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Day Forty-Two: Making Brain Waves-Healing with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Molecular Thoughts

Having perused the internet for videos that assist with meditation

a common thread in my searches was the tagline-“with binaural

beats and isochronic tones.” I have to admit; the images that were

attached to these videos were a bit intimidating. As I was already

vulnerable I was doing my best to remain as grounded as possible.

Fearful of the unknown I stuck to the meditations I knew and

loved-the ones with ethereal music; dream locations that were

lovingly described by a calming voice-the ones you see daily on

this blog in fact.

The theory behind binaural beats is neither religious or terrifying.

They must be experienced with headphones and each ear experiences

a different frequency of auditory sound-the middle section of

your brain then creates a beat (a phantom beat) to make up for

the difference in frequency from ear to ear.

Binaural beats are experienced by people for many reasons:

to assist with-insomnia; improve focus for study etc.; to

induce healing and stabilize mood. There are a plethera

of scientific terms and theories to explain these funky

beats with a purpose-I have shared some videos that explain

how they work and what they are-I have also placed some

reading suggestions if you would like to learn more.

I lost my binaural beat virginity last night and slept soundly and

with a sense of calm and ease. I fell asleep much faster

than I usually do and my body lost its restless features.

and until my flipsy, flopsy ten year old daughter came

into our bed-rolled around in the blankets and …

Becoming educated erased my fear that these beats

would somehow send me into an uncontrollable state

in an uncontrollable alternate reality. Instead I have

added them to my ever increasing alternative healing



Today’s focus is based on how binaural beats and isochronic tones

work and how to add them to our healing repetoire.

Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry: After listening to the morning meditation 

write a response in your journal, discussing the experience.


Inspired Reading-Binaural Beats Poster


Immrama Institute-How they Work



Inspired Viewing:

Along with Education there are some Warnings involved


Evening Meditation: Chakra Alignment using Binaural Beats

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

Day Thirty-Nine: Evolution Through Education-How Learning Enhances the Soul


Funnily enough when I was researching this topic I found nothing that

fit what I wanted to express and explore. I could find no articles or videos

directly connecting learning to soulfulness. So here goes…

The world has always been a jungle gym of learning for me. I am a

knowledge addict. Prior to the birth of the internet I spent much of my

time perusing the plentiful shelves of books that sit there welcoming

me at the various libraries in my vicinity. I ‘dated’ all the libraries at

the same time with wild abandon and no regard for loyalty. They

embraced and accepted me unconditionally and invited me into the

cult of free learning. When plonking my teetering stack of books

onto the librarian’s counter I would laugh and ask if they had

initiated a library gold card membership yet. While reading I could

connect with the internal souls and minds of the authors I read. See the

world through their eyes-open new doors, outlooks, possibilities…

Of course becoming a teacher bloomed so naturally out of my

adoration for learning. After I overcame my fear of standing in

front of a sea of 30 skeptical pubescent critics, I began to release

my passion and love for whatever topic I was teaching. My

students were ignited and my learning revolution exploded.

My students were partners in learning teaching me just as much

as I relayed to them. Watching them take steps on the teeter

totter of learning was as thrilling as seeing a toddler take its

first steps.

The thirst for knowledge crosses all boundaries or race, religion,

age, gender etc. It is there for the sharing. It is when we are isolated

from new and exciting learning experiences that our life becomes

stale and stagnant-limiting our body, mind and souls evolution.

Learning thrives on being spread contagiously.

As hard as I may try to just be in the moment-my addiction for

knowledge is always tugging away at my coattails, whispering

for me to come and play.

It keeps me well

It grounds me

It fills me with wonder

It is unconditional

It is evolutionary

It is the air that I breathe

It is freedom

It is the broken loaf of bread I share

It is evolution…

Learn for life

Learn for love

Learn for passion…



Today’s focus is to embrace learning as a tool to 

open our souls and assist us in evolving as people.

Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Write about the last time you learned

something new that you were passionate about? Have you kept

nurturing that skill? Now make a list of things you would love

to learn.

Self Care Ritual: Take one hour per day to learn something

that you have been dying to learn.


The Ultimate List of Educational Websites


An Interesting Outlook on the Pace of Learning

Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

What Led Me Down This Path…

The universe blessed me with the unique opportunity to stay home with my children

for the first ten years of their lives. I then entered into a very fast-paced and

highly demanding Education career as a high school teacher and then counselor of

300 students. After four years keeping up with the pace of life and trying to be

a wonderful mother as well I hit burnout. A severe pain bloomed in the heart

region of my chest and my body was in severe pain; so severe I needed my

helpful little girl to pull me out of bed as I winced with pain. Breathing was a

chore and I felt like for many months I was swimming through quicksand just

simply surviving. I was the type of counselor who was always accessible to

everyone else; as many of us women, mothers, grandmothers are. I would

skip lunch or eat my lukewarm bites while meeting with students or trying

to wade through the hundreds of unread emails that sat stale in my inbox.

I rarely made it to the bathroom without nearly peeing in my pants or

cramping up from holding it so long. I never took breaks from the moment

I woke up; 6am until 9:30 10:00pm when I finally felt I had done as much

work, mothering and wifery as I could possibly manage. At which time I

would sit with my husband and choke down some chips, two glasses of red

wine, and half a pint of chocolate peanut butter Haagen Daaz. Then I would

half stagger up the stairs to bed, burping up the sour decadent shame as I bent

down to pick up the balled socks that lay lifeless on the floor. I threw them into

the ever growing pile of stanky laundry that taunted me each day as I passed.

With close to $30 in late fees at the local library, I walked in shamefully, paid the

fees and picked up an audiobook I had put on hold, by author Cheryl Richardson

called “The Art of Extreme Self Care”. The next morning, after struggling to

wake up and shovel through the cement I called life, I got in my car and slid

disk one of the audiobook into my CD player. I then began my 20 minute

commute to work. By the third day I had listened to the entire audiobook and

each one of those days I put her instructions into practice in some miniscule way.

The first day: I ate my lunch in the staffroom, instead of scarfing it down in my

office while multi-tasking. It was only 10 minutes-but there was no one else there

and it was pure, unadulterated bliss! Afterwards I felt like a new, refreshed,

pretty little package that could take on the world. As I walked back to my office,

my husbands words rang through my mind-“Emily, did you know that prisoners

take breaks?” I started to realize that I was really self destructive and abusive

to myself. My days and nights were spent nurturing others and I had become

an invisible shell that was kicked into the dust for years. I went home and had

a long, severely hot bubble-bath; the candles I lit were the only flickering light

and I submerged myself under the lavender bliss, blocking out the demands

of my chaotic life. Silence…………………………………………………………………………….


I exited that bathroom a refreshed, self-loving woman who was ready to

take life by the balls. I had accomplished the impossible; and done two

things in one day JUST for ME!