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Day Eighty: Tapping Your Way to Emotional Freedom-Lesson Two-Holistic Health Technique Series-EFT/The Tapping Solution


I am going to be completely honest, when I started to hear about

the tapping technique while exploring holistic strategies to

assist with mental health symptoms, I dismissed it completely.

I could not imagine how tapping yourself in several places could

heal what ails you; that is until I spoke to a dear friend who uses

the technique for her anxiety regularly. She is one of the most

inspiring and spiritually wise people I am blessed to know and

has been waded through treacherous waters along her path.

Months ago we were having one of our typical conversations

about how we were using the tools in our spiritual toolbox;

sharing their usefulness and sometimes miraculous results

when she spoke of how the tapping technique had gotten

her through her darkest hours.

With a full endorsement from my spiritual sister on this

journey I began exploring the phenomena of tapping which

is typically used, in therapeutic settings, and gaining

widespread notoriety in mainstream psychology, wholistic

health circles and the scientific community.

I was hungry for more. I look forward to sharing these findings

and results with you.

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What is the EFT or the Tapping Solution you ask?

Remember when we learned about positive affirmations? While

EFT is a way to reprogram your negative emotions by tapping

very specific points on your body while using new positive thought

patterns or affirmations.

EFT Morning Meditation with Jessica Ortner:

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The Tapping Solution Film Trailer



Here is a link to Hay Houses most prominent source for

tapping-It is a Youtube Channel called “The Tapping Solution”:



EFT Universe-An Incredible and Very Informative Site on the Topic:


EFT Case Studies for Many Different Health Conditions


Here is a Video by the Most Prominent Name in EFT-Jennifer Ortner:

Another Video of Nick Ortner’s Speech at The World Summit:

An Excellent Article by Jennifer Howard:



A Book about Connecting the Chakras with EFT

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Evening Meditation for EMT:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em