax, work, hang out…



Art Activity:

Print and colour with watercolour markers, then paint with water:


Here are some beautiful images that you can print, frame or clip and put on your fridge, if you don’t have the time to create:



Evening Meditation:

Chakra Realignment Therapy-Jason Stephenson-I love his soothing voice:


I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the chakras and remember that you

can balance them anytime you like using these and the plentiful videos you can find for

free on the net.

Much Love, Peace and Namaste