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Day Thirty-One: Siestas in Spain: The Importance of Breaks to Health & Well Being


Madrid & Siestas-Don’t Stop-You Had it Right!

We need to track down whoever it was that created the

40 hour work week and ask “why in the hell did you

do this to us?”. I heard a talk about this very routine

and in other (more balanced) parts of the world people

work less hours and are allowed to take more frequent

breaks. Madrid has has siestas (several hours per day

in the afternoon where everyone has a nap). Now because

of a decline in economy and increase in tourism, theRemnev_A_Dream‘s-Girl 001

government is trying to take away the siesta. Even

businesses would close down for several hours every

afternoon. I remember watching an international

real estate relocation show and the couple was walking

down the street during siesta. The street and the

square were desolate, like a ghost town. I fantasized

about living in a place like this where during the least

productive time of day one was encouraged to sleep.

I loved the philosophy and more and more scientists

are testing this theory and proving that a break or nap

in the late afternoon results in more productive and

content employees who burn out less in the long term.

My work ethic has always made me a hot commodity

in the workforce. Unfortunately, my expertise is in

caring for others and I did it so well that I left my

own needs in the dust. I would rush through my lunch

if eating it at all. I would hold it until I literally needed

to pee my pants. Dehydrated and stressed I was too nice

to make myself unavailable.

What if someone needed me right away, I had to be there

didn’t I?


I had a boss that said we were to be available at all times;

we were never to leave the building, ever! I felt like I

was trapped. Once I saw the sun streaming in the window

and opened the door to just feel some fresh air on my face.

I would come home flustered and spent and my husband

said, “do you realize that prisoners get breaks?” He called

and emailed several times a day to check up on me after that

conversation. It worked for about 2 days and then I fell back

into old habits when people started getting annoyed with me

for leaving my post when they needed me. I realized I need

me too. But, unfortunately I didn’t fight for me. It all went too


Today’s focus will be on the importance of taking mental

 and physical breaks throughout the day to ensure optimum

health and well being.

Morning Meditation: Chakra Clearing, Cleansing, Energizing



Journal Entry; Today’s journal activity is to document

your day. Write down anytime you take for yourself and what

are you doing? Figure out, in black and white, just how

much of your day entails you working. Now how much

of the day are you caring for yourself or relaxing? You’ll

be surprised by the results.

The Scientific Power of Naps


When students came into my office, panicking about an incident

or an upcoming exam I calmed them down and did this meditation with them.

It was quick and easy but very effective for both the student and I.


Informative Reading & Learning-The Science of Power Naps


Here is Cheryl Richardson’s trans-formative video about her incredible

book The Art of Extreme Self Care.

Evening Meditation:

Take Care of You

Much Love, Peace & Namaste