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Day Eighty-Seven:The Path to Self Realization -Jnana Yoga-Lesson One-The Four Margas of Yoga

Quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (29)

Do you ever feel like life is just happening to you  and that you are

entirely out of control of your path and the outcome?

I think we all do at some point-what would life be like if

we came to the realization that life is set up to teach is lessons

that will allow us to evolve in a forward continuous flow as

a river towards the sea? That is the goal of Jnana Yoga; to

come to understand that each experience, no matter how

challenging or breathtaking is there to solidify our sense of

self and mold our divine and glorious selves. If we view life

from a philosophical stand point it will be easier to navigate

through it armed with the knowledge that the intricate web

of experiences hold the keys that allow us to thrive life rather

than survive it!

Letting go of ego based thinking is the goal of Jnana Yoga. When a yoga

student can listen with intent and begins to embrace the knowledge

shared with them by their instructor or their spiritual teachings, they

are pursuing the Jnana path. In order to release ego based thinking

one must become introspective and contemplative and trust that

the key to becoming self aware lies within each and every one of us.

An individual that is pursuing the yogic way of life will not be

satisfied with practicing the physical postures solely but will delve

into the philosophies and nature of yogic spirituality.


Read More at this Incredibly Resourceful Site



Morning Meditation-Louise Hay: 


Journal Entry: Do you feel like life is ‘happening to you’ or do you feel that

you are an active participant? Think of a time when you were an active

and willing participant in your life. What was different then? What brought

you away from that way of thinking? What could you do to get back to that

way of thinking.


Some Great Insightful Videos about Self Realization and Jnana Yoga


Evening Meditation:


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Eighty-Four: “Her Vision was In the Cards”-The Tarot & Spiritual Card Decks-Lesson Three-Spiritual Trinkets

images download (2)

The day after our first date, the man that would end up being my life

partner sent me the most exotic bouquet of brilliant violet orchids.

Hidden inside was The Empress tarot card from his Aleister Crowley

deck. That one card remained with me for years to come. It

sparked my curiosity and left me wanting to know more about

these mysterious cards. I was under the impression that you had to

have a psychic personality-interacting with the spiritual realm in

order to decode the messages of these tarot cards.

One faithful day, I found that Empress card and went to find

the deck it originated from. Along with the deck I found an owner’s

guide. It was so fascinating I read it from cover to cover in one,

very long sitting. The Aleister Crowley cards were so artistic and

at closer observation I saw how many symbolic images were embedded

in each and every card.

I was a born observer of people and could read someones story or emotions

upon meeting them. I guessed at that moment that I was spiritually intuitive

and that my sensitivities and experiences could make reading tarot an

attainable prospect.

After studying and familiarizing myself with the cards I began doing readings

for my friends and acquaintances. My readings became epic, lasting over

three hours and so much information would organically flow out me, from

a source I never knew existed, that I had to stop for many years. I guess

it was the fear of the unknown that made me fear what came out those many

times. I did a reading about a month ago, and again I was back at it.

I have since then found a deck that I adore. It is a love filled deck devoid of

dark and foreboding images-It is the Doreen Virtue Angels and contains cards

that have stunning images. She explains her reasons for creating this deck in the

video below. If and when you decide to purchase a tarot deck for yourself

ensure that you are moved by it in some way. Follow your intuition when

selecting the right deck for you.


AngelTarotVirtue Angel_Deck_Tarot_Card_Meanings_2

There are also other decks that you can find for inspiration; like

Louise Hay’s I Can Do It-deck of cards containing inspiring images

with Positive Affirmations.


There are even cards for Chakra Balancing and Affirmations


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: What is your experience with spiritual card decks;

tarot or otherwise? Have you ever had a reading or been curious about

having one? Below there is a video of Doreen Virtue performing a reading.

View the video if you feel compelled and respond.

Here is a Link for Positive Affirmation Cards that are Available


Three Principles to finding the Tarot Deck of your Dreams

An Article from Llewellyn Worldwide-New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit



Some things to Consider when looking for your Deck:

1. What is my goal in obtaining a deck?

2. What images and colours am I drawn to?

3. Does it have a good reputation?

4. What store can I go to to purchase it?

5. Find the person in that store that you sense has knowledge and

expertise as this is a decision you don’t want to rush into.

6. Smudge and clean your cards energies and do not allow anyone

else to touch them-if you do make sure you cleanse the entire

deck after use.

7. Display your cards in your sacred space and in a place where they

will not be dishonored.

Annual Angel Messages and Card Reading by Doreen Virtue

If You Are Highly Motivated You Can Make Your Own Tarot Deck!

My Favorite Phone App of Readings is The Goddess Tarot:


Evening Meditation-Hay House Morning Mediations:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em


Day Sixty-Eight: Transforming Damaging Negative Thoughts into Positive Affirmations


Innately I have always been very hard on myself. If someone else treated

me the way I treated have treated myself in the past they would be

shunned and locked up forever never to be seen again. Never in my

wildest dreams did I realize that I was the one keeping me down all

those years. Yes people mistreating me just made me turn on myself

at a deeper level, but I had the power to treat myself with the respect

I deserved. So many years have been sacrificed and if I had only known

about a simple thing called a Positive Affirmation I would have been

rescued from myself.

Louise Hay one of the pioneers of positive affirmations outlined

a way to re-script the way we talk to ourselves within our own minds

in her profound book: I Can Do It! (A free version of the audiobook

is below for your enjoyment and growth)

My sister struggled with her own self talk as much as I did even though

she seemed very tough and impenetrable. She found the book and started

to transform into a more positive and fulfilled soul. She and I read it for 30

days and put the positive affirmations into practice in our own daily lives.

What a powerful, yet seemingly obvious cure for negative and self deprecating

behaviors. I was always deeply kind to others; now it was my time to be just as

kind to myself.

When I am over taxed, stressed and life is kicking my ass, I fall comfortably back

into the pattern of negative self talk-so as I sleep I listen to Louise recite some

very specific and usable positive affirmations for every situation and in the

morning I look in the mirror with love as a pose to disdain.

That is a beautiful thing.


Our world and others can be so hard us, lets not be so hard

on ourselves. You are a beautiful gift!

Morning Meditation


Journal Entry: Create a line down the centre of your page.

Write a title on top of the left column-Negative Affirmations

and the title Positive Affirmations on the right column.

Now write down as many of the specific things you say to

yourself all the time that are not nice (be honest!)

and then turn that negative thought into a positive affirmation.

Ex: Neg-“How could anyone love me?” Pos-“I am lovable and wonderful”

Do as many as you can!

73ab5428a7dfcc04d8a81587e1a8c24aPositive Affirmations When you can’t sleep1

Some other Inspiring Videos for your Growth

Earthways Yoga Positive Affirmations


Guided Evening Meditation with Positive Affirmations with Micheal Sealey


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Sixty-Two: “Unleashing The Psychic Toxins”-Tears As A Necessary Pain Reliever


In a fast paced world it is near impossible to have time to feel anything

let alone take a half an hour out of our week to sob our little hearts out.

About once a month (when my hormones are at their peak) I have a

balls out massive three hour crying marathon. When this occurs it

feels as though my world-as I know it-is crumbling down around me.

The darkness comes to play for a while and will not let the light shine


After the cry-puffy eyes ensue and I feel as though a massive weight

has been lifted. All of those raw emotions that I have pushed to the side

by keeping intensely busy; hiding myself away; using Haagen Daaz to

ease them…cease to be held in. They are out in the world-released from

within me. Crying is like a letting go of all the psychic toxins-purging all

of my insecurities and fears…if this does not happen semi-regularly I

can feel the pain of the toxins running rampant within me.

I wonder about people that cry only once or twice a year or barely ever.

How do they do it? I don’t know-I think crying shows strength-a strength

to bare and share our scars with ourselves and those we love.

Crying is necessary; it is healthy; it is pure and unadulterated.

Never be afraid to cry my friend.


Morning Meditation: A nurturing mediation by Louise Hay


Journal Entry: Think about the last time you had a really good cry.

How did you feel when you were done crying? Did you feel a sense of

relief? Is there anything that has happened in your life that you feel you

have been running away from? What would happen if you let it catch up

to you?


A Playlist of songs that may help you get to the crying point:

Kundalini Yoga to Release Negative Emotions Etc.

Another Great Piece of Wisdom from Deepak Chopra

Beautiful and Nurturing Evening Meditation

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Thirty-Five: Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

When I was a child and in my youth I had a phobia of being alone.

In the darkness I had been violated and betrayed so loneliness was a

fearful ‘dark passenger’ in my life. I depended on others to fill me up

or distract me I suppose in reality. One day a friend of mine said through

gritted teeth “Gawd Emily, don’t you ever have an original opinion? I

swear you are just a product of everyone else!” The truth hit me like a

metal wrecking ball and I came to the realization that I did depend on

others to define me in goodness and in negativity. I was lonely then.

Now I crave moments I spend alone; I am almost giddy when I have

the luxurious slices of solitude where I get to confidently make a

blueprint of what I will create, do or imagine. Learning to embrace

my solace has come and gone depending on my personal strength

and how my self confidence gauge is doing. The benefits of being

alone; there is no one to put on an act in front of, things crawl

along at your own pace, you are draining none of your energy,

it is self directed, I can fill you up, you can build a solid foundation

with yourself-hey! remember, you are the one that will stick by you

no matter what whether you like it or not.

If you’re searching for someone to constantly make you feel whole

you are Being Lonely. If you are content and purposeful about ensuring you

have time in your schedule for yourself-you are Being Alone.


Today’s focus will be on learning to embrace your time

alone and paying attention to what you have to offer


Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry:

If you had one day completely alone; what types of things would

you do with yourself-please focus on only the things that will uplift your spirit.


Blog Entry’s on Being Alone


A beautiful blog entry on Being Alone-Nanette Thomas



Bringing Back Awesome



Physical Activity: Go for a walk in nature completely alone.

Abraham Hicks-Embrace Yourself

Playlist for Solitude


Evening Meditation-Louise Hay

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Twenty-Seven: “The Art of Sleep”: Natural Ways to Reduce Insomnia

From the time I was a small child I remember being in my dimly lit

bedroom, the house silent, faint snores coming from the hallway

unable to feel tired let alone sleep. When I did sleep it was like a

miracle happened and I had no recollection of how and when this

blissful sleep overtook me. I tried everything-all the old housewife

remedies-honey on toast, chamomile tea, a warm mug of milk,

a hot bath, lavender oil but still my brain just wanted to be alert

constantly. Thoughts racing around like rats in a scientific maze.

Some nights the frustration caused so much anxiety that I would

beg God to just take me so I could rest my mind and thoughts.

My mother was the same way. I remember specifically one night

when I was five years old. When I fell asleep (it was the one of the

rare nights I did) my room was green with white and red checkers.

The next morning the  light shone in through my naked window frame

as I strained to open my eyes. My mom was tapping me on the shoulder, singing

her wake up song-which I so adored…”Rise and Shine and Give God

Your Glory Glory!!!” She held a large pink bundle in her hand and said,

“you have to wake up-I want to put your new sheets on the bed.”

As I blinked my eyelids fully open and they adjusted to the bright

sun I noticed that my mom was covered head to toe in Pepto Bismo

coloured paint; the fumes assaulted my senses.  My bed was no longer on

the far left wall but in the centre of the room.

My bedroom was now baby pink and there was plastic covering all the furniture.

In shock and speechless I sat up as my mom chirped “What do you think honey?

Do you like it?” I asked her how in the hell she managed to completely repaint

my room as I slept during the night, she even painted the inside of the closet.

I unfortunately had the trait of insomnia passed down to me.

In my Counselling office and in discussion with friends and people in

general I notice that one of the biggest issues and causes of mental

illness is long standing sleep deprivation. It can slowly decline your

quality of life and ability to cope with the stress of daily living.

Ten years ago I escaped from the insomnia trap and I did that

by learning and utilizing guided meditations/visualizations every

single night (as well as sleeping beside the man I love surrounded

by at least five cozy pillows!

Have fun with the variety of sleep remedies, ideas, exercises.


Morning Meditation: Louise Hay-Morning Meditation


32 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep



Informed Viewing: TED Talks-A Playlist on Insomnia Talks


Music To Cure Insomnia


Natural Sleep Dust-A Fun Little Project



Whipped Sleepy time Rub-Another Fun Recipe



Herbal Sleep Tea Recipe




Laughter is the Best Medicine: The 25 Most Awkward Cat

Sleeping Positions:




Top Ten Yoga Positions to Cure Insomnia


Reading Material:

images (1)


Evening Meditation for Insomnia; Jason Stephenson

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Twenty-Two:The Uplifting (& Sometimes Dysfunctional) Bond Between Women.


Today I must write about a topic that has been the center of many

conversations with my fellow female human beings. It needs to

be the topic today because I have been at my lowest and questioning

my place in the world. Today as I shared this with a friend, she looked

me straight in the eye and listed all the things I have accomplished and

survived and how very proud she was of the woman I am and have been.

She moved me to tears and we hugged in the middle of the forest.

Later as I still felt defeated she helped me rise up out of the ashes again;

a practice we take turns doing for one another. That is true sisterhood.

That is what our relationships with one another should ideally do; we

should lift one another up as high as we can reach.

Women can be one another’s most cherished allies: they can also pave a

path of destruction for one another-but why? Is it fear, jealousy, our innate

competitive nature that drives our decision to tear a member of the

sisterhood down? What is it we’re gaining when we abuse a women in

our circle? If you gossip or judge another without knowing her intricately

woven story don’t you feel dirty and hollow afterwards? When you’re doing it

you may get a false sense of instant gratification, but who is winning? Who

loses? If you participate in these behaviors there are consequences and

long terms symptoms, they are as follows; a loss of self respect, a drastic

drop in social allies (positive ones anyway), a replay of the negative incident

when you are trying to fall asleep at night…Dare I continue?

The world of feminism has come a long way, but from my meager

observances, it is typically women who destroy one another in the path to the

top of the corporate ladder.

Why are we submitting one another to more pain than we already submit

ourselves to? Women already end up taking on more than they can

handle and are fearful of saying no in their jobs and life-God forbid someone thinks

a working mother is being distracted by her small children.

Can you feel the sadness behind my words.

We have enough that challenges on a daily basis. My goodness, can’t we

just support one another?

The world is a hard enough place without having to watch your back all day

long and wonder what the gals are saying behind the water cooler.

Ladies, this is something I see over and over again and it is the reason

I ended up close to work related death. My soul died because of the

mistreatment of it-and in the privacy of my office I saw that I was not

the only one feeling so isolated in a building full of ‘sisters’.

Who would you rather be? Cinderella or her ugly stepsisters?

Think next time you feel the need to downgrade another woman.

Remember she has her own story and you do not know what it is.

Let’s share with one another and with that security and sisterhood

we will naturally rise to the top, where we deserve and are meant

to be.

Today’s focus will be on strengthening our ties with the 

uplifting women in our lives and observing those with women

who may be doing more damage than good.

Morning Meditation: Healing and Strength to the Feminine


Journal Entry: Consider which women in your life you have

an equal and fulfilling relationship with. What makes those relationships

healthy and balanced. Now who do you feel is harming you and doing

more damage than good? Do you feel strong enough to release them?

Consider writing them a letter. Send it or don’t. It will heal you regardless.


Inspirational Woman Profile: The Honorable Poet and Writer Maya Angelou

Her text carried me through some of the most treacherous times in my life. She has

lived and learned so much and has offered our world such richness.

Inspiring Female Musician that has Changed my life: 32 Flavours

Ani DiFranco:

A Beautiful Song about Embracing Womanhood-India Aire-Beautiful

Sisterhood Shelly Penko

An Incredible Artist and her Journey of Sisterhood Artwork Series



Evening Meditation:

Much Love to You My Sister

Much Love, Peace & Namaste


Day Eleven: Embracing Tenderness in a Competitive, High Stress World


When I was a child I cried all the time; when I got hurt, when a loved one or

stranger was in pain…When I ask people that knew me as a child what I was

like the answer is always the same; “you were VERY sensitive, you cried all

the time.” I remember watching the filmstrip (yes I am that old) “The Incredible

Journey” at school and crying so hard I was kicked out of the classroom

because I was disturbing the other students. I went to see “Benji” in a

theatre and stood on my chair screaming for someone to help Benji when

he was lost in a shopping mall. I guess that is a clue as to why I have always

had an undeniable urge to help others, an itch I can’t avoid scratching, my

entire life. My tenderness and love for others has been a truly wonderful gift

and a horribly painful curse. Whenever I inevitably get hurt by someone my

husband always says, “It is because you are too nice, you need to be a bitch,

then you would not keep getting hurt.” But how, I ask you, can you be a bitch

if tenderness is the personality trait that runs most thickly through your veins.

I can’t change who I am, but in order to survive in the world outside my

safe little home, I need to learn to not let my tenderness be my Achilles heel.

Can tender people really win the race?

Today’s focus is retaining your integrity as a person after being

jaded by the challenges in life.

When you wake up this morning think about the person you are

today. Have you lost a part of yourself to survive in this fast paced,

competitive world? If so, how can you get that special part of yourself



Morning Meditation: “I Start My Day with Love” Robyn Nola



Musical Inspiration to Start Your Day: “Cheerful Songs

to Start Your Day With-Adrina Larisa Sufana-Youtube


Journal Entry: (From: Create Right Now-By Mari)



“What would I be accomplishing if I weren’t so busy standing in my own way, or so busy listening to my inner critics or so busy being overwhelmed by my fears?”

Inifinite waters

Inspired Listening: “How to Be Emotionally and Mentally Strong”-

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). Here he offers tips to remain kind and

vulnerable while being emotionally and mentally strong.


Inspired Literature: Here is a link to a very incredible website

that highlights the projects of people that live inspired, vulnerable

lives. It is called the Vulnerability Project.


kindness collage

Art Project: Tenderness Collage:

Collect, Print and Cut Out images of what you relate to your

tenderness. Modge Podge to a canvas and then paint or use sticker/

scrapbook letters to write words you relate to kindness/tenderness.


30 Minutes of Physical Activity: Go for a walk in the forest

or in a natural environment and pay attention to the most

delicate of nature’s creatures. Really connect with them.


Evening Meditation: Louise Hay-Youtube-Emily Stone Music


Much Love, Peace and Namaste


Day Eight: Making Time to Love Yourself


When I was listening to “The Art of Extreme Self Care” by Cheryl Richardson,

for me, it was a survival guide. Having lived at mock speed for years and

depriving myself of daily human needs; it was time for a drastic self

intervention. The part of the book that struck a cord most was when Cheryl

warned that others would not like your decision to initiate self care

rituals. She said that part of initiating this way of living would disappoint

others that have grown to depend on your usual selfless behavior. “How

dare you take time out of your day for you?” When you look at this question

it seems silly, but I was not alone. Many women who I spoke to that juggled

a full-time job and a family said, there is no way I would have time for__________.

It made me so sad to think I was not alone, that so many other people felt

this weight. Today’s focus is loving ourselves by taking the time to nurture

all of ourselves; body, mind and spirit.

You DO have time…You MUST have time…

When you wake up this morning think about all the amazing and unique

qualities you have. 


Journal Entry: Write a list of things you would do for yourself if you had

an endless amount of time. Now today, cross one or more off of that list.

Morning Meditation: Louise Hay-Loving Ourselves: Become Illuminate-Youtube

This is a long meditation so you could listen to it as you prepare for the day.

Woman Looking at Reflection

Self Care:

Mirror Work: One technique that Cheryl Richardson outlined in her book

was mirror work. This is where you look in the mirror at yourself, look directly in your

own eyes and say “I Love You (your name).” It will seem silly at first but will become

easier the more you do it.

Buy Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers.

Physical Activity: 30 minutes of Qi Gong: This is a beautiful, and very spiritual

Chi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing energy exercise.



Art Project: “Life on Hold”: by Youtube User: RachO113:


Simple Abundance

Literary Suggestion: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach:

This has always been my bible and a book I buy whenever I see it at a second hand

book store to give to others who I felt needed it. I has a daily inspirational reading

and something in your life to focus on to empower yourself. She has a collection

of books in this series and a journal.

Here is a link to her website:


Evening Meditation: Deepak Chopra: A Renowned Spiritual Author:

“The Secret of Healing: Meditations for Transformation and Higher Consciousness.”



Peace, Love & Namaste


P.S. You do have time for yourself!

Day Two: “I Could Get Used to This…”

Now, I hope that you had time to try one or more of the soul enriching activities yesterday.

For your journal entry today I would like you to answer this question:

“How did you feel after completing your first activity that was soulfully for you?”

The morning meditation for today is: “Guided Morning Meditation-By Wayne Dyer”

Posted by: Youtube-Mels Inspiration.


Wayne Dyer was one of the first prolific self help authors that I was introduced

to when I was attending University. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of

changing my thoughts to improve my life. He believes in living our lives in a

state of conscious awareness. Nothing is an accident. All events in our lives

have meaning, we just need to learn to decipher what that meaning is.

Part of this whole way of living and being has to do with the negative thought

patterns that lead us into the darkness. We have the power to change those thoughts.

An amazing book by renowned author: Louise Hay called “I Can Do It!”

was the book that awakened my soul to the practice of positive affirmations.

Here is a link to the audiobook:


Her incredible nurturing voice and teachings enriched my life.

Our Soulful Art Project today is a free art project from Lucy Engelman from Indiefixx.


Our half hour of mindful physical activity is: Tai Chi with Chris Pei


Quote of the Day: “The Best and Most Beautiful Things in the World Cannot Be Seen or Even Touched-They Must Be Felt with the Heart.”-Helen Keller

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf and learned from her teacher, Anne Sullivan how to

communicate with others and live an inspired life.

Our Musical Inspiration today is a Playlist from Songza-“Today’s Female Singer-Songwriters”


Finally, we will end off the day with an evening meditation for Deep Sleep by Pittaa Sarayana-Youtube:


Good Night, Peace & Namaste