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Day Sixty-Eight: Transforming Damaging Negative Thoughts into Positive Affirmations


Innately I have always been very hard on myself. If someone else treated

me the way I treated have treated myself in the past they would be

shunned and locked up forever never to be seen again. Never in my

wildest dreams did I realize that I was the one keeping me down all

those years. Yes people mistreating me just made me turn on myself

at a deeper level, but I had the power to treat myself with the respect

I deserved. So many years have been sacrificed and if I had only known

about a simple thing called a Positive Affirmation I would have been

rescued from myself.

Louise Hay one of the pioneers of positive affirmations outlined

a way to re-script the way we talk to ourselves within our own minds

in her profound book: I Can Do It! (A free version of the audiobook

is below for your enjoyment and growth)

My sister struggled with her own self talk as much as I did even though

she seemed very tough and impenetrable. She found the book and started

to transform into a more positive and fulfilled soul. She and I read it for 30

days and put the positive affirmations into practice in our own daily lives.

What a powerful, yet seemingly obvious cure for negative and self deprecating

behaviors. I was always deeply kind to others; now it was my time to be just as

kind to myself.

When I am over taxed, stressed and life is kicking my ass, I fall comfortably back

into the pattern of negative self talk-so as I sleep I listen to Louise recite some

very specific and usable positive affirmations for every situation and in the

morning I look in the mirror with love as a pose to disdain.

That is a beautiful thing.


Our world and others can be so hard us, lets not be so hard

on ourselves. You are a beautiful gift!

Morning Meditation


Journal Entry: Create a line down the centre of your page.

Write a title on top of the left column-Negative Affirmations

and the title Positive Affirmations on the right column.

Now write down as many of the specific things you say to

yourself all the time that are not nice (be honest!)

and then turn that negative thought into a positive affirmation.

Ex: Neg-“How could anyone love me?” Pos-“I am lovable and wonderful”

Do as many as you can!

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Some other Inspiring Videos for your Growth

Earthways Yoga Positive Affirmations


Guided Evening Meditation with Positive Affirmations with Micheal Sealey


Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Two: “I Could Get Used to This…”

Now, I hope that you had time to try one or more of the soul enriching activities yesterday.

For your journal entry today I would like you to answer this question:

“How did you feel after completing your first activity that was soulfully for you?”

The morning meditation for today is: “Guided Morning Meditation-By Wayne Dyer”

Posted by: Youtube-Mels Inspiration.


Wayne Dyer was one of the first prolific self help authors that I was introduced

to when I was attending University. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of

changing my thoughts to improve my life. He believes in living our lives in a

state of conscious awareness. Nothing is an accident. All events in our lives

have meaning, we just need to learn to decipher what that meaning is.

Part of this whole way of living and being has to do with the negative thought

patterns that lead us into the darkness. We have the power to change those thoughts.

An amazing book by renowned author: Louise Hay called “I Can Do It!”

was the book that awakened my soul to the practice of positive affirmations.

Here is a link to the audiobook:


Her incredible nurturing voice and teachings enriched my life.

Our Soulful Art Project today is a free art project from Lucy Engelman from Indiefixx.


Our half hour of mindful physical activity is: Tai Chi with Chris Pei


Quote of the Day: “The Best and Most Beautiful Things in the World Cannot Be Seen or Even Touched-They Must Be Felt with the Heart.”-Helen Keller

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf and learned from her teacher, Anne Sullivan how to

communicate with others and live an inspired life.

Our Musical Inspiration today is a Playlist from Songza-“Today’s Female Singer-Songwriters”


Finally, we will end off the day with an evening meditation for Deep Sleep by Pittaa Sarayana-Youtube:


Good Night, Peace & Namaste